Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Thursday, April 20, 2017

Trump blasts Canada's dairy, energy and lumber sectors, vowing to move quickly on NAFTA
Alberta promises to offer universal access to the abortion pill
Chrystia Freeland renews call for Russia to withdraw support for Syria
Newfoundland hunger striker speaks with federal fisheries minister
Report urges Liberals to make prevention central in anti-poverty plan
Opposition wants price tag for federal government's marijuana tracking system
Former veterans watchdog launches bid for NDP leadership
Dairy protected 'for good reason,' Trudeau says; Trump calls Canada's actions a 'disgrace'
Federal government seeks to push back methane reduction regulations by up to 3 years
Senator Daniel Lang subject of Senate probe over workplace harassment allegations
After dairy, Trump takes swipe at Canada over lumber and energy
Military chief pledges pension details to be sorted before wounded soldiers released
Federal government to test 'name-blind' hiring process
Environmental group sues Catherine McKenaa for failing to report on efforts to save caribou habitat
Barbershop banknote: Did Sir John A. Macdonald get a $10 haircut
Trump's solution to 'unfair' American dairy woes: blame Canada
Canadians approve of Liberals' marijuana legalization, but with some reservations, poll suggests
Supreme Court of Canada to review 1969 Churchill Falls energy deal
Donald Trump says what Canada has 'done to our dairy farmers is a disgrace'
U.S. border patrol arrests two Canadians in human smuggling investigation
Guaranteed income won't help women
'Hey, man am I driving okay?'; Trucking industry worrying about how to deal with high drivers
Canada's a global leader on clean air
The real mistake of the judge facing a hearing after speaking against a local land claim
Radical U.S. environmentalist calls Trudeau 'stunning hypocrite,' targets history museum's links to oil
'Sausage-machine TV': Commons committee wants CBC to answer for controversial history series
After 'scheming' for five years, former veteran's ombudsman Pat Stogran haunches NDP leadership bid
Trump ramps up attacks on Canadian trade practices: 'We can't let Canada or anybody else take advantage'
Canada missed an opportunity to stand up to Trump (and make our groceries cheaper)
Trudeau already got an earful about Canada's dairy regulations from U.S. president - but it wasn't Trump
Canada condemns Paris terrorist attack that killed a policeman
Dairy industries in Canada and the U.S.: By the numbers
Marijuana will be legal, but for many activists the fight isn't over
Donald Trump again attacks Canada's dairy industry, calls NAFTA a 'trading disaster'
Quebec ministers creating 'false' arguments about marijuana bill: Jane Philpott
Lawsuit launched against Catherine McKenna over woodland caribou protection
Canadians cool with Trudeau's pot law but don't think it will do what he hopes it will do
Time for an outsider to end "politics incorporated,' Says NDP Leadership hopeful Pat Stogran

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