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BC Election Digest: April 24-30,2017

The archive of notes from the campaign trail for April 17-23, 2017

April 29 and 30

B.C. group aims to raise riding turnout with Chinese immigrants
Who will step up to fix British Columbia's housing crisis?
BC Liberals pledge to repeal Vancouver's natural gas ban for new buildings
BC Liberals' stance on coal exports puts Ottawa in tough spot
B.C. NDP supporter rally to support Riverview Hospital reopening
The rookies: first-time candidates debate, campaign and attempt to woo voters
Pipeline politics: How and NDP victory in B.C. could divide Canada's left
B.C. Liberals and Vancouver clash over natural gas restrictions
How and where to vote in the B.C. provincial election
How the B.C. election of '96 changed provincial politics
Parties push for crucial advance votes
Vancouver natural gas policy sparks provincial campaign battle
Kootenay Bill's riding up for grabs on election night
Liberals promise to strip City's power to restrict natural gas use
Parties face minefield with jobs plan that protects rural B.C.
Threat of economic turmoil over softwood becomes B.C. election issue
Early bird voters cast ballots at advance polls
Fears of a Green surge, or vote splitting, keep rivals scrambling
Chance encounter on campaign trail blows-up on Clark
BC election: Transit issues key in capital region
Still undecided? Here's a go to guide for how to vote on May 9
Island's political map unlike that of any other B.C. region
Making it easier for more people to vote
Medical premiums and promises
BC Liberals would revoke Vancouver's 'ban' on natural gas if elected
Christy Clark uses softwood to build leadership case
B.C. election advance polls open this weekend. Where and When you can vote in advance polls
Sensible B.C. gives political parties letter grades for positions on marijuana reform
B.C. Green Leader Andrew Weaver calls timing of Liberal car-sharing promise incredibly cynical
B.C. Liberals and NDP battle for indigenous vote
Fringe benefits? Fifteen other BC Parties that want your vote

April 28

Why Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver believes change is in the air for B.C.
BC NDP win would cause uncertainty: TD study
B.C. softwood lumber envoy distances himself from Christy Clark’s threats 
B.C.’s inequality gap widens – and shapes the election campaign
Steelworkers boss fires back at Christy Clark's 'most corporate government in North America' 
BC Greens trying to turn debate buzz into seats
Weaver says he will retire if Greens fail to pick up another seat
B.C.'s three main parties agree more needs to be spent on home care
Affordability issue hits home on election front
Flyer campaign targets NDP candidate's transgender identity
Christy Clark’s Club: Meet the Lobbyists
In Burnaby-Deer Lake, Will China-Taiwan Divide Affect Election? 
B.C.'s lost decade—fact versus rhetoric
Open letter to B.C. Steelworkers

April 27

Christy Clark vows to take softwood lumber fight to Washington
B.C. party leaders make final campaign plans for election's last days
In B.C., 'immediate action' on opioid crisis is open to political interpretation
Westshore urges Ottawa to keep border open to U.S. thermal coal
Christy Clark vs. Donald Trump; The proverbial knife at a gun fight
B.C, Green leader stands out in debate with no decisive moment
BC NDP leader defends temperment after leader's debate
Could online influencers be swaying the results of B.C.'s provincial election?
'The stakes are high': Political shills in full force online during election debate
John Horgan walks fine line between passion, petulance
Green party rises from obscurity to legitimate political force in B.C,
Horgan's all in on changing relationship with First Nations
Political parties make promises on affordable housing
Post debate poll: Horgan wins - but only by a slim margin
The Green monster stalks the NDP, and the Liberals love it
Weaver throws lots of jabs in debate
It's the party that matters, not the candidate
B.C. will remain 'wild west' of campaign finance if Liberals take election: experts
Actually, Christy Clark, \more Money would improve BC Education
Tyee poll: What issue needs to be a higher priority this BC election cycle?
Housing,Jobs, Political Donations spark BC election debate battles

April 26

Clark holds up softwood dispute to deflect from criticism during B.C. debate
No stand out moments in final debate of the B.C.election campaign
Local mayors clash with BC Liberals over transit funding
5 key moments from tonight's B.C. election debate
Softwood deal was close, but Canada gambled on better terms from Trump, former U.S, trade rep says
B.C. Liberals, NDP spar over donation from billionaire developer
Fact check: Did the NDP really spark a decade of decline as the Liberals claim?
Who do our leaders speak for? An alternative way to watch the debate
Strong Weaver showing, better Clark effort tightens race
Leaders battle for votes in televised debate
Fact checking the B.C. leaders TV debate
Christy Clark calls for ban on U.S. thermal coal from B.C. ports
Parties struggle to define transportation platforms
No clear winner, no clear loser as leaders trade blows
B.C.Liberal fails to show at forum for candidates on mental health
B.C. leaders square off in TV Debate
Breaking down the BC Leaders Debate
BC Leaders Debate: Did John Horgan really say that?
BC Leaders Debate\; Are the Greens just a vote for the BC Liberals
Weaver asks Horgan: 'Did you really say the Liberals are going to win the nex telection'?
BC Watchdog publishes Ebook Detailing political donation gravy train
Tyee readers think Horgan Won the Last Debate, despite Reservations about constant interrupting

April 25

Who are the 371 candidates running in the B.C.election?
B.C. New Democrats make polling gains one eve of crucial debate
NDP leader accuses B.C.Liberals of having private health care agenda
Political leaders vow to fight for B.C. forestry workers amid U.S. lumber dispute
B.C. Conservatives a spent force, which could help the B.C. NDP
TV debate marks showtime for campaign, parties look to turn on voters
B.C. Green leader changes tack and gets tough on Horgan
NDP promises to build new hospital, urgent care centre for Burnaby
NDP jumps to double digit lead on Lower mainland surge
U.S. softwood war Trumps B.C. campaign as debate looms
U.S. duties on lumber shake Island industry
You're comprimised,' 'No you are'
Parties debate child care
'Hulk Hogan' hides health hole
Fact check: To whom is BC Paying Interest on its Ballooning Debt?
Not easy being Green? Examining the Party's contradictions
The Housing Crisis: You are invited to a Canadidates' Debate Wednesday
'I'm with Herb' ...Not Her? North Coast Liberal stresses that He is Not Christy Clark
The grisly truth about B.C.s grizzly trophy hunt

April 24

Steelworkers union paying salaries of top NDP staffers
Christy Clark promises to fight U.S.imposed softwood lumber tarrifs
BC Green Party vows to take 'principled' approach to provincial spending
To dream the impossible dream the major ambitions of B.C.'s minor parties
Steelworkers union paying salaries of top NDP during B.C.election
Green Party would run deficits to pay for platform
B.C. Green leader changes tack and gets tough on Horgan leaders line up against new U.S. soft wood lumber duties
Battleground Burnaby a profile in pipeline politics
Time to purge big money from politics
B.C. Liberals and B.C. NDP ramp up insults as election draws closer
Greens election platform says the fentanyl crisis means B.C. must exapnd access to prescription heroin
Can we still trust polls?
BC belongs to Resource companies and Clark's the paid caretaker

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