Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

Moody's downgrades credit ratings for six Canadian banks
Inquiry into missing and murdered will not talk to most families until the fall
Don Meredith should have quite a long time ago
Trudeau's determination to stick to a script undercuts his message
Trudeau deflects queries on Aga Khan ethics probe
Liberals to name ex-Ontario minister Meilleur as official languages commissioner
NDP forces Commons debate on infrastructure bank
Senate looks for details about fate of Senator Don Meredith's pension
Saga surrounding Don Meredith sets a precedent that now hangs over every Senator
After Comey, Trudeau needs to change his tune on Trump
Canada-Russia-U.S. tensions could overshadow Arctic Council meeting
Opposition asks 18 times, but Trudeau won't answer on ethics commissioner meetings
Don Meredith eligible for pension because he resigned, avoided expulsion
Federal Court strikes down key provisions of Citizenship Act
Number of asylum seekers from Mexico down for first time since visa lift
MMIW inquiry won't hear from most families until the fall
'Large-scale disaster': Ralph Goodale warns of long recovery ahead
Liberals to name ex-Ontario minister Madeleine Meilleur to official languages post
Liberals to table legal defence of crackdown on impaired driving
Peel Region MPP Jagmeet Singh to launch bid for federal NDP leadership
B.C.'s political earthquake reverberates in Ontario
It will take weeks for B.C. political landscape to sort itself out
NAFTA Renegotiation: Canada can safely walk away from an unfair deal
Good News for Canada's Conservatives
Take the Conservative litmus test
Don Meredith right to resign from Senate
Thirty uses for Justin Trudeau's cardboard cut-outs
Trudeau's B.C. intervention may come at a price
The fundraising race: Search our map to see where Tory leadership candidates are getting donations
Federal government cutting back on disaster assistance as floods become more severe
Christy Clark's tight win a sign that Canada's turning into a protectionist trade warrior
A historic election for the Green Party which could hold the balance of power in British Columbia
Alberta NDP not concerned about pipeline after BC election; opposition troubled
The Trump Effect: Foreign applications to Canadian schools rise after U.S. election

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