Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

BC NDP both applauded and warned about proposed municipal election financing rules
Foreign home buyers on the rise in Vancouver area, figures show
Horgan firm on avoiding rate shock ahead of Site C review results
Pitt Meadows councillor to step down in new year after sexual assault conviction
Report slams use of court-imposed 'red zones' in Vancouver
British Columbia looks to protect big game animals as it amends hunting rules
Independent report sets stage for Site C dam to be killed or carry on
Advocates encouraged by B.C. poverty reduction strategy
B.C. brings in new hunting rules to protect wildlife after fires
BC Hydro 2-tier rates up for review, premier says
'Now's our chance':  B.C. poverty reduction advocated relieved province taking action
Rats on the rise in Vancouver? Maybe, says UBC expert
Former Kamloops elementary school becomes temporary homeless shelter
NDP face possible lose-lose outcome in Site C decision
Radiologist with questionable skills was able to skirt scrutiny, B.C. investigator finds
NDP government quietly starts review of George Massey Tunnel
Computer problems stall IBCB operations
B.C. Premier says Site C could end up in Supreme Court over Indigenous rights
Big Money erased from civic campaigns
Close loopholes for rentals
VicPD chief: Legalizing marijuana will require more police resources
What's Plan B for Massey tunnel, opposition asks
John Horgan says ratepayers are a priority ahead of release of final Site C report
City of Vancouver weighs apology for historical discrimination against Chinese Canadians
Key themes emerge as B.C. winds down public pot consultation
Tough questions for Pitt Meadows mayor in David Murray controversy
Vancouver City Council to view Empty Homes Tax Fine proposal on Tuesday

Site C is a political Sophie's Choice for the NDP
Sierra Club B.C. outlined its opposition to Site C dam in letter to Premier John Horgan and his cabinet
World's tallest passive house-standard buildings proposed in West End of Vancouver
Big money gravy train comes to a stop for municipal politicians
Flurries in forecast this week for Vancouver
Green trustee Janet Fraser named school board chair
New Vancouver city councillor makes debut
Decision delayed on Chinatown condo development
School board meeting indicates power shift in Vancouver politics

Ottawa Observations: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

Chinese official defends jailing of Uyghur-Canadian dissident Huseyin Celil
For son and wife of Magnitsky, Canadian law is a step toward justice for all
Ottawa beefs up public-awareness campaign on marijuana
Trudeau reveals Clark Kent Halloween costume en route to question period
Ottawa to match charity donations for Rohingya refugees
PBO predicts deficit nearly $2-billion higher than government forecast
Liberals urged to accept Senate change to discrimination bill
Russian reaction makes the case for Magnitsky law
Watchdog probes grocery sector over alleged bread price fixing
$5.41 per inmate per day: Bad food, small portions fueling prison tensions, federal watchdog finds
Scheer ditches Morneau Shepell sponsorship for Toronto speech
Tories say Harper's letter doesn't change their approach to NAFTA
Clark Kent shows up for House duty as Trudeau shows off latest Halloween costume
Canadian government to match charitable donations for Rohingya crisis
Woodland caribou continue to decline as provinces fail to meet protection deadline
Paris agreement targets leave 'alarming gap' to slow climate change: UN report
Ottawa spending $36.4M over 5 years on campaign about perils of legalized pot
Google, Amazon, Netflix mount lobby crusade on Trudeau Liberals
Andrew Scheer's use of 'super lucrative' tax shelter hypocritical, Liberal MP says
Conservatives still tops in party fundraising but Liberals close the gap
Budget office sees higher deficit than Liberal government's forecast
State-sponsored cyberattacks on Canada successful about once a week
Morneau should donate shares to charity instead of selling them first: experts
Liberals urged to accept Senate change to Indian Act sex discrimination bill
Jagmeet Singh open to suggestions on where to run for a federal seat
Bill Morenau selling off stock holdings in family firm
Are Canada's grocers fixing bread prices?
Ted Cruz warns of 'profound damage' to U.S. economy if Trump kills NAFTA
Stephen Harper's trade analysis is flawed but not fatal
Don't use divisive term 'Islamophobia,' expert tells MPs
It's all downhill from here for the Canadian economy - for the next five years, PBO warns
Now we know Jean Chretien's secret plan had he lost the Quebec referendum
Stephen Harper's NAFTA memo leaves political observers puzzled: who would leak it? And why?
Canadian's 'poisonous' past as a radicalized teen now helps him fight terrorism
Russian spy son to Supreme Court: Don't waste your time
Canada's aging population is going to put a strain on government coffers
New York City truck attack: Justin Trudeau says he is 'deeply grieved' by Manhattan attack
Industry group warns Ottawa that excessive cuts to drug prices could be harmful
MMIWG inquiry hears calls for increased punitive damages in deaths of indigenous women
Christian-bashing will feed Alberta NDP to the lions of Jason Kenney's mind
Exposing the Shadow World of the Global Arms Trade

Rice updates Legislature on Fire recovery efforts in the province

MLA Jennifer Rice offered up an
update on the 2017 Fire season at
the legislature on Monday
North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice was in the spotlight at the Legislature on Monday, providing an update on the pace of recovery efforts in those areas of the province affected by this years forest fires of the summer.

Ms. Rice was Speaking following statements from MLA Coralee Oakes, who represents the Cariboo North region and had outlined some of the findings of a town hall meeting she had hosted for residents who have been affected by the wildfire season.

In her response, Ms. Rice,, the Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparation noted the extent of the damage and the amount of territory consumed by the wildfires, noting that the Province had put in place a state of Emergency related to the fires that lasted for ten weeks.

She also observed that the scope of need required by those that had been affected by the wildfires was extensive, with the Province having to provide for additional staff to handle the volume of claims to the voucher system related to the fires of 2017.

Ms. Rice also paid tribute to the fire fighters, contractors and local business owners that provided their service to the province during the emergency. She also noted that the government is continuing to work on plans to assist rural areas who have faced challenges related to the fires of this year.

Adding that the NDP government is working on a larger strategy to address issues for all rural areas when it comes to economic development and the challenges that they have to deal with.

The full transcript of the discussion on the provinces response to the fires can be found here, the original comments prior to Ms. Rice's presentation start at the 10:45 AM minute mark

You can review her full presentation to the Legislature below:

For more items related to the work of the North Coast MLA at the Legislature see our archive page here.

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UFAWU-Unifor to take pulse of local membership before provincial convention

With the North Coast having just gone through  what is described as one of its bleakest seasons in history, the union that represents workers in the region will be seeking comments from the membership before the leadership hosts the annual convention to be held in Prince Rupert in December

One theme that the UFAWU-Unifor reps from the North will be highlighting at that convention will be their continued call for Adjacency, continuing their push to have fish that is caught in the North, processed in the North.

That was a topic that they raised with Premier John Horgan on October 22nd, taking advantage of the Premier's tour to raise the issue once again with him and NDP MLA Jennifer Rice. Union members had a chance to further outline the impact of the last few fishing seasons on the community and to expand on the adjacency issue as one option to generate more employment for local workers.

This Thursday Local Members of UFAWU-Unifor
will be working on resolutions for
the upcoming convention of December

The Northern leadership is hosting a local 31 meeting on Thursday, November 2nd to determine how many of the local members wish to attend the convention, as well as to work on the list of resolutions to be presented at it.

The Thursday meeting takes place at 7 PM at Fishermen's Hall.

The larger convention will take place in Prince Rupert on Saturday, December 2nd and Sunday, December 3rd, more details related to the labour event will come as the convention gets closer.

You can find more information on the Thursday meeting from the UFAWU Facebook page.

More background on the fishing industry in British Columbia, including items related to adjacency can be found on our archive page.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Monday, October 30, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

B.C. to launch consultations on provincial poverty reduction
BC NDP moves to keep big money out of municipal elections
Anti-dumping duty threatens LNG Canada project
Police collect DNA in case of missing woman in B.C.
B.C. doctor says Canadian-led heart valve surgery will 'blow people's minds'
The guardian angel of the Surrey strip has died
B.C. government eyes giving cities tools to remove convicted officials
Family of missing woman gives DNA to compare with human remains found on B.C. farm
Vancouver preparing additional cold-weather shelter beds
B.C. government introduces campaign finance reform to municipal politics
ICBC reports technical difficulties delaying customer transactions
Petition to ban Halloween fireworks circulates in Vancouver
After 5 overdose deaths in 9 hours, B.C. harm reduction worker says 'nobody's safe'
'Just the beginning': anti-pipeline protestors vow 'rise of resistance'
Legislation for B.C.'s poverty reduction strategy expected next year
Lengthy court battle ahead for Kinder Morgan, legal expert predicts
Horgan likely to make good on no-BS promise to unionized building trades
B.C. to ban corporate and union donations in municipal election
B.C. has the fiscal room to make lives better
Tough new rules for homes on farmland planned
B.C. government's poverty reduction plan could include a basic income
NDP bill would ban union, corporate donations in local elections
NDP moves to limit local election money
B.C. poverty reduction starts with committee
UBC team develops system to predict human-caused wildfires
Myths of our marine environment
Janet Fraser elected as Vancouver School Board chair
Abbotsford police chief calls for drug education in school curriculum
Winter is coming, warns ICBC
Hudson's Bay looks into selling flagship downtown Vancouver store
BC NDP moves to ban 'big money' in municipal elections
B.C. Government unveils 27-member panel to help draft poverty reduction strategy
Big money ban coming to civic election campaigns
Vancouver homeowners may face $10,000 daily fine for failing to report if property is rented
B.C. NDP government moves to outlaw big money from municipal elections
Downtown Vancouver's landmark Hudson's Bay Building may be put up for sale
I left Vancouver Because Vancouver left me
B.C. Seeks advice on how to reduce poverty
Sean Holman: Catching up with BC's Investigative reporting pioneer
For Indigenous People Homlessness is more than lacking a home

Ottawa Observations: Monday, October 30, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Monday, October 30, 2017.

Trudeau rebuffs calls to name ministers who used loophole for assets
Saskatchewan First Nation demands consultation in relicensing of dams
Quebec immigration targets could give insight to coming federal announcement
Senior military officer charged with two counts of sexual assault 
Garneau to introduce act to make it illegal to abandon boats in Canada
Conservative senator accused of exaggerating his scientific record
Harper's NAFTA memo could push Ottawa's united front to crumble
Liberals not always appointing 'highly recommended' judges
Freeland warns of potential for Venezuela refugee crisis
Liberals to delay more than $2 billion in planned infrastructure spending
State sponsored cyberattacks on Canada successful about once a week
Conflict screen used by Morneau in place for at least 3 other ministers
Freeland: Diplomatic solution to North Korea nuclear crisis is 'essential and possible'
Decorated military officer accused of sex crimes in Quebec, New Brunswick
Freeland steps up diplomatic pressure on Venezuela, warns of refugee crisis
Canadian peacekeeping proposals out of line with UN priorities: sources
Liberals opt to keep combat hospital in Iraq until next year
Trudeau takes ATV to get to work during Ottawa-area downpour
Liberals to delay billions in planned infrastructure
Trade lawyer's advice to Canadian businesses in NAFTA talks: 'start contingency planning'
Chinese bid for Aecon construction comes with warnings for Trudeau Liberals
Winterized trailers soon to provide shelter to asylum seekers at Quebec border
Federal ethics rules under attack after Liberal ministers blasted for using investment 'loophole'
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will have to figure out how to deal with friendly fire
Judge Bill Morneau for what he does, not what he owns
Trudeau hiding behind a woman's skirt
How dare Stephen Harper attack Liberals!
PM, not Dawson, sets ethical standards
Morneau's other million shares in his former company were sold two years ago - or donated to charity
The federal government can't stand by when minority rights are being trampled
Three other MPs in Trudeau cabinet are using so-called conflict-of-interest screens
Religious groups urge MPs to keep Criminal Code prohibition on disrupting a worship service
Kenney's win will shift Western politics, while East shifts ambitions too
Liberals' fiscal update raises questions about party's strategy, promises
Stephen Harper's NAFTA memo shows how little the former PM has changed
Supreme Court of Canada rejects appeals from men convicted of perjury in Dziekanski case
Trudeau announces 'police initiative' in Colombia for training, advice
Justin Trudeau refuses to address Stephen Harper NAFTA letter
Liberals say ex-Tory finance minister used same loophole as Bill Morneau
MMIWG inquiry starts in Membertou, N.S. with families of Loretta Saunders and Tanya Brooks
For Indigenous People, Homelessness is More than lacking a home

In response to AG report; NDP keeps focus on need to protect grizzly bear population

A new report on the management of the province's grizzly bear population from Auditor General Carol Bellringer, has provided North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice with her first topic of the week from Victoria, with the MLA taking to her Facebook portal today to provide her synopsis of the report.

From her review of the Auditor General's report, Ms. Rice highlights some of the key findings, observing that the document confirms what she and her colleagues have long said about the previous government's management of the grizzly bear population in the province.

The NDP MLA takes note of the past cuts to conservation programs and what she refers to as questionable science, as part of her overview of where the Liberals were wrong in their approach, with the North Coast MLA promising that the new NDP government will act on the recommendations offered in the new report.

Now that we have a new NDP government, the recommendations won’t fall on deaf ears. We’ve committed to implementing all of them.

The report fits well with current New Democrat policies to not only end the grizzly bear trophy hunt, but also end all hunting of grizzlies in the Great Bear Rainforest as well as the announcement of a renewed wildlife management strategy for the province.

As part of the release of the report, a video presentation provides some further background and attention to some of the themes reviewed by the Independent Audit of the provinces Bear Management strategy.

The Ten recommendations from the Audit of the Grizzly Bear Management include the following (click to enlarge):

You can review the full document which also includes responses to the recommendations here.

The North Coast MLA also makes use of her Facebook notes to remind those in the riding of ongoing feedback process currently underway by the province when it comes to the proposed ban on Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunting, providing this link, to those that wish to participate in the engagement process.

For more items of note related to Ms. Rice's work at the Legislature see our archive page here.

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CFIB Report finds Municipal spending on the increase in Northwest BC

Just in time for Halloween, a national business organization is highlighting municipal spending as timely theme for the season of scary stories.

The annual report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business keeping watch over municipal spending in British Columbia has been released and as they have in the past, the business organization is raising concerns over some of the spending habits of BC's municipal governments.

In their review published last week, the business organization puts the focus on a number of areas of spending by British Columbia's municipal governments, with the CFIB noting that wages both for civic staff and unionized workers continue to be the driving factor behind the growth of spending at the municipal level.

From their review of the financials, the CFIB observes that when it comes to funding wage increases, municipal governments often don't expand their horizons very much,  with the local governments looking for new revenues from familiar places, with the financial burden for the most part passed on to the taxpayer.

The CFIB report notes that wages and benefits now account for roughly sixty percent of municipal operating spending, though they also highlight that the other forty percent outside of payroll requirements have also grown over the last year.

Using data from a ten year period of 2005-2015, the report provides a snapshot of municipal spending for the 2015 financial year.

For municipal governments across the province, the report provides for three key recommendations when it comes to Operating spending, with the CFIB offering up the following:

Limit increases in operating spending to no more than inflation and population growth

Introduce zero-based budgeting, conduct regular service reviews, identify core and non-core services and consider contracting out to the private sector

Have suitable contingency funds for special circumstances (such as natural disasters, special events) that require an increase in operating spending.

When it comes to hiring at the municipal level, the CFIB offers up a few thoughts as well:

Limit compensation increases until public and private sector compensation levels are aligned. Any new employees should be hired at compensation levels in line with private sector norms for similar occupations. 

Increase pension sustainability by: reducing unfunded pension liabilities (without solely relying on taxpayer bailouts), eliminating early retirement provisions (e.g. bridge benefit) and enrolling new hires in defined contribution instead of defined benefit pension plans. 

Eliminate the banking of sick days and replace with affordable short-term disability plans. 

Consider reducing the size of the civil service (primarily through attrition). 

Share municipal staff between municipalities to find cost efficiencies and to allow small municipalities access to high quality employees. 

Reform negotiation/arbitration laws and practices to strengthen the municipal governments’ negotiation position.

As for the review of data for the province, the Northwest overall isn't likely to receive a Gold Star from the CFIB, with many communities in the region found near the bottom of the list when it comes to best use of municipal spending for the business organization.

For Prince Rupert the results offer a mixed signal, with the CFIB noting that spending is on the rise, however, by comparison, Prince Rupert has fared better in the report that some of the findings for other Northwest Communities where the CFIB flags concerns over the upward trends.

The CFIB findings do make note that the City of Prince Rupert has increased its spending from the last survey period from 2014, with the latest data available now pushing Prince Rupert out of the top ten of parsimonious communities from last year's review.

This year Prince Rupert is listed at 39th overall of the 152 communities reviewed,  a move in the wrong direction of thirty spots from last year when Prince Rupert had been marked at 9th overall in the survey that rates communities from Best to Worst in their spending ways.

From this years report, the notes include:

When it comes to Real Operating Spending per Capita Growth the CFIB notes a 24 percent decline from 2005-2015,  with Operating Spending per Capita in 2015 noted as at $2,745, an increase from $2,583 recorded in last years report

The CFIB however  records a five percent change upwards in Municipal spending per capita from 2014-15, while Real Operating Spending Growth is marked by a 34 percent decline over that ten year period.

And despite the city's ongoing theme that the population has grown, the survey from the CFIB cites statistics from 2005-2015 that show a thirteen percent population decline during that period.

The data, culled as it is from a period of ten years from 2005 to the 2015 financial year, would now include the first full year of civic governance for the current City Council membership.

2015 did make for a shift in civic spending themes from the years previous, with the first item of the new approach highlighted by the decision to make the Mayor's position that of full time status and full time compensation.

As well, 2015 marked the start of  a push towards increased city hiring, with a number of additional staff and workforce members added to the payroll from the previous CFIB report year of 2014.

Those indicators would suggest that the next report, to be delivered one year from now, might provide an indication as to which direction the City of Prince Rupert may be heading when it comes to the CFIB's areas of concern and placement in the rankings for the 2018 version of their Municipal Spending Watch.

The full list of Spending watch data for Prince Rupert and the Northwest is available on page thirty of the report.

Still, if the City is looking for some positive news from the CFIB report, they can point towards the findings for other communities in the region.

Despite the significant shift in its provincial ranking , Prince Rupert still stands a little further off the CFIB radar than such communities as Terrace, Smithers and Kitimat, with Stewart the one Northwest community that the CFIB notes as the worst when it comes to spending in the Northwest and northern BC.

The CFIB Report details the organizations concerns over the state of spending in Stewart as follows:

Stewart is once again BC’s worst overall performer. The municipality had one of the highest 2015 per capita spending level at $6,237 per person. Unfortunately, despite recent efforts to reduce spending, Stewart increased its per capita expenditure growth by 27 per cent between 2014 and 2015.

Across the Northwest, the rankings from the CFIB, arranged from Worst to Best, are as follows:

29th in NW -- Stewart (152nd in the province)
27th in NW -- Hazelton (148th in the province)
24th in NW -- Port Edward (145th in the province)
19th in NW -- Kitimat (126th in the province)
14th in NW -- New Hazelton (117th in the province)
13th in NW -- Masset (113th in the province)
12th in NW -- Port Clements (110th in the province)
11th in NW -- Terrace (109th in the province)
10th in North -- Smithers (104th in the province)
6th in North -- Telkwa (40th in the province)
5th in North -- Prince Rupert (39th in the province)
4th in North -- Houston (24th in the province)
1st in NW -- Burns Lake (10th in the province)

The CFIB Municipal Spending Watch Chart for 2017
(click to enlarge)

You can examine the full findings from the CFIB report here.

For more notes related to Municipal Government in Prince Rupert see our archive page here, while our snapshots of items from the remainder of the Northwest can be reviewed here.

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City Staff to seek approval of new communication policy at Monday Council session

How the City communicates with
its residents and the media will
be a topic at tonight's Council session
Prince Rupert Council members will be reviewing how the city communicates with its residents tonight, as Veronika Stewart, the City's Communication Manager delivers a report that will be seeking the repeal of the previous policy, in effect since 2003 and approval of  a new updated policy.

The need for a new approach seems to be related to recent discussions by Council as to how they should approach their response to camera meetings and the flow of information that should come from those closed sessions of Council.

In her report Ms. Stewart notes the main goal of the new policy initiative.

"The previous Communications policy, enacted in 2003 is outmoded and outdated. Given that the City has greater communications capacity than ever before, it is now prudent to implement a new policy that better reflects current communications capabilities and technologies at the City. The new policy addresses not only in-camera information, but also general principles for City Staff when it comes to the sharing of information. This is to ensure that all information provided by the City to local media is timely, accurate and reflects the goals of City Council and Administration."

From that, the Communication Manager has expanded on the approach of how the City will share its information moving forward. The nine page report for Council will outline the goals of the new policy and how it will be applied should it be adopted.

As well,  among some of the themes that Ms. Stewart will explore, will be a number of elements related to community updates, media relations between the city and the media, the city's social media policy and how the City will handle crisis and emergency communications.

A thumbnail guide to some of the goals of the policy under review tonight can be found below:

Some of the initiatives that may come from the revised policy include: 

The prospect of the city setting up an email notification system for residents to receive updates on disruptions of service, event announcements, notice of paving and other items of note.

A revision of the media relations process for City staff, including which members of staff will speak to the media, as well as a definition as to which media options the city will respond to when inquiries are made.

Veronika Stewart The City of
Prince Rupert's  Communication Manager
will  outline the themes of the city's new
communication policies tonight

(photo from City of PR website)

With Social Media becoming a larger part of the city's information delivery process, the new policy will also outline the guidelines that the city will use when sharing any civic information through the range of social media options that are available

You can review the full report from the City's Regular Council Meeting Agenda package for this evening starting at page 54.

For more notes related to this evenings City Council session see our Council Preview here.

A wider overview of past discussion topics can be found on our Council Archive page.

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City Council Preview: Monday, October 30 2017

Presentations will be the theme for the final meeting of October for Prince Rupert City Council, as three delegations have requested the opportunity to appear in front of the council members tonight.

Two of the groups come to Council as part of the Committee of the Whole process, with the North Coast Immigrant and Multicultural Society and a local group seeking improved service locally from CBC Radio set to appear tonight.

Council will also receive a presentation from a representative of the Ministry of Transportation, who will remind North Coast residents of the need to Shift into Winter as we head towards the winter driving season.

Also on the agenda this evening is an opportunity for Council members to pick up on their themes of two weeks ago, when the topic of how to move forward with community engagement as part of the Committee of the Whole process. With Councillors to provide some input on whether they should change the current process for public input or expand on it.

Council members will also receive a range of reports and requests from the City planning department and receive a report from the Communication Manager, as Veronika Stewart outlines how the communication policy worked in the past and what changes, if any are planned moving forward.

Council members will also head behind closed doors once again, as they host a Closed Session on the night, the advisory posted on the City's Website noting the following criteria for the discussion outside of the public view:

90.1  (k)  negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public. 

The evening starts with the Committee of the Whole session and then will reconvene to host the Regular Council session.

(See Agendas here) 


Adoption of Agenda -- The Mayor will review the agenda for the Committee session

Petitions and Delegations 

Ladan Zahari, Cooridnator, North Coast Immigrant and Multicultural Service Society (NCIMSS) - Re: Trust and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action - update (See page 2 Agenda package)

Kathleen Palm and Evelyn Basso -- Presentation to Council with an update on concerns related to CBC Radio One service in the community.

Discussion on the Committee of the Whole Council Meetings -- Council members will pick up their discussion from October 16th on future plans for how the Committee of the Whole sessions may be conducted.

Question Period from the Public

Reports, Questions and Inquiries from Members of Council

Adjournment to Reconvene Regular Council Meeting


Adoption of Agenda and Past minutes -- Mayor Brain will review the agenda for the evening and Council will adopt the minutes of past meetings.

Petitions and Delegations make for the first item of business on the evening,  Darrell Gunn, the District Manager for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in the Skeena District will make a presentation to Council related to the Shift Into Winter program

Any Notes on Unfinished Business will follow that presentation.

Reports and Recommendations is next on the Agenda listings.

Report from the Community Planner -- Application for a development variance permit -- Council will review an application for a development variance permit for a property on Hays Cove Circle (Page 8 of the Agenda Package)

Report from the City Planner -- Application for Development variance permit -- Council will review an application for a development variance permit for a property on Van Arsdol Street (Page 20 of the Agenda Package)

Report from the City Planner -- Application for Development variance permit -- Council will review an application for a development variance permit for a property on 1st Avenue West (Page 28 of the Agenda Package)

Report from the City Planner -- Application for Development Permit -- Council will review an application for a development variance permit for a property on 1st Avenue West (Page 42 of the Agenda Package)

Report from the Communication Manager  -- Council will receive a report and be asked to approve of a revised Communications Policy for the City City of Prince Rupert (Page 54 of the Agenda Package)

Correspondences for Action --  Council will review any correspondences for action received since the previous session

Resolutions from Closed Meetings,


Report from the Chief Financial Officer regarding the 2017 Five Year Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw (Page 99 of the Agenda Package)

The evening then moves on to Additional Items 

The evening will come to an end with Reports, Questions and Inquiries from Members of Council.

Council members can also take advantage of the period to offer up any items or concerns that they have for consideration on the night.

The Live broadcast of the City Council session can be found here, a video archive of past sessions is available here.

Our items of note related to the October 30th session can be found here.

While our archive of all sessions for 2017 for Council is available here.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Saturday/Sunday, October 28 & 29, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

City Councillor in Pitt Meadows resigns following sexual assault conviction
RCMP, Chinese consulate issue warning of scams targeting Chinese nationals
Vancouver brokerage's purchase of Chinese real estate listing Vanfun.com falls apart
Bridge tolls helped reduce traffic congestion in the Lower Mainland, says UBC professor
'It means a lot to me': 1 year later, tiny homes in this B.C. community are making a big difference
'It's not a good situation': Surrey families rally for funding to replace portables
Burnaby mayor says Kinder Morgan's NEB appeal is 'insulting'
5 arrested for mischief following Kinder Morgan protest
Prince George residents say yes to new fire hall, pool in referendum
Squamish Chief suggests tearing down Vancouver's historic RCMP barracks in spirit of reconciliation
More calls, texts, emails - with your doctor's receptionists
Pitt Meadows councillor resigns days after sex assault conviction
Good News/Bad News for Dianne Watts
Who's to blame for name game? No the 'minister of intimidation'
Ease the burden of fundraising
NDP's Adrian Dix tackles seniors' residential care gap
David Murray resigns from Pitt Meadows council following criminal conviction
City of Vancouver announces first temporary shelter will open at 1401 Hornby Street
City of Vancouver releases resident designs for Arbutus Greenway
David Murray resigns from Pitt Meadows city council after sex assault conviction
Funeral visit prompts plea  from Coquitlam mayor to revive Riverview Hospital

Ottawa Observations: Saturday/Sunday, October 28 & 29, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Saturday/Sunday, October 28 & 29, 2017.

Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin on sex assault cases: 'No one has the right to a particular verdict'
U.S. watchdog warns Aecon takeover may block firm's access to infrastructure projects
Aecon takeover is not place to make a stand on Chinese investment
Liberals warned to approach China bid for Aecon with caution
New UCP leader Jason Kenney seeks seat - and fight with Alberta NDP
Clucks, bucks and pickups: How NAFTA talks could revive little-known chicken tariff
RCMP, Chinese consulate issue warning of scams targeting Chinese nationals
Morneau conflict of interest controversy has damaged the reputation of an office meant to reassure Canadians
After knocking on 10,000 doors in Lac-Saint-Jean, Liberals eyeing more Quebec seats
Public Works receives 6 expressions of interest in Sea Kings set for retirement
Strengthen immigrant immigration strategy of risk public backlash, experts warn
The call to protect pensions has raised questions: Here's a look at three of them
Arnold Chan's widow seeks late husband's Scarborough seat
Minister says 300,000 new immigrants a year is Canada's 'new normal'
First Nations police still waiting for answers from Ottawa on funding
'Napping on NAFTA': Harper blasts Trudeau government for its handling of negotiations
'Putin's Revenge' holds lessons about foreign influence for Canada and its upcoming election
Canada suspends special forces training and assistance mission in Iraq
Quebec vote shows Trudeau's still on top
Race whispers play a dangerous game
Liberals more interested in protecting Morneau than Canadians' pensions
For Liberals to be re-elected, here are the missteps they  must avoid
Progressive reaction to Bill 62 lets down vulnerable Muslim women
Jason Kenney wins UCP leadership. But is he poised to defeat Rachel Notley?
Jason Kenney takes charge of political miracle - and now comes the real test
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Canada needs to act fast as paralyzed activist's condition deteriorates

Saturday, October 28, 2017

MLA's Week: October 23-26, 2017

Working on the government side of the House seems to mean that the chance for individual MLA's to raise items of note about their home constituencies is somewhat reduced.

At least that appears to be the case of late, when it come to the speaking time for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, who has had limited engagement on themes for discussion since the Legislature returned in September.

For Ms. Rice, the work in the Legislature through the four days of this week's sessions offered up but one speaking engagement, that as the Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness provided some thoughts for the members on the work of the Disability BC Alliance.

Our look at the work week that just concluded, can be found below:

On the week, Ms Rice was listed once  in the accounts of the sessions of the Legislature from October 23 to 26.

Ms. Rice's contribution to the Legislature discussion themes came Tuesday morning, with a brief statement related to the Disability BC Alliance.

MLA Rice hails the work of Disability Alliance BC with Legislature

Over last weekend, the North Coast MLA did have an opportunity to show the boss around the riding, accompanying Premier John Horgan to the AltaGas site on Sunday, part of the Premiers tour of industrial sites in the Northwest of last weekend.

Premier celebrates Rio Tinto anniversary, makes stop at AltaGas project in Prince Rupert

A topic of some note for the region also made some news this week, with an announcement of the expansion of the Highway Transit system for Highway 16, this time to introduce service between Terrace and the Hazeltons.

And while the North Coast remains off the transportation map (by it's own decisions) when it comes to the expanded Highway 16 plans, the roll out of the program to the rest of the Northwest is a theme that MLA Rice has expressed some interest about over the years.

Highway 16 transit plan continues to roll out across parts of Northwest

Down the road from Prince Rupert, Skeena MLA Ellis Ross had a productive week in the Legislature, tackling a number of major themes during the course of the House and Committee sessions in Victoria.

Skeena MLA tackles electoral reform proposals during Legislature discussion
Ellis Ross returns to themes on RBA initiative during Committee session
Skeena MLA Ellis Ross addresses poverty issues as part of Legislature debate

Mr. Ross also explored the themes of fish farm tenures and notes related to the UN declaration on rights of Indigenous peoples, speaking to those concerns as part of the Monday Afternoon legislature session.

The North Coast also played host to a pair of BC Liberal leadership candidates, with Todd Stone and Dianne Watts both holding meet and greet sessions in Prince Rupert over last weekend.

Liberal leadership hopefuls criss cross Northwest over weekend

The Legislature will return to their work on Monday morning, October 30th.

There is more background on the North Coast MLA available from our MLA's Week Archive as well as our General Archive on the Legislature.

Cross posted from the North Coast Review.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Friday, October 27, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

Fish farm debate lands in a B.C. lab
B.C. Liberal leadership candidates Stone, de Jong advocate for fixes to housing, child care
Municipalities, B.C. police departments want cut of marijuana revenue
Visible minorities now the majority in 5 B.C. cities
Liberal leadership hopeful suggests deadlines for municipalities on housing approvals
Vancouver on track to meet 2050 clean energy targets: staff report
Hard hat Horgan's 'open for business' tour dumps Dr. No
Municipalities not even close to reigning in spending
Victoria moves for regional plastic bag ban
BC Conservatives demand ride-sharing
Mike de Jong, ex-B.C. finance minister, calls on NDP to release foreign buyer data
68% of Canadians want Quebec's face-coverings ban in their province
B.C. set to have Canada's most expensive auto insurance: taxpayers federation
Voter turnout in Vancouver should be higher than 11 percent
Development permit board has a duty to vote for community's desire in Chinatown
Students in Care Falling Further Behind in School 
Principles and Profanity: Rafe Mair as a Government Minister

Ottawa Observations: Friday, October 27, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Friday, October 27, 2017.

Meet America's prophet of protectionism
Trump lives in a 'SHAFTA' fantasy land where U.S. is a trade victim
Stephen Harper blasts Trudeau government for 'napping on NAFTA'
Canada under pressure to lead Interpol reform after Bill Browders repeatedly targeted by Putin
'It's going to encourage more hate': Women who wear niaqb in Quebec fear impact of Bill 62
Ukraine's prime minister seeks to change his country's narrative in Canada
Ottawa to review $1.45 - billion Aecon takeover bid
Oil export hopes fade as Trans Mountain pipeline delays mount
Canada focused on 'concrete measures' to ban nuclear weapons, Trudeau says
Federal government welcomes Manitoba's carbon-tax plan, with a warning
Canada suspends military aid to Iraqi, Kurdish forces amid outbreak of fighting
Liberals table budget bill to join China's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Canada suspends special forces training and assistance mission in Iraq
Trudeau dismisses concerns free trade with China will hurt Canada-U.S. relationship
Morneau Shepell defends its dealings with Ottawa amid minister's controversy
Catalan independence vote sparks contrasting opinions from Quebec and Canadian politicians
Former rep for First Nations child welfare lashes back at MP's criticism of $437K contract
CSIS says harassment lawsuit should be tossed, admits 'inappropriate language'
Canada's top cop said it would be 'reckless' to keep using federal government's IT service
Federal deficit $2.7 billion for April-to-August period: Finance Department
NDP pushes Liberals to follow Trump, declare opioid crisis a national public health emergency
CSIS says harassment complainants don't deserve $35 million as Goodale calls bullying at spy agency 'unacceptable'
Ex-PM Stephen Harper pens memo slamming Trudeau government over NAFTA talks
Questions raised about the ethics watchdog's role in Morneau's woes
A push for pension protection a legacy of Sears injustice
Trudeaunomics means no regard for the future
Veterans ensure kids remember our soldiers' sacrifice
A Canadian tax revolt? Bring it on
Ottawa has made a mess of Indigenous policy in this country
As Trudeau supports 'united Spain' Quebec nationalists nearly alone in backing independent Catalonia
Hypocrisy and arrogance the core issues in Morneau's mess
Can you really just ignore the constitution if you feel like it? Canada's notwithstanding clause explained
Canadian special forces suspend Iraq training mission due to fighting between Iraqis and Kurds
There are good reasons for Trudeau's Liberals to not challenge Bill 62
Bill Morneau can't fix the problem, because clearly the problem is him
68% of Canadians want Quebec's face-coverings ban in their province
Morneau Shepell: We won't make big money off pension bill tabled by Bill Morneau
Ottawa promises to enact new rules to protect B.C.'s southern resident orcas
Our southern resident Orcas are headed for extinction