Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: April 25, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

Softwood lumber tariffs will hit small firms hard: B.C. envoy
Methane pollution from B.C.'s oil, gas industry
Who are the 371 candidates running in the B.C.election?
B.C. New Democrats make polling gains one eve of crucial debate
Family owned mills prepare for hefty softwood lumber bills
NDP leader accuses B.C.Liberals of having private health care agenda
B.C.physiotherapists say then can help alleviate the opioid crisis
U.S.says softwood lumber imports don't play by rules, but Canada replies: See you in court
Political leaders vow to fight for B.C. forestry workers amid U.S. lumber dispute
B.C. Conservatives a spent force, which could help the B.C. NDP
TV debate marks showtime for campaign, parties look to turn on voters
B.C. Green leader changes tack and gets tough on Horgan
NDP promises to build new hospital, urgent care centre for Burnaby
NDP jumps to double digit lead on Lower mainland surge
U.S. softwood war Trumps B.C. campaign as debate looms
U.S. duties on lumber shake Island industry
Parties promise to help tech industry grow across province
You're comprimised,' 'No you are'
Sewage money could be wasted
Clark talking tough on timber in Maple Ridge mill
Parties debate child care
'Hulk Hogan' hides health hole
Fact check: To whom is BC Paying Interest on its Ballooning Debt?
Not easy being Green? Examining the Party's contradictions
The Housing Crisis: You are invited to a Canadidates' Debate Wednesday
'I'm with Herb' ...Not Her? North Coast Liberal stresses that He is Not Christy Clark
The grisly truth about B.C.s grizzly trophy hunt

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