Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to D'Arcy McGee!

Welcome to our window on the political world in Canada, both provincial, federal and on occasion we imagine municipal.

We have taken our past blogging efforts of a local community blog and a pair of portal's which deal with sports and  hope to turn our attentions to a purely political direction.

Our blue print for D'Arcy McGee is to track the developments on the national scene as well as a providing focus on the provinces, though being based in British Columbia, we suspect our entries will feature an emphasis on the always entertaining efforts of those in British Columbia's political scene.

We also will explore the occasional item of International note from time to time, as global matters are always of importance to Canadians who view their lot in the world from the prism of international attention and developments.

While we will offer up some editorial and opinion based items as part of our work,  a portion of our political blog will be a heads up as to some of the coverage of the political scene, from the traditional news sources, as well as those dedicated souls that offer up political commentary from a variety of web offerings and or blogs.

Permanent links will be provided on the right hand side of the blog, featuring some of the observers of the political scene across the nation and on the global stage.

We've named our blog D'Arcy McGee, a nod to the Father of Confederation and observer of Canadian politics of the day, a journalist and a statesman, he has the unique place in Canadian history as being the only Canadian Federal politician to be assassinated while in office.

You can learn more about him here and here.

Thomas D'Arcy McGee has been described as a great orator and one who added to the debate of a young Canada, which sounds like a pretty good mission statement for our efforts on the pages to come.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you find something of interest as we move forward with our project.

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