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Election Roll Call: August Archive -- National

Our items of interest from the Federal election campaign for the month of August.

August 31

August 31 -- Could the party of spending really balance the budget in year one?
August 31 -- It hardly matters if a $2 trillion economy contracts by 0.1 per cent -- except during an election
August 31 -- Harper mocks Trudeau for changing his economic plan 'every couple of weeks'
August 31 -- Mulcair can only benefit from claims he's not a traditional left winger
August 31 -- Group trying to organize strategic voting as "Anything But Conservative" mantra swells
August 31 -- Fear factor now haunts Conservatives
August 31 -- Mulcair unveils $40 million plan to build women's shelters
August 31 -- Federal-Provincial relations get little campaign traction
August 31 -- Harper avoids recession talk on eve of report
August 31 -- NDP squeezed between two clearer plans for tackling recession
August 31 -- Gilles Duceppe talks up past Bloc Quebecois exploits
August 31 -- Trudeau, Mulcair switching policies in tight election
August 31 -- Harper kicks off campaign week by taking aim at Trudeau's economic plan
August 31 -- Stephen Harper avoids recession label on eve of GDP numbers

August 30 

August 29 

August 28 

August 27 

August 26 

August 25 

August 24 

August 23

August 22

August 21

August 21 -- Harper urges voters to pick Conservatives amid global economic stability
August 21 -- Web campaign asks voters to support candidates with best chance of unseating Conservatives
August 21 -- Thomas Mulcair proves a tricky target for attack ads
August 21 -- Campaign supporters as backdrops to humanize party leaders
August 21 -- Indecision strong in Toronto riding with trio of high-profile candidates
August 21 -- Stephen Harper's re-election bid: The power and perils of incumbency
August 21 -- In B. C. Harper promises $15M to protect salmon habitats, estuaries
August 21 -- How Trudeau is winning hearts and minds
August 21 -- Liberals urge RCMP to investigate Novak-Wright messages
August 21 -- Doug Ford would consider running to replace Stephen Harper at the Conservative helm
August 21 -- Doug Ford may want to be prime minister and the internet is freaking out
August 21 -- Atwood column poking fun of Harpers hair disappears, then reappears
August 21 -- Pitching to parents: What the main parties are promising families
August 21 -- Mike Duffy case matters to the Conservatives, like it or not

August 20

August 20 -- Harper proposes tax credits for parents who adopt
/august 20 -- In Quebec, it's less pro-NDP than it is anti-Harper: Hebert
August 20 -- Mulcair touts NDP's child-care plan in Vancouver riding
August 20 -- Stephen Harper says staffers such as Ray Novak enjoy his confidence
August 20 -- Trudeau would spend $190M to expand compassionate care benefits
August 20 -- Ray Novak turns the unfathomable into reality
August 20 -- NDP could double seat count in B. C.: political expert
August 20 -- Harper's former legal advisor 'taken aback' when PM rejected advice on Duffy's residency qualifications
August 20 -- Former budget watchdog says parties should focus more on infrastructure
August 20 -- "It's about racism": Tom Mulcair talks MMIW, Tina Fontaine at Winnipeg rally
August 20 -- NDP's "Orange Wave" in Quebec could become a tsunami as poll puts party's support at 47 per cent
August 20 -- In tight election race, parties can't ignore growing importance of advance voting
August 20 -- Stephen Harper's media strategy only hurting his campaign

August 19 

August 19 -- Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne dives into federal election campaign
August 19 -- How the Tories' 'war on the media' fills party coffers
August 19 -- Wynne breaks ranks with premiers in campaigning hard for Trudeau
August 19 -- Liberal leader Justin Trudeau pledges fexible workplace hours
August 19 -- Who is Ray Novak, chief of staff to the prime minister?
August 19 -- Harper supporter's profane rant brings out all of the memes
August 19 -- Stephen Harper's response to media questions on Mike Duffy affair
August 19 -- Stephen Harper touts Conservative plan to cut 'red tape' for small business
August 19 -- Tom Mulcair defends praise for Margaret Thatcher's 'winds of liberty and liberalism'
August 19 -- Nigel Wright says public believing Duffy repaid expenses not 'bad misrepresentation'
August 19 -- Tom Mulcair promises NDP will invest $250 million in front line police officers across Canada

August 18 

August 18 -- Justin Trudeau puts Liberals in position to emerge from election with more influence
August 18 -- Greens push for supertanker ban on B. C. coast, stronger environmental laws
August 18 -- Wright testimony having effect in Conservative Prairie bedrock
August 18 -- New Democrats ask RCMP if they'll reopen Senate-expenses probe
August 18 -- Puzzling gap in Justin Trudeau's plan: Goar
August 18 -- Relax, the Duffy trial will soon be forgotten as serious election issues arise
August 18 -- Canada's youth tend not to vote, but candidates are trying to convince them anyway
August 18 -- Were your parents chased by Nazis? Vote Tory
August 18 -- Harper says he'll resurrect 'life means life' legislation
August 18 -- Invest in clean technology, create good jobs: Trudeau
August 18 -- Trudeau's anti coalition vow puts him on both sides of electoral reform
August 18 -- Mulcair promises $9 million for disaster preparedness, defers on Kinder Morgan
August 18 -- Liberal candidate apologizes for offensive tweets posted as teenager
August 18 -- NDP, Conservative and Liberals in virtual tie nationally, poll shows
August 18 -- Conservative supporters lash out at reporters' line of questioning at campaign event
August 18 -- 'Lying piece of s --t': Angry Harper supporter confronts reporters for asking about Duffy trial at rally

August 17 

August 17 -- Liberals' answer to Conservatives 'not ready' ad scores with viewers
August 17 -- Justin Trudeau holds rally with Kathleen Wynne in Toronto
August 17 -- Ingredients of a populist rebellion simmer in Canada
August 17 -- Veterans launch "Anyone But Conservatives" campaign during Harper stop
August 17 -- Mulcair pledges to spend $30M promoting Canada to U. S. tourists
August 17 -- Stephen Harper criticized in international newspapers
August 17 -- Trudeau announces tax cut while campaigning in Conservative riding
August 17 -- Under fire over Mike Duffy, Harper clings to Conservative campaign message
August 17 -- Rhinoceros party platform: Move capital to Kapuskasing, nationalize Tim Horton's
August 17 -- Stephen Harper pledges expansion of military reserves
August 17 -- At the Mike Duffy trial, it's hard to tell who is really the accused
August 17 -- Harper promises to strengthen Canadian Armed Forces reserve program
August 17 -- NDP MP, elected in 2011 without any campaigning, now popular in her adopted Quebec riding
August 17 -- Thomas Mulcair is a ruthless Dictator Like Harper, Says Green MP who left the NDP
August 17 -- Trudeau says no 'formal coalition' with NDP if no party wins a majority

August 16 

August 16 -- Stephen Harper says comparing Duffy affair to Liberal sponsorship scandal "absurd'
August 16 -- Justin Trudeau calls on Stephen Harper to give straight answers on Duffy
August 16 -- Former Quebec NDP MP to run for Green Party
August 16 -- Stephen Harper defends chief of staff who received email about secret Mike Duffy payment
August 16 -- Canadians deserve answers': Trudeau grills Harper about Duffy expense scandal in open letter
August 16 -- Economists welcome Harper promise to collect foreign real estate investment data
August 16 -- Why everyone's making a mad dash for the middle - of the country and political spectrum
August 16 -- Stephen Harper makes campaign stop in Amherst
August 16 -- Conservatives angling to win more seats in and around Quebec City
August 16 -- Mulcair, Duceppe criticize Harper for not attending Montreal Pride
August 16 -- Former NDP MP Jose Nunez-Melo to run for Greens in Quebec

August 15 

August 15 -- NDP would lead a minority government if elections held today, Tories slip to third: Leger poll
August 15 -- Harper Conservatives hold out carrot to veterans
August 15 -- B. C's pipeline politics could decide next PM
August 15 -- Tories vow to improve earnings loss benefit for injured, disabled vets
August 15 -- Trudeau says Harper should fire staffers who knew of Duffy payment scheme
August 15 -- Trudeau says Harper should fire staff who knew about Duffy payment
August 15 -- Notley's win unlikely to boost Mulcair's fortunes in most of Alberta
August 15 -- Where is the real debate? We don't want it
August 15 -- Trudeau says if Harper 'had any respect left' he should fire senior staffers involved in Duffy scandal
August 15 -- Justin Trudeau urges Stephen Harper to fire staffers aware of Mike Duffy payment
August 15 -- Trudeau: Harper should fire staffers who knew of Duffy payment scheme

August 14 

August 14 -- Conservatives to release budget numbers just ahead of election
August 14 -- Why this is the most important campaign the NDP has ever fought
August 14 -- Ontario behind tightening 3-way national race
August 14 -- Harper's fight for Alberta reveals a worried Conservative Party
August 14 -- Wall disagrees with Harper on equalization
August 14 -- With most voters looking ready for change, Mulcair laughing to the ballot box
August 14 -- The Closing of the Canadian Mind
August 14 -- Covering the 'Great Wall of Harper campaign'
August 14 -- Five Candidates aiming for a political comeback
August 14 -- Potential Liberal star candidate donated to Conservatives in 2011
August 14 -- Ex-Saskatchewan finance Minister Andrew Thomson runs for NDP in Eglinton-Lawrence
August 14 -- NDP promises to protect budget watchdog from interference
August 14 -- Green Leader wants end to damaging policies for injured veterans
August 14 -- Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet shall keep postal workers from protesting Stephen Harper
August 14 -- Canadians split on which leader can be trusted to fix the Senate: poll

August 13

August 13 -- Mulcair seen as skilled as harper on the economy, poll shows
August 13 -- Looking at the Liberals' middle-class plan
August 13 -- Trudeau pledges to invest in First Nations education and social programs
August 13 -- Postal union presidents says workers will follow Harper around the country
August 13 -- Most Canadians want change, poll shows - even if it means a minority government
August 13 -- Thomas Mulcair 'presents himself as a good manager,' professor says
August 13 -- Two new ideas from Elizabeth May
August 13 -- Montreal Mayor wants federal leaders to weigh in on home mail delivery
August 13 -- The nerd who came from nowhere: Stephen Harper knows you don't need to like a politician to elect him
August 13 -- Trudeau pledges millions for First Nations education during Saskatoon stop
August 13 -- Key Conservative campaign players in the loop on Duffy plan in 2013
August 13 -- With election race a stalemate, Conservatives looking for breakout issue

August 12

August 12 -- Tom Mulcair reiterates economic promises as dollar, oil remain weak
August 12 -- Harper promises closer look at foreign investment in Canadian homes, condos
August 12 -- Canada's economy gets its Care Bear moment
August 12 -- Conservatives stand to suffer most from lack of incumbents
August 12 -- Harper has failed to deliver in the Quebec City region, time for change: Mulcair
August 12 -- Stephen Harper takes aim at B. C. NDP to steal votes away from Mulcair
August 12 -- Voters care more about the economy in longer elections, research suggests
August 12 -- NDP wastes little time connecting return of Duffy trial to campaign trail
August 12 -- Why candidates write their memoirs before an election
August 12 -- Liberal fortunes improve following 1st leaders' debate
August 12 -- Agreement announced for French-language election debate
August 12 -- Trudeau says Liberals determined to grow economy 'from the heart outwards'

August 11

August 11 -- Tom Mulcair basks as Quebec unions move support to NDP from Bloc
August 11 -- Election debates fiasco shows commissioner needed, organizer says
August 11 -- Greens extend conditional helping hand for potential minority government
August 11 -- Ontario gov't hits back after Harper calls pension plan a tax
August 11 -- Leaders' debate, attack ads and a week of campaigning have little effect on voters, Ipsos poll shows
August 11 -- Conservatives' war on pot seems to put them out of step with Canadian public
August 11 -- Harper, Wynne lock horns again over Ontario pension plan
August 11 -- Five things to know before Nigel Wright testifies at Mike Duffy trial
August 11 -- Trudeau campaigns on Senate clean-up as PM talks up tough-on-drugs policy
August 11 -- B. C. independent candidate fights robot, rides goose in campaign ad
August 11 -- Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau confirm participation in Muk Debates, 2nd French debate
August 11 -- National three-way tie hides worry for NDP in Ontario, poll suggests

August 10

August 10 -- How the parties are running their campaigns
August 10 -- Conservatives' proposed travel ban nothing but 'posturing' Trudeau says
August 10 -- NDP event disrupted by Energy East pipeline protestors, again
August 10 -- Is Trudeau really "just not ready'?  Maybe
August 10 -- Mulcair says it's possible to expand oilsands and reduce emissions
August 10 -- NDP candidates face continued scrutiny over oilsands comments
August 10 -- Nigel Wright's testimony represents a lose-lose scenario for Harper
August 10 -- Trudeau looks to regain Liberal support in Quebec
August 10 -- NDP candidate resigns after Tories share Israel Facebook comments
August 10 -- Communist parties battle for few Marxist votes: No will to unite Canada's far left
August 10 -- Tories promise to bring 10,000 additional refugees from Syria and Iraq to Canada if elected
August 10 -- Stephen Harper slams Liberal, NDP ISIL strategy as "dropping aid on dead people"

August 9

August 9 -- Elizabeth May is a talented distraction
August 9 -- A Conservative minority government? Not possible
August 9 -- Harper pandering with plan to make it illegal to travel to terror-stricken zones
August 9 -- NDP in favour of sustainable oil sands development, Mulcair says
August 9 -- Harper promises further Conservative crackdown on "terror tourism"
August 9 -- Stephen Harper vows to make it illegal for Canadians to travel to terrorist hot spots
August 9 -- Harper vows to ban travel to terror havens if re-elected

August 8 

August 8 -- Like father, like son: Kenney says Justin Trudeau's arrogant anti-Alberta attitude' is as bad as Pierre Trudeau's
August 8 -- Wynne implies transcontinental railway wouldn't have been built if Harper was PM in 19th century
August 8 -- Suggestions of leaving Alberta's oilsands "in the ground" earns Toronto area NDP candidate criticism
August 8 -- Stephen Harper's toughest battle yet
August 8 -- Mulcair's autobiography displays a self-righteous, even simple-minded politician
August 8 -- Mulcair's wage promise minimally truthful
August 8 -- Lost opportunity for Muclair in debate
August 8 -- Wynne goes after Harper at Bill Blair campaign launch
August 8 -- Forget Wynne and Motley battling Harper, and pay attention to Brad Wall 

August 7

August 7 -- What next for the leaders after their first debate?
August 7 -- First debate gives little guidance for uncommitted voters
August 7 -- Debate moderator reveals moments the cameras didn't catch
August 7 -- 'Democracy is too important to be left to the politicians': Elizabeth May has small party but a big voice
August 7 -- Mulcair, Trudeau to start campaign slow as Harper tours in Tory plane
August 7 -- Energy could be major federal election issue
August 7 -- Future debate no-shows most in need of a second chance
August 7 -- Justin Trudeau won't commit to balanced budget right away, blames Stephen Harper
August 7 -- Thomas Mulcair's Clarity Problem
August 7 -- Mulcair's change from Angry Tom to Smiling Tom left opening for Trudeau in debate
August 7 -- Trudeau comes out swinging, but no clear debate winner
August 7 -- 'Mr. Harper finally admitted it, we are in a recession': Mulcair thrilled with first debate, lays out conditions for future participation
August 7 -- Stephen Harper and Elizabeth May prove adept at the TV reality of debates
August 7 -- Justin Trudeau ekes out win in leaders' debate with no knockout punches, little drama
August 7 -- Bikers wearing 'Hells Angels' jackets force Harper's team to beef up security
August 7 -- How strategic voting might play out in October
August 7 -- Not one debate, but four - which did you watch?

August 6 

August 6 -- Stephen Harper still standing after debate attacks from three adversaries
August 6 -- Justin Trudeau, the unlikely champion of Alberta's oilsands
August 6 -- Federal leaders' debate: Harper forced to defend record on economy, security
August 6 -- Notley largely staying on Federal election sidelines
August 6 -- NDP plays a new position in Quebec field: defence
August 6 -- Notley prefers to stay out of federal line of fire
August 6 -- Justin Trudeau goes boxing, works on jabs, knockout punches - and dropping election debate cliches 
August 6 -- Surveying the nation: A snapshot of what Canada thinks
August 6 -- As Harper and Wynne battle it out over Ontario pension plan, poll shows majority of Torontonians support it

August 5

August 5 -- What Mulcair's Pre-election Autobiography Doesn't Say
August 5 -- Thursday's pivotal leaders' debate more about personality than policy
August 5 -- Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall takes high road this federal election
August 5 -- Harper ignores cities at Canada's peril
August 5 -- Will voters reward principled independent MPs?
August 5 -- Planes, buses and rallies: campaign costs will add up
August 5 -- Why Stephen Harper is battling it out with Wynne and Notley
August 5 -- Federal party leaders ready to duke it out in first debate
August 5 -- Pressure on Trudeau as leaders tangle in first debate
August 5 -- Trudeau will exceed expectations 'if he comes on stage with his pants on': Harper spokesperson on debate
August 5 -- How Canada's 42nd federal election all adds up
August 5 -- Debates are about how you say it, says former NDP strategist
August 5 -- How the leaders hope to win this election

August 4

August 4 -- An inside look at leaders' debate, where one moment can turn the tide of an entire election
August 4 -- Win or lose, Stephen Harper won't run in another federal election, new book says
August 4 -- Stephen Harper adds premiers to his list of electoral opponents
August 4 -- War of words pits Stephen Harper against Kathleen Wynne
August 4 -- Stephen Harper calls Alberta NDP a 'disaster' rejected by Albertans
August 4 -- Harper takes on Ontario, Alberta premiers in first week of election campaign
August 4 -- Muclair holding mock debates as leaders prepare for first confrontation
August 4 -- Harper promises to make $1.5 B reno tax credit permanent, depending on economy
August 4 -- Federal Liberal members in eastern Quebec quit party to join NDP
August 4 -- Trudeau slams Conservative, NDP economic policies, vows to hike taxes on wealthy

August 3

August 3 -- Sixty percent of Canadians' votes up for grabs, poll suggests
August 3 -- Election campaign won't interfere with TPP negotiations, Harper says
August 3 -- NDP pushes back after Harper attacks Quebec caucus on campaign trail
August 3 -- Ontario Premier slams Harper's "unnecessary" early election call, pledges to campaign for Trudeau
August 3 -- Tight race emerging in Federal election campaign: Nanos Research poll
August 3 -- Tories will keep working on Trans-Pacific trade talks through campaign, Harper says
August 3 -- NDP under Thomas Mulcair opens up large lead in first poll after federal election called
August 3 -- Harper rolls out first campaign promise: $60M a year for apprenticeships

August 2

August 2 -- Canada's electoral geography: Where parties are likely to gain seats
August 2 -- All three main parties have shot at forming government as Harper kicks off election campaign
August 2 -- Stephen Harper gunning for history books in bid for historic fourth win
August 2 -- Justin Trudeau seeks to prove detractors wrong
August 2 -- How the NDP hopes to convince Canadians it's their time
August 2 -- Stephen Harper confirms start of 11 week federal campaign
August 2 -- Federal election call (video)
August 2 -- Fairness, middle class take centre stage at Trudeau's campaign launch
August 2 -- The making of a Prime Minister
August 2 -- Stephen Harper asks governor general to dissolve parliament, kicking off long election campaign
August 2 -- How to win an election: From debate strategies to attack ads, five things each party should focus on
August 2 -- Trudeau says he has better economic plan than NDP
August 2 -- The 2015 federal election campaign is underway. What changes?
August 2 -- Mulcair launches campaign by attacking Harper's record on economy
August 2 -- Mulcair says he's the only credible alternative to Harper
August 2 -- Why Mulcair wants to kill the Liberals
August 2 -- Harper calls Oct 19 election as Canada's economy struggle
August 2 -- PM defends his decision to kick off one of the longest election campaigns in Canada's history
August 2 -- Stephen Harper poised to reap benefits of election las changes
August 2 -- Turnout, ridings and how much it will cost: Everything you need to know about the 2015 election, by the numbers

Leaders opening comments related to the election call

Stephen Harper
Thomas Muclair
Justin Trudeau
Elizabeth May

The Preamble to the Call:

Some of the early indicators that the vote would be called on August 2nd.

August 1 -- Tories launch anti-Mulcair attack ads on eve of federal election call
August 1 -- This election is about Stephen Harper - whether he should stay or go as Prime Minister
July 28 -- Longer federal election campaign would cost taxpayers millions more

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