Friday, May 5, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Friday, May 5, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

Globe editorial: In B.C., hold your nose and vote Liberal
BC Liberals' promise of home-sale protection fixes left in limbo
Everything you need to know about the BC election platforms
After next week's election, B.C.'s approach to development will be felt across the country
BC Greens eye gains on Vancouver Island, opening door to Liberals
Say what you will about Christy Clark, she's still a brilliant campaigner
Trudeau vows action against U.S. softwood lumber tariff
Evacuation orders issued following Kelowna landslide as flooding hits southern BC
Cache Creek fire chief reported missing near flood waters
New documentary shines light on Vancouver's housing crisis
Debt could add $8 billion to Massey bridge cost, says NDP
Getting to know you: The B.C. election campaign gets personal
Canada weighing multiple trade sanctions against U.S. over softwood lumber dispute
TD bank claimed $2.8M tax refund under B.C.'s corporate incentive program, court ruling reveals
B.C. Liberals accused of secretly imposing 'hidden booze tax'
B.C. Liberals court Indigenous vote with promise of economic opportunity
Financing costs for Massey Tunnel replacement total $8 billion on $2.5 billion project
Christy Clark says Trudeau seriously considering her proposed ban or tax on thermal coal
Green leader crashes NDP leader's rally on Vancouver Island
Expect Premier Hard Hat to triumph Tuesday with reduced majority
Election ballots misprinted with mark for Liberal in Maple Ridge
V2V eyes second Victoria-Vancouver ferry as first launches
B. C. Coastal logging contractors challenge political parties on promise to curb log exports
Christy Clark enters fray in hotly contested Cowichan Valley riding
Like U.S., B.C. has two solitudes
High rise high schools become an option
Langford bus didn't do the job
Parties look to change B.C.'s Ferry system
Trudeau letter boosts BC Liberals as NDP tries to snatch Green Votes
How B.C.'s parties plan to dole out cash to seniors, the fastest-growing population
Christy Clark defends TD Bank's eligibility for tax rebate
Canada threatens trade penalties if U.S. adds softwood lumber tariffs
Will the B.C. Green party play kingmaker on election day?
How Paul Doroshenko went from boosting BC Liberals to suing them
Traffic congestion: A Key voters issue this election
Don't expect end to fundraising Free-For-All Under Clark, Says critic
Christy Clark Isn't being Honest about the Housing Crisis
Lip service won't protect BC Land or water from catastrophic spills
Stop the presses - billionaire newspaper owner's editorial board endorses Christy Clark
Will money and arrogance cost Christy Clark the BC election?

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