Monday, May 1, 2017

The Trump effect tracker: May 2017

With the change of the guard at the White House, the path ahead for Canada could see some significant shifts as the administration of President Donald J. Trump puts its imprint on the global political scene.

Below, we'll follow those political and economic moves that have an impact on Canada.

The May Archive

May 8 

CETA, Brexit pave path to better Canada-Ireland trade relations: Irish PM Enda Kenny
Canada needs to 'stand-up to our responsibilities' on defence spending, says Liberal-appointed senator
White House spokesman: No, there's not going to be a trade war with Canada
New federal infrastructure bank to call Toronto home
White House advisors urged Trudeau to help talk Trump down from scrapping NAFTA
Unprecedented anti-trade forces make any outcome in B.C. election a no-win situation for Alberta
The infrastructure bank was a promising idea, if only the Liberals had stayed out of it
How Jared Kushner called a Trudeau aide and helped to save NAFTA

May 6 and 7

Trump team shrugs off softwood lumber threat from Trudeau Liberals
Clark stands by trade threats to U.S. on eve of B.C. election
Angry about U.S. duties on Canadian lumber? Blame B.C.
What's at risk for Canada in the America health-care war?
Next round of China-Canada trade talks coming this summer: John McCallum

May 5

Trudeau vows action against U.S. softwood lumber tariff
Canada weighing multiple trade actions against U.S. over softwood lumber dispute
Immigration issues remain a concern
Canada-U.S. trade: Deja vu
Trump fumes while Canada's dairy farmers enjoy renewed industry investment
Trudeau letter boosts BC Liberals as NDP tries to snatch Green votes

May 4

Case for Canada Infrastructure Bank 'not compelling,' researchers warn
Wynne readies Buy Canadian-style policy to turn tables on U.S.
Did Trump rescue Clark's campaign?
How one man's thirst for cheap beer could redefine trade in Canada
Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal of cross-border booze case
Conrad Black defends Donald Trump at parliamentary committee
How to fight a trade war
'We're not dealing with a monster': Conrad Black tells parliament committee that Trump isn't targeting Canada
Logger woes could topple B.C.'s softwood lumber industry
Christy Clark is targeting Donald Trump. What has he said about B.C.?

May 3

Christy Clark to target thermal coal exports regardless of U.S. softwood dispute outcome
Canada, Mexico identify states that could lose big if NAFTA unravels
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley denounces Clark's coal tax promise

May 2 

Christy Clark's proposed tax on thermal coal would hurt Alberta, U.S.
To pull away from the U.S. economy, Canada must look to its immigrants
Stephane Dion's 'super ambassador' role nixed amid EU concerns
How Donald Trump became a key figure in the B.C. provincial election campaign
Canada to see some 'modest' gains from trade deal with Europe: budget watchdog
Stephane Dion made ambassador to Germany, but only 'special envoy' to EU
The senator who had sex with a teen girl cost taxpayers at least $600K during investigation
If Canadians think 'free trade' with Trump is a pain, just wait til we deal with China
For better trade with Washington, Canada can't be cozying up to China
Canada has less leverage than Mexico in a possible NAFTA renegotiation, experts warn
Canadian MP Andrew Leslie uses hamburgers to illustrate importance of NAFTA
CETA to provide 'modest' gains for Canadian economy: PBO
B.C. would tax U.S. coal, Liberal leader promises

May 1  

EU joins U.S. in targeting Canadian milk-pricing practices
The U.S. keeps a list of trade beefs with Canada - and booze, property rights and Can-con are all on it

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