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BC Election Digest: Week of April 10-16, 2017

The archive of notes from the campaign trail for April 10-16, 2017

April 15 & 16 

With the writ dropped in B.C., third-party attack ads go dark
B.C. NDP leader John Horgan alone on the campaign trail on Easter Sunday
B.C. election transit promises called 'blatant vote-buying'
Christy Clark boasts about B.C.'s low jobless rate, but rural areas struggle
A look back at the beginning of the B.C. Liberal reign
B.C. political leaders cross paths at Vaisakhi celebration in Vancouver
Battle over tolls erupts as first major issue of provincial campaign
Poll by Poll: 14 races that could decide the election
Child welfare, environment among top election issues for B.C. First Nations
Liberals winning the campaigning in week one, but NDP winning the war
Christy Clark talks up low jobless rate but rural areas struggling
B.C. Green candidate Mark Neufeld apologizes for 'Mountaintop' campaign speech
B.C. voters open to meditation and Christian prayer in schools: poll
Horgan hunts for votes on Easter Sunday
Horgan has strong first week despite family health crisis
Profiles of the three major party leaders
Two black holes, one in each platform
B.C. party leaders take election campaign to annual Sikh celebration
Easter Sunday makes for quiet campaign day in B.C.
B.C. party leaders canvass votes at Metro Vancouver Vaisakhi parade
B.C. Green candidate apologizes for imitating Martin Luther King in campaign speech
On balance, John Horgan's platform works for me

April 14

Making a premier of himself
B.C. party leaders slam opponent's spending promises on campaign trail
For B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver, politics is a science
Clark's uninspiring battle plan reminiscent of Harper's
Capping - or scrapping - tolls is no solution in British Columbia
B.C. Green Party candidate says he regrets impersonating Martin Luther King during rally
Woman with rare disease hopes B.C. election candidates consider disability payments
Televised leaders debate to be held April 26
Greens take hope from momentum in first week
Clark campaigns on Good Friday in home riding of Kelowna
Clark campaigns in bell weather Kamloops
Horgan highlights ferries on the Island and affordability in Vancouver
Weaver isn't a 'carbon copy' of rivals on climate change
Saanich Green Party candidate apologizes for mimicking Martin Luther King Jr.
Amalgamation advocates scoff at B.C. Liberal shift in election promise
The B.C. NDP's possible road to victory
Premier makes campaign stop on home turf
B.C. Liberals go after B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan's approach to marijuana legalization
B.C. NDP platform promises 114,000 new rental, co-op, social, and owner-purchase homes
B.C. Green candidate apologizes for imitating Martin Luther King Jr.

April 13

B.C. NDP promise new tax on foreign speculators
Notley warns her government workers away from campaigning for BC NDP
B.C. NDP platform: Tax hikes on rich and housing-speculator levy
World markets 'will not stop' LNG site plans: BC Liberal's Christy Clark
The NDP's platform is populist and progressive - but are the projections precise?
Rachel Notley warns caucus members not to campaign for B.C. NDP
Black top politics, tolls and their role in B.C. elections
Controversial Chinese-language attack ads renew focus on targeted political campaigning
NDP promises to introduce housing speculation tax and eliminate interest on student loans
Can the NDP deliver on $10-a-day child care?
Facing the 'wall of hate': A profile of Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver
Horgan unveils NDP's platform of more jobs, homes
B.C. political leaders answer questions on marijuana reform
LNG dream not dead, says campaigning Clark on north coast
Smarting Liberals try to discredit NDP spending plans
Fact Check: NDP's balanced budget, fentanyl funds
Liberal volunteer helps steady NDP supporter after confrontation
'Ive been to the mountaintop!: BC Green candidate awkwardly re-enacts famous MLK speech
Victoria entrepreneur first past the post with election rendering of cat-scratch Christy Clark likeness
B.C. Greens try to build on success by campaigning against status quo
Horgan's balancing act gives the NDP a chance
NDP promises to freeze fares on major ferry routes
Leaders showering voters with money
B.C. NDP promises interest-free student loans if elected
Alberta premier warns her government workers away from campaigning for B.C. NDP
B.C. NDP pledges to balance budget
Greens try to build on success in B.C.
Critics say B.C. NDP failed vulnerable tenants in booming Metrotown area of Burnaby
Taxpayers bewared of this election's 'green ghosts'
NDP Platform vows $3.5 Billion in New Investments, Like Cheap Childcare, Housing
Running on 'Debt Free BC' Slogan, Clark's Liberals Added $10.85 Billion to Debt in Four Years
Why this election should be about corruption

April 12

Why are B.C.'s leaders silent on cannabis legalization?
Kinder Morgan Pipeline looms large in B.C. election
Rich Coleman tells forum Liberals would offer incentives for homeowners
BC NDP promises renters $400 a year
The 'mercurial Irishman'": A profile of B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan
How the B.C. election could impact federal parties
NDP's proposed $400 renter's grant could cost $216 million annually
Leaders promise to spend your money to sway your vote
Tech sector hopes to convert election promises into real progress
Greens go left of NDP on campaign trail
Strike two for B.C. Liberals as privacy watchdog dismisses calls for NDP probe
How much do B.C. political parties really know about you?
Liberals look nervous about Horgan's spending promises
NDP pledges $400 annual grant for renters
Ferry 'break' insults islanders
Greens, NDP aim for low-income support
B.C. Liberal's election platform gives little attention to the fentanyl crisis despite deaths continuing to soar
Vancouver school district faces more cutbacks on eve of provincial election

April 11

Ignoring polls, Clark bets on status quo election strategy
British Columbia's 41st election is now under way
B.C's election campaign begins: What you need to know
'She evokes strong emotions': A profile of Christy Clark
And they're off: B.C. political parties begin election race to May 9 finish
NDP says rest of province will help pay to get rid of tolls
Plenty at stake as 2017 B.C. election campaign
Fact Check: Promises, promise - last election's 'epic fail'
NDP kicks off B.C. campaign with a lead an uncertain future
Try Vote Compass to find out where you stand in B.C.'s 2017 election
Poll Tracker: 2017 British Columbia election
B.C. election 2017: Clark rallies troops at Vancouver rally hours after election call
Premier smooches pooch, but can't kiss of health scandal
BC election: And the race is on
B.C. election 2017: People at the centre of NDP's election campaign
B. C. election 2017: Weaver unveils Green's strategy to cool B.C. housing market
Fact check: Liberals on education, Horgan on taxes
B.C. Liberals deliver standpat election platform
Horgan set to miraculously spend big - and balance the books
And they're off: Political parties kick off 28-day campaign
Islanders get their own special platform
John Horgan promises no bridge tolls and better jobs at NDP campaign kickoff
Provincial election kicks off on Vancouver Island
Election kicks off with promises, rallies
BC Election: Key developments from Day One
Christy Clark has a sweet tooth for B.C. politics
Politics a science for BC Greens' Weaver
B.C. election starts as unofficial campaign ends
A quick sketch of B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan
A quick sketch of B.C. Premier Christy Clark
A primer on the main issues in the B.C. election
Health firings dog Clark's First Day on Campaign Trail
Coalition Pushing New Housing Solutions for BC
Christy Clark's 'Empathy Deficit' Could Cost Her election

April 10

B.C. political parties roll out platforms ahead of election campaign
Christy Clark's Cheshire grin belies her grim outlook
B.C. Privacy commissioner rejects Liberal party request to probe NDP list sharing
B.C. Liberals pledge tax credits to seniors, caregivers for renovations
BC Liberals focus on tolls, tax credits in election platform
B. C. NDP promise to freeze hydro rates if elected
Cuts to bridge tolls promised as B.C. Liberals, NDP gear up for election
NDP will freeze hydro rates, says John Horgan
Ambitious Horgan plans to unseat play-it-safe Clark crew
B.C. Liberals deliver standpat election platform
Liberal platform underwhelms, giving NDP hope
B.C. Liberals unveil platform tailored for Island
B.C. privacy commissioner rejects call to probe NDP list sharing
John Horgan promises no bridge tolls and better jobs at NDP campaign kickoff
BC NDP promise to freeze BC Hydro rates
Ferry tax break, Commonwealth Games bid among BC Liberals promises for Vancouver Island
B.C. Liberals promise reduced ferry fares if elected
BC Liberal Platform Promises Limited New Spending, Caps to Bridge Tolls

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