Thursday, April 13, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Thursday, April 13, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

B.C. NDP promise new tax on foreign speculators
Lost to the crisis
Notley warns her government workers away from campaigning for BC NDP
B.C. NDP platform: Tax hikes on rich and housing-speculator levy
World markets 'will not stop' LNG site plans: BC Liberal's Christy Clark
The NDP's platform is populist and progressive - but are the projections precise?
Rachel Notley warns caucus members not to campaign for B.C. NDP
Black top politics, tolls and their role in B.C. elections
Controversial Chinese-language attack ads renew focus on targeted political campaigning
NDP promises to introduce housing speculation tax and eliminate interest on student loans
U.S. government to release decision on Canadian softwood lumber duties on April 25
Vancouver mom upset over kindergarten registration process
Can the NDP deliver on $10-a-day child care?
Huge opportunities for B.C. with legalization, marijuana producer says
Facing the 'wall of hate': A profile of Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver
Horgan unveils NDP's platform of more jobs, homes
What will Canadian pot legalization mean for BC's pot retailers
B.C. political leaders answer questions on marijuana reform
LNG dream not dead, says campaigning Clark on north coast
Smarting Liberals try to discredit NDP spending plans
Fact Check: NDP's balanced budget, fentanyl funds
Liberal volunteer helps steady NDP supporter after confrontation
'Ive been to the mountaintop!: BC Green candidate awkwardly re-enacts famous MLK speech
Victoria entrepreneur first past the post with election rendering of cat-scratch Christy Clark likeness
B.C. Greens try to build on success by campaigning against status quo
Horgan's balancing act gives the NDP a chance
NDP promises to freeze fares on major ferry routes
Leaders showering voters with money
BC Ferries unveils new Coast Salish hull wrap
One year later: B.C.'s first public health emergency continues
B.C. NDP promises interest-free student loans if elected
Alberta premier warns her government workers away from campaigning for B.C. NDP
B.C. NDP pledges to balance budget
Greens try to build on success in B.C.
Critics say B.C. NDP failed vulnerable tenants in booming Metrotown area of Burnaby
Taxpayers bewared of this election's 'green ghosts'
NDP Platform vows $3.5 Billion in New Investments, Like Cheap Childcare, Housing
Running on 'Debt Free BC' Slogan, Clark's Liberals Added $10.85 Billion to Debt in Four Years
Why this election should be about corruption
Government Has Missed Green Job Opportunity, Says Labour leader

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