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BC Election Digest: May 1-7, 2017

The archive of notes from the campaign trail for May 1-7, 2017

May 6 and 7

As B.C. election looms, party leaders target key ridings
Clark stands by trade threats to U.S. on eve of B.C. election
B.C. party leaders mostly silent on marijuana opportunities
B.C. Liberals accused of placing misleading ads in Chinese-language newspapers
Experts assess B.C. Green Party's plans for 'green economy'
No B.C. party proposals will have an immediate impact on the housing market: experts
Advance polls seen high turnout
'It didn't used to be that way': Why voter turnout is so low in B.C. - and may be worse this week.
Minority Report: what happens if no B.C. party forms a majority election night?
A look back at the birth of the B. C. Green Party
At least a quarter of candidates don't live in their ridings
B.C. leaders channel Trump on the hustings
NDP cabinet contenders full of experience - some new faces
No apologies: Christy Clark stays true to form in final week of campaign
Why the B. C. Liberals are sometimes liberal and sometimes not
Clark criss-crosses Metro Vancouver suburbs in campaign blitz
B..C Liberals, NDP and Greens agree mining is important
NDP leader John Horgan campaigns on Granville Island
Gang crime still plagues B.C. but isn't front and centre for election
Jobs, affordability remain big issues as BC election campaign nears end
Good managers of economy, Liberals deserve to be re-elected
After bumpy B.C. election campaign, voters get final say
Three people, three routes to the top
Saanich North reminds us to cast our ballots
B.C. advanced voter turnout soars by almost 70 per cent over last election
Party leaders make last-ditch efforts to secure votes
Vote splitting becomes B.C. election issue
What you need to know about the BC NDP platform
What you need to know about the BC Liberal platform
What you need to know about the BC Green platform
Why Weaver sends such friendly signals about the BC Liberals
It's Clark's Turn to Lose Job, Says Wrongfully Fired health researcher
Who's getting Site C contracts? And How much have they given the BC Liberals?
Where is Homelessness on the Ballot?
British Columbians Care about health care, so what are parties promising?
Making your mark for a better B.C.
UBC election stock market predicts B.C. Liberals, NDP tied at 40 seats each, with Green winning six

May 5

Globe editorial: In B.C., hold your nose and vote Liberal
BC Liberals' promise of home-sale protection fixes left in limbo
Everything you need to know about the BC election platforms
After next week's election, B.C.'s approach to development will be felt across the country
BC Greens eye gains on Vancouver Island, opening door to Liberals
Say what you will about Christy Clark, she's still a brilliant campaigner
Debt could add $8 billion to Massey bridge cost, says NDP
Getting to know you: The B.C. election campaign gets personal
B.C. Liberals accused of secretly imposing 'hidden booze tax'
B.C. Liberals court Indigenous vote with promise of economic opportunity
Financing costs for Massey Tunnel replacement total $8 billion on $2.5 billion project
Christy Clark says Trudeau seriously considering her proposed ban or tax on thermal coal
Green leader crashes NDP leader's rally on Vancouver Island
Expect Premier Hard Hat to triumph Tuesday with reduced majority
Election ballots misprinted with mark for Liberal in Maple Ridge
B. C. Coastal logging contractors challenge political parties on promise to curb log exports
Christy Clark enters fray in hotly contested Cowichan Valley riding
Like U.S., B.C. has two solitudes
Parties look to change B.C.'s Ferry system
Trudeau letter boosts BC Liberals as NDP tries to snatch Green Votes
How B.C.'s parties plan to dole out cash to seniors, the fastest-growing population
Christy Clark defends TD Bank's eligibility for tax rebate
Will the B.C. Green party play kingmaker on election day?
How Paul Doroshenko went from boosting BC Liberals to suing them
Traffic congestion: A Key voters issue this election
Don't expect end to fundraising Free-For-All Under Clark, Says critic
Christy Clark Isn't being Honest about the Housing Crisis
Lip service won't protect BC Land or water from catastrophic spills
Stop the presses - billionaire newspaper owner's editorial board endorses Christy Clark
Will money and arrogance cost Christy Clark the BC election?

May 4 

BC NDP Leader Horgan unclear on some issues, unspecific on funding
Christy Clark at odds with Ottawa on approach to lumber dispute
Opioid crisis being overlooked in B.C. election as death toll spikes
Did Trump rescue Clark's campaign?
B.C. NDP candidate ordered to pay $75K in defamation suit
B.C. election could determine if ranchers get to keep home or lose it to highway
B.C. Green party tax plan to create affordable housing is 'overkill,' say experts
Horgan speaks out on fentanyl crisis, says more must be done
Christy Clark heads to Vancouver Island in final days of campaign
Voters 'underwhelmed' by lack of political options, poll shows
NDP candidate ordered to pay $75,000 in defamation case
B.C.'s ethnic Chinese population far more inclined to vote Liberal
Campaign stops for B.C. party leaders show where they think they can win
B.C. logging truck drivers challenge political parties on promise to curb log exports
Another high seas-shakedown from B.C.'s Christy Clark
Hold on to your wallets! Horgan and Clark dance the taxation two-step
Here's what's coming in B.C. Politics no matter what
Days before the B.C. election, BC Liberals and NDP are locked in a tight race: Poll
B.C. advance voter turnout on pace to hit highest mark in 20 years
Christy Clark accepts her haters
The BC Greens have forced the Liberals and NDP to notice them: experts
Christy Clark is targeting Donald Trump. What has he said about B.C.?
Why Saanich North may be the most interesting race in the B.C. election
NDP says more needs to be done on opioids in B.C.
B.C. NDP vows to fight Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion, but won't say how
B.C. Liberals, NDP battle over future taxes
Where the Parties Stand on Six Hot Issues
Why Christy Clark Attacks on NDP and Steelworkers Are 'Fake News'
Victoria giving Northwest a Raw Deal, Say Local Candidates
Why Many First Nations Want a New Premier
UBC election stock market predicts B.C. Liberals, NDP tied at 40 seats each, with Greens winning six

May 3

Christy Clark to target thermal coal even if softwood dispute is resolved
B.C. parties's slates underscore persisting gender challenges in politics
B.C. Liberals have not committed to UN declaration on Indigenous rights
Polls give conflicting results on which party is ahead in B.C. election
B.C. Premier can't impose thermal coal tax, says Rachel Notley
'I want to have a say': Indigenous voters push for bigger presence in B.C. election
The final week of the B.C. campaign
Provincial sheriff shortage an election issue
Green Leader Andrew Weaver breaks free from stigma of one issue party
Weaver won't share who he'd rather work with between Clark and Horgan
B.C. Liberals under fire for little-known program that gives tax breaks to wealthy foreign companies
Delta Liberal candidate admits to mistakenly signing nomination papers
Liberals want big University of California model for UBC medical school
NDP and Liberals respond to taxing questions
Don't vote Green if you want rid of Clark, NDP pleads
B.C. Liberal candidate's Salt Spring pool plan stirs First Nations ire
Swimming pool and politics don't mix
B.C. Liberals have a bumper crop of donations
U.S. lumber retaliation 'irresponsible,' NDP leader John Horgan says
B.C. Liberals have now returned nearly $250,000 in Illegal donations
Focus on Stikine, Where One of Three Voters are Indigenous
Christy Clark's Club: Kings and Queens of the Crowns
Christy Clark puts wine on the election agenda in BC's Lake Country
Andrew Weaver says 'neither Liberals nor NDP can be trusted with majority government'
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley denounces Clark's coal tax promise

May 2

Clark's proposed tax on thermal coal would hurt Alberta, U.S.
Education comes into the B.C. campaign after 16 years of labour and legal battles
B.C. Liberals take back claim woman was NDP plant in #IamLinda debacle
No apology from Clark as BC Liberals throw in the #IamLinda towel
B.C. Liberals threaten thermal coal levy in retaliation for U.S. softwood dispute
How Donald Trump became a key figure in the B.C. provincial election campaign
Ride hailing, carbon tax are the issues that divide generations
NDP plan to build 114,000 homes in 10 years  'incredibly unrealistic' say critics
NDP tries to 'one-up' Greens on environmental policy
Transgender candidates hope to break through in B.C. vote
Christy Clark takes firm stand on U.S. thermal coal
NDP unleash negative health firings ad
Helping hands gave John Horgan a drive to give back
Christy Clark wants U.S. coal hit with carbon tax after softwood levy
Columbia River- Revelstoke NDP candidate in tough against B.C. Liberals
Horgan is battling the Liberals, and history, in bellweather Kamloops
B.C. Liberals attack two heavy hitters
Treat election candidates like job applicants
Christy Clark vows heavy levy on U.S., Alberta, Saskatchewan coal
Who wants to raise your taxes?
In B.C., a case of Lucky Lager cost $34.00 in 2015. This year it's $39.09: NDP study
Christy Clark wishes she gave Linda more of her time, even if she won't get her vote
Christy Clark warns supporters Trump could stomp on BC economy
Thousands vote in B.C. election advance polls
Why John Horgan thinks the NDP will make history
In One Rude moment, Christy Clark's Mask Slips
A rolling Christy Clark Gathers untruths

May 1

#IamLinda encounter continues to plague Christy Clark, BC Liberals
Yes, BC NDP Leader John Horgan is angry - but in a good way
BC Liberals are (once again) faced with HST fears on the campaign trail
BC Liberals cite jobs as top election issue, NDP pledges climate action
First Nations leaders encourage voters to cast a ballot for ABC - Anyone But Clark
Ferry frustration makes waves in Powell River-Sunshine Coast riding
Christy Clark: B.C.'s modern-day W.A.C. Bennett?
John Horgan promises labour and electoral reform
Christy Clark shuts down speculation about tax changes
NDP seeks Green votes with climate-action town hall
Leaders try to inspire non-voters to become X-factors
Horgan dodges questions on how he'd pay for health care
Protestors descend on forum in Christy Clark's riding
B.C. election campaign enters final push
Big rate increases coming for BC Hydro, ICBC, Liberals' projections reveal
Green votes could hand Clark Victory, Warns Tzeporah Berman
Clark Government has 'virtually neglected' the people of BC, say Indigenous Leaders
In Northwest, NDP candidates struggle to make support for LNG clear
Vancouver homeless campers say Liberal and NDP election campaigns have ignored low-income housing needs

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