Monday, April 3, 2017

The Push Back on Electoral Reform 2017

Like the Knight in the Monty Python forest, Canada's prospects for electoral reform have similar conditions, a limb chopped here, another limb over there. The prospect of reform lopped off by the swashbuckling sword of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, delivering his judgment on the issue with a flurry of slashes in a session of the House of Commons in February.

Though in the electoral reform forest the Brave Knights of the Opposition, primarily those of the NDP and Green Parties, continue to push the government to hold to their word of consultation and take a second look at the dismissal of February.

The small but vociferous group are insisting that the Liberals decision is not one that will be fatal for electoral reform, or, as they say in the forest ... It's just a flesh wound!

Leading the charge in town halls across the nation will be Nathan Cullen the NDP MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley.

The NDP's critic on electoral reform was a key participant in the recent parliamentary committee that sat through the summer and into the fall. Many of those members were clearly angered when they watched as much of their work was put up on a shelf  by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the volumes of review left to gather some dust last month.

With some good driving weather ahead for the Spring months, they now plan to take the battle back to the government, one town hall at a time.

You can follow our archive page here to see if there is any momentum to be found from the public, when it comes to Mr. Cullen's efforts to keep the electoral reform theme alive.

To go back in time and review the work of the committee hearings and the drama of February that had all that work put aside see our Electoral reform archive page here.

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