Monday, January 3, 2011

The Bookshelf

Books of note on the Political scene, both in Canada and Internationally.



The Longer I'm Prime Minister: Stephen Harper and Canada, 2006 -
Paul Wells (October 2014)

Party of One
Michael Harris (October 2014)

Harperism: How Stephen Harper and his think tank colleagues have transformed Canada
Donald Gutstein (September 2014)

The Big Shift: The Seismic Change in Canadian Politics, Business and Culture and what it means
Darrell Bricker, John Ibbitson (February 2013)

How Ottawa Spends, 2014-2015: The Harper Government- Good to Go?
Christopher Stoney, G. Bruce Doern

Harperland: The Politics of Control
Lawrence Martin

Rogue in Power: Why Stephen Harper is remaking Canada
Christian Nadeau (March 2011)

The Secret Mulroney Tapes: Unguarded Confessions of a Prime Minister
Peter C. Newman

Storming Babylon
Don Braid, Sydney Sharpe

No Holds Barred
John Crosbie

French Kiss: Stephen Harper's Blind Date with Quebec
Chantal Hebert (September 2008)


Common Ground
Justin Trudeau (October 2014)

The Truth About Trudeau
Bob Plamondon (May 2013)

Extraordinary Canadians: Pierre Elliot Trudeau: A Penguin Lives Biography
Nino Ricci (September 2012)

Just Watch Me: The Life of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Vol Two: 1968-2000
John English (September 2010)

Citizen of the World: The Life of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Vol One: 1919-1968
John English (August 2007)

Trudeau's Shadow: The Life and Legacy of Pierre Elliot Trudeau
Andrew Cohen/J. J. Granatstein (September 1999)

Hell or High Water: My Life in and out of Politics
Paul Martin

Straight from the Heart
Jean Chretien


Building the Orange Wave: The Inside Story Behind the Historic Rise of Jack Layton and the NDP
Brad Lavigne (October 2013)

Love, Hope, Optimism: An Informal Portrait of Jack Layton by those who knew him
Charis Wahl, James L. Turk (August 2012)

Inside the NDP War Room: Competing for Credibility in a Federal Election 
James S. McLean (October 2012)

Speaking Out Louder: Ideas That Work For Canadians
Jack Layton (September 2011)

The Good Fight
David Lewis

The Pursuit of Power
Judy Steed

The Life and Political times of Tommy Douglas
Walter Stewart

Under Siege: The Federal NDP in the nineties
Ian McLeod

Bloc Quebecois/Parti Quebecois

The Antagonist
Lawrence Martin

Rene Levesque and the Parti Quebecois in Power
Graham Fraser and Ivon Owen

Rene: A Canadian in search of a country
Peter Desbarats

General Overview

While Canada Slept: How We Lost Our Place in the World
Andrew Cohen (March 2015)

Rise to Greatness - The History of Canada
Conrad Black (Nov 2014)

The Morning After: The 1995 Quebec Referendum And the Day That Almost Was
Chantal Hebert

Irresponsible Government: The Decline of Parliamentary Democracy in Canada
Brent Rathgeber (September 2014)

Equal as Citizens: The tumultuous and trouble history of a great Canadian idea
Richard Starr (May 2014)

The Night Canada Stood Still
Robert Wright (May 2014)

Tragedy in the Commons: Former Members of Parliament Speak Out About Canada's Failing Democracy 
Alison Loat, Michael Mcmillan (April 2014)

Shopping for Votes: How Politicians Choose Us and We Choose Them
Susan Delacourt (September 2013)

Across the Aisle: Opposition in Canadian Politics
David E. Smith (May 2013)

Power Trap: How Fear and loathing between New Democrats and Liberals keep Stephen Harper in power
Paul Adams (September 2012)

American Politics

Hard Choices
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Decision Points
George W. Bush

True Compass: A Memoir
Edward M. Kennedy

The Agenda: Inside the Clinton White House
Bob Woodward

The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream
Barack Obama

World Politics

Midnight in Europe: A Novel
Alan Furst (March 2015)

A Journey: My Political Life
Tony Blair

The Downing Street Years
Margaret Thatcher

A New Ireland
John Hume

Beyond the Crash
Gordon Brown

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