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B.C. election tracker: May 8-14

The archive of notes from the campaign trail for May 8-12, 2017

May 13 and 14  (And we wait until after the Long weekend)

Elections BC accepts recounts fro two ridings, rejects requests for four others
Green Party leader Andrew Weaver is suddenly the most sought after man in B.C. politics
Christy Clark would still face tough road, even if seat flips in her favour
2 B.C. ridings to get recounts following tight election race
The Rookies: 3 first-time provincial candidates reflect on losses
B.C. on the cusp of a better kind of 'different'
It ain't over til it's over in B.C. politics
Elections B.C. to hold two recounts in contested ridings. A switch could determine the next government
Elections BC rejects four recount requests, accepts two
Andrew Weaver sets demands, begins negotiations on minority government
Search begins for a crack whip to manage divided house
Election results could spell trouble for B.C.'s tax competitiveness
On the razor's edge  - One riding could decide Christy Clark's fate
Vote was rebuke of Christy Clark
Meet the B.C. Greens who could hold the balance of power
The doctor is in - Weaver taking calls
B.C. has a chance to improve mental health
BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver planning on week of negotiations with other parties
Elections BC to hold recounts in two of five closely contested ridings

May 12 (A still unsettled situation)

Andrew Weaver charts path for Liberals, NDP to win Green's support
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley took the biggest loss in B.C. election
Attention turns to Vancouver Island riding as B.C. election hangs in the balance
Expect Christy Clark to hang tough
BC NDP asks for recounts in three Vancouver-area ridings
UBC economics professor says 1 in 4 chance B.C. election results could change
Hanging in the balance': Uncertainty looms following historic B.C. election
B.C. NDP calls for vote recount in 3 Metro Vancouver ridings
With B.C. Government in limbo, defeated cabinet ministers are still cabinet ministers
Government agrees to make changes to bill on supervised drug-injection sites
NDP files for recounts in three Vancouver area ridings
B.C. Green breakthrough remarkable given voting system, could serve as spark
Turn political losses in positive outcomes
BC needs leadership vision for sustained economic prosperity
Electoral reform is the prize Greens should play for in B.C.
B.C. election could hinge on one Island riding Courtneay-Comox
The Leap in B.C. that Naomi Klein and friends should support
Two new Green MLAs speak: 'We're very serious about doing what's right for our province'
If Weaver Chooses to Ally with BC Liberals, Here's why
B.C. Politics enters its Game of Thrones Era
NDP calls for recount in Vancouver-False Creek
Morgane Oger reflects on bid to become B.C.'s first transgender MLA

May 11 ( Waiting for closure ...)

B.C. minority government gives NDP, Greens chance to push for electoral reform
The Greens could clean B.C.'s dirty political ecosystem
Squamish Nation voters help NDP rookie Bowinn Ma win B.C. riding
Elections BC gets recount request from Liberal who lost by nine votes
Five races absentee ballots could still decide
111 women ran in B.C.'s election, just 34 were elected
Calgary prof says decisions of new B.C. government could affect Alberta NDP
Elections B.C. puts preliminary voter turnout at 60%
Electoral reform advocates hopeful after B.C. election results
Too early to say what impact election will have on B.C. economy, experts say
Premier in denial after voters 'hammer' her best politicos
Voters punished B.C. Liberals for too much politics, not enough leadership, says former minister
Liberal losses in Metro show how votes shifted from last election
Nearly 40 percent of MLAs elected in B.C. are women
Greens' Andrew Weaver keeping options open in historic breakthrough
How the B.C. election could play out
Liberal flub, Island diversity and Dream Weaver
Reruns never as good as the first time
Leaders face hard choices
Local NDP wins will test Clark's Island platform, says expert
Unstable minority unlikely to last
Over 176,000 absentee ballots to be counted by May 24
Pipeline project safe regardless of BC Election results: federal government
Vancouver MP says John Horgan deserves second change if B.C. NDP fails to regain power
Democracy Watch: B.C. party leaders and Lt. Gov should agree on eight key rules for minority government
Election results suggest Christy Clark misread popularity of Uber
Absentee ballots, five tight races hold key to next B.C. government
Clark is done; NDP and Greens Now need to deliver the change BC Voted for
Please advise: Is this British Columbia's Political twilight zone?
Perils for all three parties in Minority Government deals

May 10  (The Day After ... )

B.C. limbo: Christy Clark seeks to co-operate with political rivals
In wake of bitter race, Liberals, NDP both look to court Greens
New MLAs Olsen, Furstenau tasked with starting 'new era' for Greens
Regardless of the final result, pollsters will be happy with the B.C. election
B.C. Green Leader would be well advised to tread cautiously
Minority government thrusts B.C. Greens into centre of power
B.C. election: Key winners and losers
B.C. Liberals win minority government: What you may have missed on election night
B.C. resource projects face uncertainty after election
Fasten your seat belts, British Columbians - and enjoy the political ride
Who's running B.C. now? The election and minority government explained
B.C.'s political earthquake reverberates in Ontario
It will take weeks for B.C. political landscape to sort itself out
B.C. Liberals hang on to power, could form minority government
What B.C.'s last minority government can tell us about what happens next
Christy Clark remains B.C. premier until all votes counted
Absentee voting explained: why B.C. election results won't be final until at least May 22
Strange bedfellow: B.C.'s 3 party leaders must court each other
Record number of indigenous MLAs heading to Victoria
Ridings where vote split was a factor
Pollsters vindicated in B.C. election after 2013 miss
Emotional roller coaster for Greens at election celebration
What comes next? A primer on how the B.C. election will be decided
Students put B.C. NDP in power with 60 seats in mock vote
Greens celebrate 'historic' B.C. wins amid minority uncertainty
Town and country: NDP saw success in cities, but failures in rural B.C. were costly
How Greens align with NDP, Liberals on 20 hot election topics
Christy Clark to try to govern with minority
Make up of next government could be unknown for another three weeks
Forget group hugs, leaders cuddle with Green's Kingmaker
Politicians urged to bridge disturbing rural-urban divide
Three leaders have backroom chats to find common ground
Uncounted votes may change B.C.'s political landscape
B.C.'s first minority government kick-started political dynasty
Green's Andrew Weaver keeping options open in historic breakthrough
Liberal, NDP leaders keen to show the green
Island's three Green MLAs weigh role in an unresolved election
B.C. limbo: provincial election results in doubt for at least two more weeks
Notes from a very unusual election
Balance of power falls to the Greens
Results a sign voters want parties 'to work together,' Clark says
B.C. enters uncharted water
Pre-election polls were one for four
Green candidates in Vancouver kept spirits up in the face of local losses
Vancouver councillor Tim Stevenson optimistic about B.C. NDP and Green coalition government
NDP incumbents sweep Victoria ridings
B.C. Green leader begins talks with other parties
Greens face stick handling act, experts say
Christy Clark to continue governing B.C. until final election results are known
Alberta NDP not concerned about pipeline after BC election; opposition troubled
BC election brings uncertainty for business sector, pipelines
Christy Clark shares touching moment with son Hamish during speech
Voting turnout in 2017 BC election sitting at an estimated 57 per cent
Voters had their say - what happens next?
What just happened in British Columbia? And What's Ahead?
See BC's Election Night Seesaw

May 9 (Election Day)

B.C. Liberals win minority government: What happened and what comes next
BC Liberals reduced to minority with Greens holding balance of power
B.C. Liberals win minority government
Courtenay-Comox heading to recount with 9 vote spread
Liberals win new seat in northern B.C. in tight Skeena riding
Heavy traffic jams Elections BC website on voting day
Christy Clark to try to govern with minority
John Horgan's message trumped personal attacks, costing questions
Big name Liberals fall
Ten notable new faces in Victoria
Not sure who won yet, but Christy Clark definitely lost
Longest, bitterest and most expensive campaign finally end, thank heavens
Possible recounts in handful of B.C. ridings
Christy Clark and the Liberals unable to repeat 2013 election miracle
B.C.'s voters have spoken. Now what?
Liberals, NDP in tight fight; Clark says she intends to keep governing
Green jubilation as Adam Olsen grabs Saanich North and the Islands
John Horgan could become first Island premier in 6 decades
Andrew Weaver coasts to re-election and sees Greens boost seat count
B.C. enters uncharted waters
Pre-election polls were one for four
BC Greens gain two more seats in 2017 provincial election
Global News projects Liberal government
Green Party picks up three seats in B.C. election
4 Liberal ministers unseated
Kelowna incumbent nervous about minority government
Ellis Ross elected in Skeena riding
What happens when B.C. elects a minority government?
Election night sends BC down unmapped road
The most nail biting finish in memory, Updated
Tyee's electoral map
Christy Clark tried to Trump British Columbians
Green Caucus will likely hold the balance of power
B.C. NDP leader John Horgan refuses to concede defeat on election night
Christy Clark's payback to Sam Sullivan could cost her the office of premier
Sam Sullivan defeats Morgane Oger in Vancouver-False Creek

May 8

Softwood, #IamLinda, debates: The highs and lows of the B.C. election campaign
Visually impaired voters in B.C. given option to phone it in
These are the ridings to watch closely on B.C.'s election day
Unprecedented anti-trade forces make any outcome in B.C. election a no-win situation for Alberta
NDP, Liberals neck and neck in B.C. polls, but Christy Clark could have edge
Leaders target key ridings in final push
Snapshots from the Liberal and NDP campaign buses
What are the most right and left leaning ridings in B.C.
Students across B.C. cast ballots in mock election
16 year old who can't vote builds voting app instead
Elections BC introduces selfie wall
Where to watch, read and listen to CBC B.C.'s election coverage
Who will be crowned? Final strategies play out as B.C. campaign wraps up
Top 8 ridings to watch on election night
Oilpatch watches nervously as B.C. heads to the polls
Foreign students at UBC squeezing out domestic applicants, prof's paper argues
The final day of the B.C. campaign trail: What you need to know
Elections decided by people who show up to vote
NDP bus spins its wheels in Surrey
New poll points to Liberal majority despite slight NDP edge in support
Vancouver applies for injunction to remove homeless campers on Main Street
The NDP's path to power looks too narrow
Vote on Tuesday 8 AM to 8 PM, bring your ID
Our free elections are worth defending
Schools will build our future
Liberals expected to win again: Greens to capture three seats: poll
How will B.C. election affect the economy?
The Six ridings to watch on election night
Election race to close to call according to Ispos poll
How Global News will be covering the 2017 B.C. election
Queries for B.C. Liberal government text messages, Skype calls and lack logs all turn up empty
My shortest column ever
What's Green about the NDP?
Answering your final questions about Site C
Christy Clark's Club: Big Donors and Rainmakers

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