Sunday, October 18, 2015

Endorsements and Opinions, everybody has one or two it seems

As this lengthy run up to election day draws to a close, a campaign which started in the dog days of August and passed through Thanksgiving is almost at an end, and for those that perhaps haven't quite figured out where best lay their vote, the newspapers of the nation are here to help out.

Below a collection of the endorsements and opinion pieces as we ponder our political future in but 24 hours time.


Editorial -- An endorsement of the long campaign
Opinion -- Inside the fight of Stephen Harper's life
Opinion -- This election, pick a reason - any reason - and vote
Opinion -- A pipeline runs through it: The race heats up in Burnaby, B. C.
Opinion -- Anything Could Happen October 19th - Here's Feschuk with the scenarios

National Post

Editorial -- Our Choice for Government
Opinion -- The case for re-electing Stephen Harper
Opinion -- Stephen Harper did many great things for this country, but he hung on to power a little too long
Opinion -- The crucial question of Justin Trudeau
Opinion -- Tom Mulcair was always going to be the man in the middle
Opinion -- Can the Tories hold together if they don't win a majority?
Opinion -- From coast to coast, the anger at Harper's distinctive brand of governance is palpable

Globe and Mail

Editorial -- The Tories deserve another mandate - Stephen Harper doesn't
Opinion -- Despite the rap sheet, Harper isn't the worst PM
Opinion -- Where does the Harper Party go without Harper?
Opinion -- Conservative campaign makes for tired television
Opinion -- Our political discourse has become belligerent, cynical and un-Canadian
Opinion -- Haprerendum tests qualms about Trudeau
Opinion -- The most humourless election since Confederation

Sun Newspaper Chain

Editorial --  No Change Best change
Opinion -- E-Day's Main Event: Big Red takes on Big Blue
Opinion -- Why this socialist will vote for Harper
Opinion -- Harper could win, but I think Trudeau will
Opinion -- An October surprise hits the Trudeau campaign
Opinion -- Heir Apparent

Toronto Star

Editorial -- Liberals and Justin Trudeau are the best election choice
Opinion -- Keep your election bets small
Opinion -- Final week should give Tory, Liberal supporters pause
Opinion -- This election campaign wasn't about the economy
Opinion -- Tories will leave lethal legacy for First Nations
Opinion -- Green Party on the verge of irrelevance
Opinion -- Three memorable election moments - and one fear

Ottawa Citizen

Editorial -- The Case for returning the Conservatives to power
Opinion -- Putting Lipstick on a 1o year old government
Opinion -- Anti-Harper doesn't have to mean anti-Conservative
Opinion -- Scapegoating Stephen Harper

Halifax Chronicle Herald

Editorial -- Health Care a Big Issue with a Tiny focus in election
Opinon -- At last, Harper's iron grip on power is turning to rust
Opinion-- If polls are right, nation will lean left, but Tories will regroup

Montreal Gazette 

Editorial -- Conservatives are the most prudent choice
Opinion -- English-speaking Quebecers and the federal election
Opinion -- Did Harper, Trudeau or Muclair say what you needed to hear?

Hamilton Spectator

Editorial -- The high cost of low-living politics
Opinion -- Harper's image at play in heated Burlington race
Opinion -- Christopherson a hard act to follow in Hamilton Centre

Regina Leader Post

Editorial -- A Parliament reflecting all of us 
Opinion -- Harper labours while Wall learns
Opinion -- Tories' problem? It is all about Stephen Harper

Calgary Herald 

Editorial -- Let's keep Harper's steady hand on the helm
Opinion -- The last-minute marketing of Harper's unpopularity
Opinion -- Stephen Harper is a rare Canadian statesman
Opinion -- Lesson's we've learned on the lengthy campaign trail

Edmonton Journal

Editorial -- The choice, still, is Harper
Opinion -- Aboriginal issues missing from federal campaign
Opinion -- Hope, not fear, should drive Edmonton voters to the polls

Vancouver Sun 

Editorial -- Conservatives best choice to manage the economy
Opinion -- Enough already, it's time for a change
Opinion -- A lot at stake in B. C. on election day
Opinion -- Younger voters could make a difference, but will they?

Vancouver Province 

Editorial -- Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is still the best choice to lead Canada
Opinion -- Will ghosts of scandals past and present be enough to spook voters about Trudeau?
Opinion -- Greens practice a different kind of politics

Victoria Times-Colonist 

Editorial -- A vote not cast is a wasted vote
Opinion -- Where parties stand on climate issues
Opinion -- Election full of roller-coaster moments

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