Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Our archive of items from our Ottawa Observations feature:

Ottawa, Quebec City defend Bombardier executive pay hikes
Canada in talks with South Africa over International Criminal Court dispute
RCMP, CSIS investigate reports of Ottawa cellphone surveillance
Maritimers, Quebeckers denounce CBC series as historically inaccurate
A trade deficit doesn't mean you're losing the game
Canada needs to do more in the fight against counterfeit goods
Canada's return to trade deficit gives BoC breathing room
Trudeau expected to visit Juno Beach after Vimy Ridge commemoration
Conservative bill on training judges in sex-assault law spurs political clash
Senator Don Meredith faces ethics hearing over sexual relationship with teen
RCMP, CSIS launch investigations into phone spying on Parliament Hill after CBC story
Discovery recalls Justin Trudeau's 1st visit to High Arctic as a 3-year-old
Don Meredith faces ethics hearing as Senate blocks media access
Liberals say to mandatory and online voting
Liberals lose support, Conservatives gain in status quo byelections
Fed up with waiting, Quebec's Mounties attempt to form own union
Junos head apologizes for 'off-script remarks' about women by Russell Peters
Senators oppose 'clunky, pedestrian' gender-neutral changes to O Canada
Aga Khan reimbursed for cost of staffer stay on Bahama island during Trudeau trip
Conservatives accuse Harjit Sajjan of lying about allies reaction to CF-18 withdrawal
Bombardier reminds us how easy governments make it to forget taxpayer investments
Kevin O'Leary is running for a party of one
Sen. Don Meredith appears at closed-door ethics committee meeting
In byelection results, Trudeau should not wear loss in support alone
Bombardier should cancel outrageous executive raises
Trudeau can fund transit simply by keeping his promises
Bombardier and the perils of privatization
U.S. border crossing numbers don't tell full story
Sorry Justinn Trudeau, but radical Islam is a problem
Iraqis wanted our jets to keep fighting ISIS, docs reveal
RCMP officer posed as book agent for five years to lure Amanda Lindhout's alleged kidnapper out of Somalia
Authentic and unassuming Andrew Scheer is a Conservative for all seasons
Patrick Brown's quiet support for carbon tax causing rift between Ontario and federal Tories
Trudeau's Senate representative slams 'obstructionist' Conservative delay tactics in new report
Behind closed doors, Senate committee confronts Don Meredith over his sexual relationship with teen
Federal byelections see Liberals get a scare but hold on to Ontario ridings
Liberals defend reimbursing Aga Khan for staffer who can on 'illegal' Trudeau vacation
Apology to gay, lesbian Canadians kicked out of public service, military coming by 2019
Don Meredith appears before ethics committee to discuss past relationship with teen
Refugees face enormous barriers in Canada, particularly women
Marine protected areas are just one piece of a complex puzzle
Why Canadians should spend more money - not less - on elections

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