Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Thursday, April 6, 2017

Our archive of items from our Ottawa Observations feature:

House committee urges Magnitsky-style law to sanction rights abusers
Quebec joins mounting complaints about CBC's Canada: The Story of Us
Trump's NAFTA plans are more than a tweak, Mulroney says
Public Services Minister Judy Foote taking leave from cabinet for family reasons
Senator Beyak says 'silent majority' supports her on residential schools
Suzanne Legault to step down as Information Commissioner in June
Finally, Rwanda gets the apology it is owed
Allegations against military's No. 2 spelled out after months of rumours
Mandatory education on sexual assault law a hot topic at school for new judges
Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault declines to reapply for her job
Conservative senators defend Lynn Beyak, as media called 'parasites'
Parks Canada orders tests on Rideau Canal after contaminants found
Judy Foote taking leave of absence, cites personal and family reasons
Liberal minister Bains calls ex-minister Moore to give credit on interprovincial trade deal
Brian Mulroney speaks to Liberal cabinet on NAFTA
Trudeau urges international community to get to bottom of Syrian chemical attack
Bill Morneau heads to London to sing Canada's praises post Brexit
Ottawa wants meeting with provincial, city officials to discuss Toronto's soaring real estate prices
Lynn Beyak calls removal from Senate committee 'a threat to freedom of speech'
Surprise! Donald Trump is a fairly conventional president
Canada spent too long on the wrong side of apartheid
Senator Don Meredith, racism, and lipstick on a pig
The 'inverted justice' of Canada's family courts and a look at how things got this way
NAFTA makeover will succeed after 'serious and demanding' negotiations, Mulroney says
Senate to spend $225K on medals of Canada's 150th anniversary after feds cancel own medial program
How 'Mad Max' Bernier went from comic relief to Tory front-runner
What it Canada and Mexico said no to renegotiating NAFTA?
Why a divided Conservative party cannot stand

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