Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Victoria Viewpoints: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene.

Budget Notes

B. C.'s balanced budget aims to cool province's red-hot real estate market
B. C. budget offers little relief for renters, experts say
B. C. announces funding boost for children in government care
Uncertainty hangs over future of B. C. LNG projects amid supply glut
BC Budget Thaws Nine-Year Freeze on Disability Payments
When do the Needy Get to Enjoy "Bright Spot' BC?
B. C. budget offers help to buyers of new homes
High blown rhetoric for a modest budget
B. C.'s budget does not do enough to help the people who most need it, analyst says
Liberals decline to seriously address affordability crisis
Victoria will tap taxpayers to pay for $20.6 billion in capital infrastructure projects
B. C. budget fails to focus on first-time homebuyers
Fourth consecutive balanced budget sees tweaks on housing taxes, MSP
B. C. kids will no longer be charged MSP premiums, but most adults will pay more: Gov't
Spendthrift but balanced B. C. budget a classic case of give-and-take
New budget promises money to B. C.'s most vulnerable
Can B. C. budget optimism defeat the 'forces of no'?
PST to be 'modernized' says B. C. government (but no HST ... promise!)
B. C. Property buyers to disclose citizenship
MSP premium changes: poor families pay less, middle income earners to pay more
Budget adjusts MSP rates, cuts property transfer tax
$48 billion in, $47.5 billion out
New homes get transfer tax cut
HST review off the table, de Jong says
Past budgets show ideas can fail
Opposition raps 'fantasy fund,' MSP fees
Real Estate, MSP, Disability benefits
Highlights of 2016 Budget (video
Winners and Losers in Tuesday's B. C. budget (video
B. C. government to start tracking foreign home ownership (video
Government announces $217 million over three years for MCFD (video
Four facts from the provincial budget you might not know about (video
MSP changes highlight B. C. budget

Other Notes

Provincial court judges' salary demands are out of step with reality
B. C. class size and composition 'letting kids down,' say teachers
B. C. government's new housing measures not enough: critics
Party buses need new rulers: BC NDP MLA
B. C. has 'most ever' special needs kids: teachers
Unity in B. C.? Not very likely

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