Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Liberals to support bill targeting Russia for human rights abuse
Freeland will visit Mexico next week to discuss NAFTA renegotiations
Trudeau failed to consult on languages commissioner appointment: opposition
Transgender community, NDP urge Trudeau government to change travel regulation
Ottawa to apologize to those who suffered because of sexuality
Managing editor of CBC's The National reassigned after cultural appropriation controversy
Ottawa to formally apologize to LGBT community for past wrongs
Liberals to outlined draft plan for national carbon tax Thursday
Nearly a third of Conservative leadership ballots already in, party says
Federal government to draft law to target sanctions against international human rights abusers
Opposition parties try to block Trudeau's pick for languages commissioner
Canada's training plan for UN troops will be a departure from classic peacekeeping
Trouble with the force
Senate changes definition of a 'caucus,' ending Liberal, Conservative duopoly
Indigenous leaders sign opposition to Keystone XL in Calgary
Toxic culture, harassment issues overshadow RCMP commissioner's tenure
Montreal honours its founders, stresses diversity at 375th anniversary celebration
Tax adviser to revenue minister attended KPMG-sponsored Madrid conference, parties
Trudeau to promote Canadian tech, lure foreign investment at Microsoft summit
Here's the winning design for the victims of communism memorial in Ottawa
Steve Ladurantaye, editor of CBC's 'The National' reassigned after cultural appropriation controversy
The loose thread that could unravel Canada-EU trade deal
RCMP needs civilian leadership
Former Tory government's refugee reforms get failing grade
Don't presume Jagmeet Singh can't win over Quebec's NDP
Trudeau sits on hands, undermines border security
Liberals transparency problems pile up
Trudeau cozies up to Iran's brutal regime
Another auditor general's report for the dust mites
Forget 'cultural appropriation' - it's about censorship
Trudeau's Senate is a Frankenstein's monster, and it's out for revenge on its creator
Forcing Trans Mountain through could make things ugly for Trudeau. Not building it might be worse
Military base newspaper rejects law firm ad seeking sex assault victims because it would 'amplify the  issue'
Bill to make sex assault training for judges mandatory gets fast tracked despite concerns
Chrystia Freeland heading to Mexico to talk NAFTA next week
Weaver says Greens will fight pipeline; calls Clark's Liberals 'reckless'
Canada to support sanctions on Russian officials deemed guilty of human-rights abuses

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