Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Victoria Viewpoints; Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

BC Budget Day 2018

B.C. commits $1-billion to launch 'universal' child-care initiative
B.C.'s new measures aim to temper rising real estate prices
The BC NDP's budget is bold - but will it be enough?
Housing and daycare: What you need to know about B.C.'s budget
B.C.'s NDP budget takes aim at real estate market
2018 Budget has child-care rebates, spaces but not $10-a-day child care
'Ignored for too long': BC NDP government takes aim at housing costs with tax measures
NDP government introduces new speculation tax, eliminates MPS premiums in its 1st budget
10 things to know about the B.C. budget
Big spending on child care, housing; foreign buyer tax expanded
Hike in taxes, spending part of B.C. budgetary 'sweet talk'
How the budget will affect you
BC NDP increases and extends housing taxes in effort to rein in speculation
Massey Tunnel replacement omitted from transportation spending plans
Families earning less than $45,000 a year will pay 'little or nothing for licensed daycare
B.C.'s budget fails to deal with competitiveness
B.C. businesses blindsided by new taxes in BC Budget
Fare freeze, free travel for seniors on BC Ferries
New spaces a step for universal child care
NDP cracks down on speculators, hidden ownership
Payroll tax replaces medical premiums
NDP hope to nix court delays with $15 million  cash influx
NDP pushes for purpose built rentals in 'historic' $1.6B investment
More for wildfire recovery, campsites
Liberals blast 'tax and spend' plan
Government plans to add speculation tax, eliminate MSP
11 things you need to know
What's in the BC NDP's $6B plan to fix the housing market?
B.C. budget: Greens will support it, even if housing actions aren't 'bold' enough for them
B.C. government projects $75M in pot tax revenue. That's low balling it, says pot activist
New housing taxes might not knock down prices, but they could help tame them
Where's Surrey LRT? Construction industry asks after B.C. budget release
It's not $10 a day but NDP says $!B childcare plan will help thousands of families
BC Budget overview: Finance Minister James announces new taxes to pay for child care, housing
B.C. Budget: Province admits universal child care far in future
Businesses pay a high price with new payroll tax: budget reaction
NDP taking housing affordability seriously with budget, says business prof
Budget gets thumbs up from Seniors Advocate
Budget marks 'historic change' in B.C. child care, says advocate
Ambitious budget puts emphasis on kids rather than schools
B.C. Budget: a good start to tackling housing affordability crisis
First budget is best chance for major change
NDP's 2018 Budget for B.C. receives mostly warm reviews but some ask who's going to pay for it
B.C. budget hikes arts council funding by $15 million over three years
Child Care, Housing Funding Boosted in Budget
With its high-stakes first budget, the B.C. NDP achieves a rare balance

Globe and Mail 



B.C. Utilities Commission seeks input on electric vehicle charging stations future
Small growers wary as major pot producer moves in to B.C.
Judge to young Vancouver lawyers: stop whining about driving to the Valley
Mining company working with environmentalists to clean up old mining sites

Vancouver Sun

Environment minister blasted for dinner with anti-pipeline activists on day of trade war
Environment Canada strikes potential death blow to port's $2b container expansion at Roberts Bank
Washington senator wants B.C. to follow suit and phase out net-pen fish farms

Vancouver Province


Victoria Times Colonist

A bevy of taxes to cool B.C.'s real  estate market
Airport posting capacity with 19.4M upgrade, a gate for each boarding plane

Victoria News

Victoria cannabis advocates call proposed trust fund an 'overreach'

Global BC

A threat to wild salmon? Government confirms virus in blood discharge pouring into B.C. waters
Kelowna city council urged to not approve high-rise hotel in downtown core
Enhanced road tests for seniors in B.C. to include cognitive, memory assessment
BC Liberals questioning who know about NDP's Trans Mountain plans ahead of time

Georgia Straight

B.C. NDP government raises and expands foreign home buyer tax beyond Metro Vancouver
Vancouver shelters at capacity as homeless struggle with freezing weather

Vancouver Courier

Chinese only signs erected across from Richmond City Hall
Vancouver office towers break ground with no confirmed tenants
Foreign buyers tax coming to Victoria, Nanaimo, Fraser Valley and Okanagan
This tweet shows Canada's spy agency really gets us in Vancouver
Councillors Affleck, Louie engage in Twitter war

The Tyee

Don't Give Us a Renters' Rebate


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