Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

Clark's proposed tax on thermal coal would hurt Alberta, U.S.
Education comes into the B.C. campaign after 16 years of labour and legal battles
B.C. Liberals take back claim woman was NDP plant in #IamLinda debacle
No apology from Clark as BC Liberals throw in the #IamLinda towel
City funding will only get refugee society through one night
B.C. Liberals threaten thermal coal levy in retaliation for U.S. softwood dispute
How Donald Trump became a key figure in the B.C. provincial election campaign
Ride hailing, carbon tax are the issues that divide generations
Launch of new ferry on Powell River-Comox route pushed back to mid-May
NDP plan to build 114,000 homes in 10 years  'incredibly unrealistic' say critics
NDP tries to 'one-up' Greens on environmental policy
Vancouver councillor wants whistleblower protections improved
Transgender candidates hope to break through in B.C. vote
Christy Clark takes firm stand on U.S. thermal coal
NDP unleash negative health firings ad
Helping hands gave John Horgan a drive to give back
Christy Clark wants U.S. coal hit with carbon tax after softwood levy
Columbia River- Revelstoke NDP candidate in tough against B.C. Liberals
B.C. mills brace for retroactive U.S.-lumber tariff hit
B.C. First Nation begins Social media campaign against Kinder Morgan expansion
Horgan is battling the Liberals, and history, in bellweather Kamloops
Victoria's tent city is gone, but 'Chattel City' is a going concern
B.C. Liberals attack two heavy hitters
Treat election candidates like job applicants
Christy Clark vows heavy levy on U.S., Alberta, Saskatchewan coal
Who wants to raise your taxes?
B.C. school panned for having white people in headdresses tell indigenous stories
In B.C., a case of Lucky Lager cost $34.00 in 2015. This year it's $39.09: NDP study
Christy Clark wishes she gave Linda more of her time, even if she won't get her vote
Christy Clark warns supporters Trump could stomp on BC economy
Thousands vote in B.C. election advance polls
Why John Horgan thinks the NDP will make history
In One Rude moment, Christy Clark's Mask Slips
A rolling Christy Clark Gathers untruths
Research sheds light on dark corner of B.C.'s oil-and-gas industry

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