Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trudeau defends Trans Mountain as BC Greens, NDP gear up for fight
Trudeau warns world leaders can't 'turn back the clock on progress'
Liberals to introduce bill reforming cash-for-access fundraisers
Efforts to cool housing market sparked drop in CMHC insurance
What will people think of B.C's political makeover?
Why Kathleen Wynne has become a great NDP premier
Electoral reform, political donations part of deal between BC NDP, Greens
Daughter of Canadians detained in China 'hopeful' for meeting with PM
Jonathan Vance praises soldier who lodged sex-assault complaint
Quebec government defends law that forces striking construction workers back to work
Minority government could be the tonic B.C. needs
BC Greens agree to support NDP: A look at what happens next
Trudeau addresses Merkel-Trump rift, says Canada committed to Europe and US
Trump's use of private cellphone raises security concerns
NDP-Green accord touted as a way to give B.C. certainty provides Trudeau anything but
Military inquiry finds failure of 'basic leadership' in handling of sex assault allegation
Former juror suffering from PTSD calls for national support standard
Trudeau stands by decision on Trans Mountain pipeline despite B.C. result
Federal government spends $4M to fight Lyme disease
Christy Clark to stay on as B.C. premier -for now
Critics accuse Andrew Scheer of hiding policies after campaign win
Losing search plane bidder not aware of federal 'budget flexibility'
Canada, Italy embrace EU trade deal as response to U.S. isolationism
Woman 57, dies of hypothermia while trying to cross border into Canada from Minnesota
Kinder Morgan Canada says pipeline expansion will proceed in B.C.
Why won't Kevin O'Leary go away, ever?
Scheer victory solidifies the West as Conservatives' home base
NAFTA talks will start in August. Here's what the plan looks like
Canada's foreign election financing is finally getting addressed
It's like Alberta is determined to be worse than Ontario
Little noticed 'escalator tax' on beer could help put federal Liberals' budget on ice
B.C. NDP and Greens agree to fight pipeline, hold referendum and hike carbon tax
The Pope is a lucky man. Not everyone gets a chance to be lectured on morality by Trudeau
Christy Clark not resigning as premier - yet - will seek confidence of the B.C. legislature
Could Justin Trudeau be key to bridging the toxic relationship between Trump and Europe?
CSIS report on Trans Mountain describes 'violent confrontations' over resource development
British Columbia's unstable politics shows why first past the post is the preferable electoral system
To solve Canada's social housing problem, we should look to Britain's privatization schemes
Federal Liberals set to introduce stricter rules, more transparency for political fundraising
'The elegant thing for her to do is resign': Will B.C. Premier concede defeat?
B.C. NDP and Greens agree to fight pipeline, hold referendum and hike carbon tax
Christy Clark not ready to walk away, will recall house
Highlights of the NDP and Green party deal in B.C.
B.C. election results put federally-approved Trans Mountain pipeline in jeopardy
The ball is in Christy Clark's court
Alberta lawmakers react after B.C. Greens, New Democrats strike deal
How a relative at MMIW copes: fishing, curling and a pet dog
Big changes in store for B.C. under NDP and Greens
On pipeline, Horgan and Weaver can do little but posture
B.C, NDP and Greens seal power sharing deal with confidence agreement
Liberal MP'S in B.C. could be among biggest losers in Green-NDP alliance

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