Sunday, August 2, 2015

Election Roll Call 2015

Candidates across the nation take to the political hustings, seeking
our votes to claim a seat in the newly expanded House of Commons
With the writ dropped on August 2nd, Canadians will head to the voting booth on October 19th, either to stay the course with the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper, or change directions with either the New Democratic Party and Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party.

As well, with the 2015 campaign now underway, the Green Party of Canada is also seeking to expand its reach across the nation.

An eleven week campaign is something of a rarity for Canadians who are used to the more compact 37 to 40 days of recent campaigns, so the marathon that this electoral effort will provide should be a fascinating thing to watch.

Though we imagine, that Canadians, as sensible as we are, will most likely disregard much of the politicking for the majority of the last gasps of Summer, perhaps paying a bit more attention to events, barring some major developments, until after the Labour Day weekend.

Still, the politicians will be on the road, on your radio, on your television screens, in your newspapers and jamming your social media feeds, so news will be made and we'll offers some glimpses of the countdown to voting day below.

There will be more MP's elected once the ballots are counted on October 19th as the House of Commons expands to 338 seats.

Making the pure majority division point at 170 seats, any combination less, will put in place the prospect of a minority government and nay number of potential combinations to form a government.

At the dissolution of Parliament, the Conservatives held 159 seats, the NDP 95, Liberals 36, with the Bloc and Green holding 2 seats each, 10 others are held by Independents or lesser known parties, while 4 were vacant at the time of the vote.

The campaign to gain the vote of the public in riding's across the nation one of the most is expected to be one of the most expensive in Canadian history.

Updates on the electoral process can be found through the Elections Canada website

Our archive page will feature monthly listings, featuring some of the items of note that we come across as things move forward, as well, over the next eleven weeks, we'll offer up some original content as well to go with our coverage.

To launch the overview of campaign 2015 a look at the opening remarks from the four party leaders as they prepare to take to the campaign trail.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper

New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May

Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe

Some of the pages dedicated to the 2015 election from the Canadian Media Observers, as we come across more options, we'll add to the archive below:

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