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B.C. election Digest: Week of April 17-23, 2017

The archive of notes from the campaign trail for April 17-23, 2017

April 22 and 23

BC NDP dismiss critique of party platform's financial sustainability
BC's doctor shortage becomes campaign issue
Lowering B.C. bridge tolls is popular politics, but misses the big picture
These men want to be the first turbaned Sikhs elected to the B.C. Legislature
If you care about climate change, it's time to reject strategic voting
How the NDP could thump the Liberals in Metero and still lose the election
Clark, Horgan exchange shots at Vancouver campaign event
Steelworkers paying salaries of senior NDP staff 
Fact Check: BC NDP says it will 'fill the gap' for 700,000 residents
Mudslinging continues as B.C. election approaches halfway mark
Christy Clark remains optimistic as campaign nears halfway point
Still waiting on plan for the E & N
Premier Clark is underplaying racism
B.C. post secondary students aim to persuade peers to vote for the climate on May 9 

April 21

Clark highlights LNG hopes in NDP strongholds in northwest B.C.
No polling lead can ever be quite enough for B.C.'s NDP
'Don't touch me again': The moment the provincial debate changed
Christy Clark: 'I'm not scared of Donald Trump'
The B.C. Liberal 'troll' truck rolled into the election campaign this week
VoteCompass reveals economy and housing top of mind for B.C. voters
B.C.'s past political blunders hold little sway over Millennial voters
Is the B.C. Liberal job creation claim 'political spin'?
Political Donations: Following the money in B.C. politics
Panel told alleged fraud dropped several politicians' names to woo investors
Clark's Massey mega-bridge bashed by rivals' tunnel-vision
Parties propose to tackle housing affordability in their own ways
Liberals pounce on NDP's mixed MSP messages
Horgan says replacing Patullo Bridge is a top priority
Clark says greed among U.S. lumber barons driving softwood spat
I'll just watch you because I know you like that': That regrettable moment in the B.C. leaders' debate
Rural areas need attention
B.C. party leaders back on road after first debate
Horgan Town Hall Turns Deeply Personal When Father Asks About Overdose Deaths
BC Liberal Candidate Declares Support for 'Certain Extent' of Health Care Privatization

April 20

B. C. party leaders take muddled stands on provincial health premiums
B.C. party leaders' housing affordability promises pose dilemma for renters
Horgan comes out aggressively in first debate of 2017 B.C. election
B.C. leaders spar in first debate of election campaign
Large crowds and a massive cloud of smoke, Vancouver 4/20 bigger than ever
Clark, Horgan spar in first provincial election debate
Clark, Horgan get personal in scrappy leaders debate
Clark and Horgan spar as Weaver ducks line of fire
B.C. Leaders debate features unwanted touching
NDP hopes to knock out two Liberal MLAs in Maple Ridge
B.C. Green party unveils transit platform
Leaders' radio debate gets touchy
B.C. party leaders square off in first debate of election campaign
Out on a limb for an NDP win
Fact Check: Does BC Really have Canada's 'Lowest Middle Class Taxes?'
Fact Check: Is LNG Really Drinkable in Water
Tory advisor who meddled with Info Requests Now working on BC Liberal campaign
Young Voters need a reason to believe their vote matters
Who won the First Debate of the BC Election?

April 19

BC Liberals have returned more than $174,000 in donations
BC Liberals pillory NDP budget proposal
BC Liberals return $174,000 in Illegal donations
Is the B.C. Green Party surge different this time?
B.C. Liberals and NDP spar over spending promises
To sell jobs message, B.C. Liberals need Site C
'A lot of questions;: B.C. candidates take wait-and-see approach to pot legalization
B.C. NDP campaign ad claim gets failing grade for 'false fact'
The politics of the B.C. Liberal 'troll' truck
Liberals pounce on NDP's perceived 'shortage of specifics'
Liberals analyze NDP spending plans
All three main parties promise big bucks for teaching, new schools
NDP leader John Horgan preps for his big debate debut
B. C. Greens promise to balance sustainable resources use with healthy environment
In response to NDP's 'deceit' Liberal Minister spouts alternative facts
B.C. Leaders lie low on legal highs ahead
'Truth Truck' or "Troll Truck'?: BC Liberal campaign tactic gets mixed reviews
B.C. NDP opt to go big on lavish spending promises
Jobs and education featured on B.C. campaign trail
B.C. Liberal Party gives back 191 donations
Greens miss mark for full B.C. election slate
Could Kinder Morgan Cost the BC Liberals Four Seats?
Halting Site C Now will Save Up to $2 Billion, Says UBC Report
Vancouver educator says B.C. Liberal government has abandoned adult learners

April 18

BC Liberals, NDP spar over Site C dam
B.C. Party leaders weigh in on Trump's 'Buy American' program
B.C. student groups seek to raise turnout for provincial election
BC Votes 2017: A look at the issues in your riding
Points to ponder if election result is close
Christy Clark campaigns on jobs from Site C dam
Taxis, tolls, schools dominate key Surrey-Fleetwood battleground riding
Five things on candidates going the distance in week one of campaigning
Elections B.C. lists 334 candidates in final count before nomination deadline
Battle of the hard hats as Clark, Horgan promise jobs
Future of Site C dam fuels debate in B.C. election campaign
Awkward imitation doesn't mean racism
Candidates come bearing gifts, but few answers
NDP leader juggling MLA duties with Opposition role
B.C. Green party presents health-care proposals
Riding to Watch: Three-Way Battle in Saanich North
Will Younger Voters' Low Turnout Once Again Be Big Election Factor?
NDP candidate George Heyman clears the air about Kinder Morgan, Site C, and road tolling
NDP election platform pledges to meet the fentanyl crisis with a new ministry of mental health and addiction
Poverty fighter says election platforms by major B.C. parties deny people on welfare a life with dignity

April 17

BC NDP take aim at Liberals, promote strategy to build urgent-care centres
BC NDP say a vote for them a blow for the wealthy
Election signs defaced by swastikas in North Vancouver
B.C.'s Law Week highlights access to justice issues
NDP pledges to build urgent family care centres
B.C. Liberals boast about province's low jobless rate, but rural areas struggle
B.C. Greens race to fill full slate of candidates for May 9 ballot
Horgan takes aim at family doctor shortage, Clark highlights economy
Meet the war room operatives running the B.C. campaigns
Fact Check: Weaver says NDP absent during teachers' strike
Horgan's brief break likely more relaxing than political rivals
Clark tries to break into NDP's Island stronghold
Political finance in spotlight as NDP, Greens vow reforms
Parties campaign on health care, jobs
Election signs of 2 North Vancouver candidates defaced with offensive graffiti
Why election dirty tricks only target the Chinese community
Challengers seek to oust B.C. Liberal Premier Christy Clark from Kelowna West
Swastika appears on B.C. Liberal campaign sign in North Vancouver
Parties' Education Platforms Sadly Lacking in Vision

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