Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Federal Parties: The New Democratic Party

Links to items of interest about the New Democratic Party

September 10-- A Liberal-NDP merger would weaken both parties
September 9-- NDP will choose new leader in Toronto next March
September 8-- NDP expects spring leadership convention in Ontario or Quebec
September 8-- Federal NDP rejects special role for unions in selecting leader
September 7-- Lefties, a little progressive merger wouldn't hurt
September 7-- NDP's Topp attacks Rae, takes stand against merger with Liberals
September 5-- NDP leadership drama is worthy of Shakespeare
September 5-- Chow insists NDP leadership 'not for me'
September 5-- Jack Layton's memory looms large at Toronto's Labour Day parade
September 4-- NDP solidarity cracks over rule of unions in picking leader
September 4-- Olivia Chow rules out leadership bid
September 4-- Olivia Chow won't seek late husband Jack Layton's job of NDP leader
September 4-- NDP does some soul-searching on the role of labour in the party
September 4-- NDP firebrand toots his own horn
September 4-- Firebrand Muclair is the best bet to take on Harper
September 3-- MP Nathan Cullen comtemplating a run at federal NDP leadership
September 2-- Former Cree leader joins list of potential candidates for NDP top job
September 2-- Delay NDP leadership race or I'm not running, Muclair says
September 2-- CAW chief Lewenza urges NPD to consider merger with Liberals
September 1-- Move on folks, no mergers to be seen here

August 31-- Lacking members, NDP's Quebec wing seeks delayed leadership vote
August 31-- The NDP's game before the leadership game
August 31-- Public grief over Layton puts NDP even with Tories in poll
August 30-- NDP leadership race should be open and competitive
August 30-- Muclair mulls NDP leadership run
August 30-- Talk all you want - but Liberal and NDP pieces just won't fit
August 30-- Merger talk risk splitting NDP unity
August 30-- Bob Rae scoffs at Libera;-NDP merger fiction
August 30-- Thomas Muclair concedes he's 'thinking' about NDP leadership bid
August 28-- NDP leadership race effectively starts now
August 26-- Brian Topp vows to step aside as NDP president if he seeks leadership
August 26-- Who is NDP leadership contender Brian Topp?
August 25-- A counterintuitive alternative to a Liberal-NDP merger

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