Monday, May 15, 2017

BC Election tracker: May 15 - 19, 2017

The archive of notes from the campaign trail for May 15-21, 2017

A still unsettled situation

May 20 & 21

Lieutenant-Governor could force new election if Clark loses confidence motion
Absentee ballots could swing B.C. government
Donations to Greens show level of influence individuals still have in B.C. elections
BC Green Party sought cash from developer, despite calling for campaign finance reform
Protests, Court challenges, B.C. recount: Trans Mountain IPO comes at awkward time for Kinder Morgan
B.C.'s provincial election result rests in the hands of 1 riding
Eyes turn to B.C.'s lieutenant governor in minority government
Meet the teams negotiating for the B.C. Liberals, NDP and Green Party
How they'll recount votes in pivotal Courtenay-Comox
Waiting for the polls, a lesson in patience
Green ethics code hints a deal making
Parties should heed the tale of goldilocks
Crucial count starts Monday

May 19 

B.C. Liberals odds of deal with Greens fading fast
Narrow window exists for John Horgan to become premier
Be careful with vote numbers
Many Green votes taken from Liberals
2017 Election results show a rural and urban divide
Goldilocks voters decided Clark not to their taste

May 18 

Vancouver Mayor says B.C. Liberal majority could impede transit plans
B.C. parties leave door open to electoral reform without a referendum
Losing NDP candidate blames party infighting for result
B.C. Greens would get less money, more perks, with official party status
Greens demand big changes
New Government Should End BC Hydro, ICBC Shell Games

May 17  

BC Green leader Andrew Weaver prepares for face off against Christy Clark
B.C. voters prepared for electoral reform debate, former referendum chair says
Andrew Weaver keeping all options open in new role of B.C. political kingmaker
B.C. Liberals deny using taxpayers' money to fund partisan ads
Weaver takes shots at 'reckless' B.C. Liberal environmental record
For Greens, proportional representation is non-negotiable
Steve Darling not ruling out return to media following political defeat
More twists ahead for Trans Mountain as B.C. Green leader pledges to fight project
Weaver criticizes 'reckless' B.C. Liberals, but willing to talk
NDP cool to Liberals, romances Greens amid election uncertainty
Liberal 'Gerrymandering' handed them election win: Analyst
You have two weeks to Save electoral reform

May 16 

Premier Clark warms to electoral reform, a Green Party 'deal breaker'
Opposition to pipeline is not obstructionist or working against the national interest
A week before final vote count, Christy Clark speaks of collaboration
B.C. can't hold Alberta's economy 'hostage' by blocking pipeline, Notley says
NDP Leader Horgan rejects Liberal Christy Clark's collaboration overtures
Pairing may be an option if sparing a Speaker isn't
Province files defence in lawsuit that targets partisan political ads
British Columbians do not want a Liberal-Green coalition government
Vote counting wait leaves restless MLA's in limbo
Liberal's Island champions faded when it counted
Look at options for voting
Don't hold Alberta 'hostage' Rachel Notley warns B.C.
John Horgan in talks with Green Party
How Christy Clark lost Metro Vancouver
BC Vote doesn't change Support for Kinder Morgan, Says Ottawa
If Libs and Greens Ally, 'It will be about Power and Ego," Say BC Activists
Time for a 'Red-Green Alliance' to Oust Clark
Rachel Notley chills as B.C. churns
B.C. election turns up volume of pipeline battles
BC Vote doesn't change support for Kinder Morgan, Says Ottawa

May 15

BC Liberals planning to introduce reworked, Green Party influenced budget
B.C.'s South Asians helped hand eight ridings to the NDP
Greens strive for new electoral system without public vote
Small B.C. Conservative Party had big impact on election
Urban-Rural divide is all about the economy stupid
BC Greens leader Andrew Weaver seeks official party status

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