Monday, May 29, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Monday, May 29, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Monday, May 29, 2017

The Conservative Convention

Scheer vows free speech, but questions on social-conservative issues remain
Andrew Scheer's best weapon: He's relatable
Andrew Scheer goes where Joe Clark struggled and succeeded before
Popular vote numbers reveal wider margin of victory for Andrew Scheer
Five things to know about new Conservative leader Andrew Scheer's policies
After Maxime Bernier, Andrew Scherr faces stiffer challenge from Justin Trudeau
Kellie Leitch's problem now is that you only get one tearful apology
Social conservative candidates got strong support from Toronto suburbs, leadership data says
Andrew Scheer has his work cut out to prevent Trudeau rebuilding Quebec fortress
There's a new counterculture afoot and Andrew Scheer is one of its leaders
The Tory leader most Canadians have never heard of before
Left mockery of new Tory leader Andrew Scheer bunkum
Scheer unveils his 'first' among equals approach on day one as Conservative leader
Social conservatives 'excited' at prospect of larger voice with Scheer leading Tories
A second chance for Mad Max? Libertarian Party leader offers to step aside for Bernier
How a four year old abortion ruling began Scheer's leap from Speaker to leader
Maxime Bernier scored a big victory, even if he narrowly lost the Conservative race
Tories greet new leader Andrew Scheer on Parliament Hill

Trudeau says Pope working on request for residential schools apology
No plans to amend Canada Infrastructure Bank legislation: Liberals
NDP leadership hopeful Niki Ashton says she's pregnant, continuing campaign
BC Greens strike deal with NDP to force end of Liberal era
B.C.'s political union: Promises, a jilted suitor and four years of drama
It's not a done deal, but expectations are already shifting in B.C. politics
BC Green Party agrees to support NDP in the Legislature
NAFTA talks to start in August: Here's what the calendar looks like
Canada extends maritime security mission in Middle East to 2021
Niki Ashton says she's pregnant, pressing on with NDP leadership bid
Trudeau asks Pope for an apology over church's role in residential schools
Medical journal calls for tighter rules on legal pot to protect young
Heat turned up over Liberal promise of lifetime pension for wounded veterans
Boeing says trade complaint against Bombardier designed to prevent larger CSeries
Federal government creates famine relief fund to match charitable donations
What will it take for Ottawa finally to tackle indigenous child-welfare crisis?
Trudeau faces Trump pressure to return to Afghanistan
Trudeau is the scary one, not Scheer
B.C. election could be over as NDP and Greens announce 'difficult' deal to form government
NDP leadership hopeful Ashton pregnant and pressing on: 'Like millions of Canadian women I will carry on'
How the Liberals' alleged support of Sikh separatists is fuelling Canada-India tensions
In Vatican visit, Trudeau secures platitudes but no apology for residential schools
Trudeau to ask Pope Francis for formal apology over church's role in residential schools
Trump 'monarchy' reminds us that Canada is fortunate to have a defanged head of state
NDP-Green pact lowers curtain on B.C. Liberal reign
What does the B.C. NDP-Green deal means for rest of Canada
Greens and NDP Agree to End Liberal Era
Green's New Influence Changes Game for Trudeau Liberals, Says May
NDP Leadership Hopefuls debate the Scheer Challenge
Sanity, principle, and integrity triumphs in B.C. Greens' deal with NDP
B.C. Greens pledge to support 'stable minority government' led by NDP
B.C. Greens and NDP strike deal for 'stable' minority government
B.C. has a minority government which rarely lasts long in Canada
Is John Horgan B.C.'s premier now? And other questions, answered
Planned border cellphone, social media password searches for visitors to U.S. causing concern
NDP reaches deal with Greens to form minority government

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