Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Saturday/Sunday, April 1 and 2 2017

Our archive of items from our Ottawa Observations feature:

Cross-border auto maker integration touted prior to NAFTA talks
Bombardier delays most executive pay hikes amid rise in public anger
Illegal border crossings at forefront of Tory leadership debate
Canada firms see opportunity in Trump's border wall pledge
To stop the Tory leadership front-runners, the others will have to get mean
In the Trump era, Canada might need NAFTA's Chapter 11
Canada's peacekeeping conundrum: Will we ever make a choice? 
Fort William First Nation accepts non-Indigenous man as full member
South Africa's postapartheid journey offers 'important insight' for Canada: Justice Minister
Justin Trudeau takes aim at Matthew Perry on April Fool's Day
After Montreal protest, Bombardier changes compensation for executives
Opposition filibuster over changes to House of Commons rules to resume Monday, opposition MPs say
Second ethics investigation could be nixed if Don Meredih booted from Senate
Military ombudsman accuses National Defence  of 'insidious' attacks, demands independence
5 things to consider as Conservative leadership camps release membership totals
How the Safe Third Country Agreement is changing lives on both sides of the border
Bill Blair and the politics of being joint chief
The Trudeau government should not leave important positions vacant
The shadow of Vimy Ridge
O'Leary wants to drag political discourse into the Dragon's Den
Governing is not for amateurs
The Tory leadership race wears on - yet the work has barely begun
Trudeau's corporate welfare hurts middle class
Mad Max Bernier, back from the Wasteland
Without Trump, Trudeau's budget would have been even worse
Cadet crisis needed military intervention
Jagmeet Singh, gathering campaign team, appears poised to enter NDP leadership race
NDP gave maps, advice and other help to a third-party anti-Liberal group in Ottawa by-election
It's time to rethink how we choose party leaders
Think twice about seniors' price index: docs urge Trudeau government
Protestors gather outside Bombardier HQ over CEO pay scandal
Is it time for a Conservative Party split?
'Corporate welfare' under Harper government 'not in line with my values': Bernier
As legal pot looms, 'hopefully you guys will learn from our mistakes': Colorado governor
Bombardier exec issues open letter defending pay structure after public uproar
Justin Trudeau would win another federal election tomorrow: Ipsos poll

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