Monday, May 22, 2017

BC election tracker: May 22-28, 2017

The archive of notes from the campaign trail for May 22-28, 2017

After the counting stops

May 27 & 28

The uncharted waters of B.C. minority politics
Premier Horgan would face tough choices for his cabinet
Horgan, Weaver watch women's rugby sevens finals together Sunday
Who will win B.C's Game of Thrones?
Liberal or NDP government? We should know by Wednesday
Green Candidates came second in only six constituencies in B.C. election
Intercepting the B.C. Liberals' Hail Christy long bomb
Here's the scenario for B.C. Green Leader Andrew Weaver keeping Christy Clark in the premier's office
B.C. election fiasco shows need for online voting

May 26

BC enters the fragile world of minority governments
B.C. political parties very close to reaching deal, Green leader says
Doctor Weaver will see you now
Formal governing arrangement 'very close,' says B.C. Green party leader Andrew Weaver
Christy Clark gets 1st chance to govern - but how long can it last?
Leave it to Andrew Weaver, he's in control to crown a ruler
Clark should step down as leader if Liberal's can't form government: poll
Changing B.C.'s electoral system requires a referendum
B.C. Greens close to deal for governing, Weaver says, want's long term pact
No referendum, No reform
Electoral reform rewards splintering
Lieutenant-governor speaks for first time about minority government
A regal resolution for responsible government in British Columbia
New Poll shows most British Columbians want B.C. Greens to support NDP
B.C. political parties very close to deal: Weaver

May 25

Vote counting done: Talks turn to minority government in B.C.
BC Greens seek to avoid another election
B.C. Green Party eyes long-term deal in pursuit of electoral reform
Vancouver mayor sees affordable-housing funds in NDP-Greens government
Power-sharing between B.C. parties is a mix of policies and personalities
B.C.'s political crisis creates transit funding fears
B.C. will have first minority government in 64 years

May 24 

BC Liberals denied majority as final election count leaves government in danger
With all the votes finally counted in B.C., this is where the bartering gets real
B.C. Liberals fall short of majority following final vote count
B.C. NDP and Greens working on a governing framework, 'but we don't have that today'
NDP wins in Courtenay-Comox, leaving Liberals with minority government
A Green deal can give Clark or Horgan keys to power
B.C. Liberals to make pitch to continue government as a minority in legislature
B.C.'s political drama has only just begun
It's Official: Liberals 43, NDP 41, Greens 3
Christy Clark says B.C. Liberals 'have a responsibility' to form a government
B. C Green leader Andrew Weaver says his caucus wants a stable minority government
NDP Leader John Horgan is optimistic about making a deal with B.C. Green Leader Andrew Weaver
NDP win in Courtneay-Comox; Clark will try to form government
NDP government looks more likely
'Work together,' but with whom?
B.C. will have first minority government in 64 years
NDP wins Courtenay-Comox riding; minority government confirmed

Still Counting ...

May 23 

BC Liberals maintain minority government in recount, with ballots still to count
Premier Clark absent as B.C. party leaders begin post-election negotiations
Day 2 of B.C. election final count ends with NDP leading by 101 votes in Courtenay-Comox
Vote verdict in Comox will clear political picture
Crucial B.C. election absentee ballots being counted in Courtenay-Comox
NDP lead by 101 votes in Courtenay-Comox; more ballots to count
B.C. Election 2017: NDP holds 101 vote lead in Courtenay-Comox; more ballots to be counted Wednesday
Coalition government in BC will show why proportional representation is better
Get ready for a Green ride in B.C.
Why a B.C. Green-NDP coalition is not slam dunk
Controversial Leadnow active in B.C. Politics, Vancouver city affairs
Greens, NDP would sacrifice legitimacy by imposing proportional representation

May 22

Absentee ballot count begins in British Columbia
What you need to know about the final election count in B.C.
Elections BC looking into mysterious attack ads in Richmond
Vancouver Island health-record battle persists, one doctor suspended
NDP lead grows to 13 votes following recount in Courteany/Comox
Final B.C. vote count starts today, stakes high for Liberals, NDP, Greens
Recount slightly increases NDP lead in Courtenay-Comox; absentee ballots to come
History brought to life during free tours of B.C.'s Legislature building
At what point does compromise let Hypocrisy rule?
Pressure builds on NDP and B.C. Greens to work together in Legislature

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