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BC election Digest: May 29--June 4, 2017

The archive of notes from the campaign trail for May 29 -- June 4, 2017

Hey Gang, we're getting closer to closure ...

June 2 

Discord over Trans Mountain expansion rattles Canadian politics
Alberta-B.C. pipeline standoff 'at at turning point' Notley says
Greater Vancouver housing market heats up as B.C. politics shift
The B.C. election is over, but Round 2 is just getting started
B.C.'s election has imperilled a hydroelectric megaproject in the province's northeast
John Horgan's NDP mulls over which anti-Trans Mountain court case to join
Expert says columnist suggestion Alberta shut duel pipeline to B.C. 'pretty ruinous'
B.C. pipeline showdown: Will Kinder Morgan expansion get built?
Horgan could be B.C. premier by early July
An NDP government on tenterhooks
Horgan urges Clark to recall legislature, citing softwood, drug crisis
B.C.'s Greens and NDP prove anti-oil types won't settle for anything but crushing Alberta
How the B.C. Liberals squandered there chance to keep power
No further concessions on Trans Mountain, Kinder Morgan Canada says
John Horgan urges BC Hydro not to finalize Site C deals
Horgan to Hydro: Don't sign New Site C contracts or evict residents
B.C. election could transform development picture, starting with 105 Keefer rezoning

June 1

Alberta and B.C.'s relationship has gone sour
NDP-Greens seek ways to cool British Columbia's housing market
John Horgan and Christy Clark weigh in on $867M softwood lumber assistance package
Elections BC says 61.5% of registered voters cast ballots this election
David Suzuki says NDP-Green alliance a 'wonderful opportunity'
Andrew Weaver called out for not suiting up to bike to work
John Horgan calls on BC Hydro not to finalize Site C contracts
BC NDP's John Horgan puts Washington trip on softwood agenda
Horgan's Hydro dealings promise to be riveting power play
B.C.'s NDP transition team on hold until Clark government voted out
An MLA with diarrhea could topple the government: A playlist of just how crazy things could get in B.C.
Ride-hailing still coming to B.C., but NDP, Greens offer few details
In pipeline dispute, Alberta has ways to get tough with B.C.
Clark is right to force a vote
How NDP might govern, with greens hovering
B.C. premier welcomes fed $876M in softwood help
The Big Winner in BC's Election? Citizens
What Madness Lies Ahead for BC's Legislature

May 31

Inside the negotiations to determine B.C.'s next government
B.C. left-of-centre alliance expected to usher in green economic vision
Trudeau Liberals, B.C. set to face off over Pacific NorthWest LNG
Lower mainland mayors await transit talks with NDP-Greens
Notley says B.C. must allow Alberta access to the coast
A historic moment for B.C. politics - and our environment
The road ahead for B.C. politics
NDP leader John Horgan confident none of his MLAs will join Liberals
B.C. has no exclusive claim on its coast, Alberta premier warns pipeline foes
Ottawa to announce nearly $1B in aid for softwood lumber industry
Alliance has two party heads, but one NDP brain
Setting B.C. on course to $15 per hour minimum wage on NDP/Green government agenda
A glimpse behind the scenes of B.C.'s power-sharing talks
B.C.'s next political quagmire is electing a Speaker of the Legislature
Business leaders express concern about promises in B.C. NDP-Green agreement
It's B.C. vs Alberta and Ottawa in a pipeline battle royale
Weaver, Horgan inform lieutenant governor about their deal
Tag-team brawl coming over pipeline
Big changes are on the way
Culture clash key to B.C. minority talks
Dear Premier Clark, Don't give up (but try not to look like you are clinging to power)
B.C. is a on the precipice of a marvellous drama, with high odds of everything blowing up soon
BC NDP and Greens to push legal challenge of Trans Mountain pipeline
John Horgan, Andrew Weaver visit B.C.'s government house
BC NDP and Greens to push legal challenge of Trans Mountain pipeline
A brave new world of policy in British Columbia
Ottawa and Alberta warned to tone down pipeline rhetoric
Forget any economic windfall from Kinder Morgan, Analyst says
B.C. Liberals are doomed if they don't do an about-face on climate change

May 30 

Trudeau defends Trans Mountain as BC Greens, NDP gear up for fight
What will people think of B.C's political makeover?
Electoral reform, political donations part of deal between BC NDP, Greens
Minority government could be the tonic B.C. needs
BC Greens agree to support NDP: A look at what happens next
NDP-Green accord touted as a way to give B.C. certainty provides Trudeau anything but
Trudeau stands by decision on Trans Mountain pipeline despite B.C. result
Beginning of the end: a chastened Clark acknowledges her premiership is likely coming to a close
NDP-Green alliance to focus on electoral reform, stopping Kinder Morgan and banning big money
Delta Mayor 'concerned' bridge to replace George Massey tunnel won't move forward
Kinder Morgan Canada shares fall in debut amid political uncertainty in B.C.
Horgan, Weaver hope to tread historic path in minority government
Christy Clark to stay on as B.C. premier -for now
NDP , Greens take aim at Kinder Morgan, Site C in power sharing deal
Tolls on Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges to fall under NDP/Green agreement
Christy Clark vows to fight on even as ability to govern slips away
Alberta's Notley warns B.C's NDP, Greens not to 'stand in the way' of Trans Mountain pipeline
B.C.'s NDP-Green alliance troubling for Canadian economy, energy projects
Pipeline politics key to Weaver weaving historic deal
Green, NDP priorities to test new 'expression of hope'
Christy Clark isn't the type to just roll over and quit
Clark to recall legislature, expects Liberal defeat
Greens and NDP didn't have to move much to find a deal
Text of deal between B.C. Green Party and B.C. NDP
'Mark my words:' Alberta's Notley says pipeline coming no matter B.C. politics
Inside the NDP-Green governing agreement
Christy Clark to stay on as B.C. Premier
B.C. NDP and Greens agree to fight pipeline, hold referendum and hike carbon tax
Christy Clark not resigning as premier - yet - will seek confidence of the B.C. legislature
British Columbia's unstable politics shows why first past the post is the preferable electoral system
To solve Canada's social housing problem, we should look to Britain's privatization schemes
'The elegant thing for her to do is resign': Will B.C. Premier concede defeat?
B.C. NDP and Greens agree to fight pipeline, hold referendum and hike carbon tax
Christy Clark not ready to walk away, will recall house
Highlights of the NDP and Green party deal in B.C.
B.C. election results put federally-approved Trans Mountain pipeline in jeopardy
The ball is in Christy Clark's court
Alberta lawmakers react after B.C. Greens, New Democrats strike deal
Big changes in store for B.C. under NDP and Greens
On pipeline, Horgan and Weaver can do little but posture
B.C, NDP and Greens seal power sharing deal with confidence agreement
Liberal MP'S in B.C. could be among biggest losers in Green-NDP alliance
NDP and Greens promise electoral reform referendum, Big Money Ban and Higher Carbon Tax
Christy Clark to Recall Legislature, Expects to Be Defeated
B.C.'s Tense Election Showdown Reaches Its Rightful Conclusion
Clark acknowledges her government likely to fall 

May 29

BC Greens strike deal with NDP to force end of Liberal era
B.C.'s political union: Promises, a jilted suitor and four years of drama
It's not a done deal, but expectations are already shifting in B.C. politics
BC Green Party agrees to support NDP in the Legislature
B.C. election could be over as NDP and Greens announce 'difficult' deal to form government
NDP leadership hopeful Ashton pregnant and pressing on: 'Like millions of Canadian women I will carry on'
NDP-Green pact lowers curtain on B.C. Liberal reign
What does the B.C. NDP-Green deal means for rest of Canada
Greens and NDP Agree to End Liberal Era
Green's New Influence Changes Game for Trudeau Liberals, Says May
Pipeline politics key to Weaver weaving historic deal
Greens to support NDP in four  four-year government deal
Future of BC. politics in Clark's hands - for time being, at least
5 things you need to know about the NDP-Green party agreement
Change the vote system without a referendum
Horgan will ride razor's edge as Liberals look for revenge
Greens to support NDP in forming minority government
Last minute recoil sends Greens To NDP
NDP-Green deal brings power to the Island
BC NDP and Green Party intend to form minority government
Yes, Christy Clark won the election
Sanity, principle, and integrity triumphs in B.C. Greens' deal with NDP
B.C. Greens pledge to support 'stable minority government' led by NDP
B.C. Greens and NDP strike deal for 'stable' minority government
B.C. has a minority government which rarely lasts long in Canada
Is John Horgan B.C.'s premier now? And other questions, answered
NDP reaches deal with Greens to form minority government
Change the vote system without a referendum
Alberta lawmakers react after B.C. Greens, New Democrats strike deal

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