Monday, June 5, 2017

B.C. election Digest: June 5 -- 11, 2017

The archive of notes from the campaign trail for May 29 -- June 4, 2017

Back to waiting, waiting, waiting ...

June  9

BC NDP, poised for power, preparing for snap election
Campaigning was one thing, but now BC NDP, Greens enter tricky territory
Transgender trailblazer narrowly lost in B.C. election, but vows to continue her activism
Island can start a wish list
Weaver's freedom is largely an illusion
If the Next BC Government Cares about Renters, Here's what it will do

June 8

Christy Clark sworn in as B.C. Premier in 'mostly-caretaker mode'
Christy Clark sworn in as B.C. premier of province's first minority government in 65 years
B.C.'s Andrew Weaver vows to consult First nations on resource development
Christy Clark sticking to rules, isn't going anywhere as B.C. legislature takes shape
B.C. Liberals raised over $300,000 in 48 hours after NDP-Green takeover announced
Jubilant New Democrats, downcast Liberals at swearing-in
Liberals intent on keeping legacy dam
Not all votes carry the same clout in B.C.
Pipeline, dam await B.C. government direction
B.C. premier sticks to rules, isn't going anywhere
Clark sworn in to lead B.C. minority government

June 7

BC Hydro denies NDP's request to delay Site C construction
B.C. Legislature to be recalled on June 22, confidence vote expected
Record breaking 3 Green MLAs sworn into B.C. Legislature
Christy Clark watch begins as B.C. Legislature recalled for June 22
1 year delay of Site C dam project would cost $630 million says B.C. Hydro
NDP atoning for Site C errors while working to improve tone
Horgan says help is on the way for B.C. families needing child care
Weaver crashes B.C Hydro media briefing chastises Hydro over Site C
B.C. will take a bath on Site C if Horgan kills it
B.C. Legislature returns on June 22; Liberals face defeat
B.C. Green MLAs take oath of office
B.C. Legislature called back on June 22
BC NDP says $10 a day child care promise will be kept
Taiwanese Canadian leader describes election of three B.C. MLAs as historic milestone
B.C. legislature to be recalled June 22

June 6

B.C. electoral reform hinges on fall vote for proportional representation
Clark challenges Horgan on B.C.'s Site C dam, warns delay could cost $600 million
As Greens, NDP gear up in B.C., choosing a Speaker gets complicated
Andrew Weaver, John Horgan and Christy Clark to receive apology from government leaders in northern B.C.
Christy Clark gives opposition 4 days to provide input on Site C dam
Shell says it will proceed with B.C. energy plans despite political uncertainty
Clark alleges $600-million Site C delay, NDP responds critique 'unsupported'
Rush job in Site C review won't answer $9B questions
War of words breaks out over Clark letter to NDP, Greens over cost of Site C delays
Hey, Metro Mayors, we already said not to new taxes
Premier warns NDP, Greens that delaying Site C dam could cost $600M
Election of Speaker gains significance in 44-43 parliament
B.C. MLA's to be sworn in this week while awaiting word on legislature recall
Clark warns of $600 million delay to Site C dam
Plot thickens at Victoria Castle

June 5

B.C. faces challenge in search for Speaker
B.C. versus Alberta: A showdown that will test Confederation
'It's a bit of a blur': What led the B.C. Green to pick the NDP
'Quite an inappropriate intervention': Northern B.C. leader's letter sparks concern
Expect the speaker to be busy taking sides in the political fray
Campaign for an unelected B.C. speaker a 'horrible idea,' says columnist
Would Horgan, Weaver really fire 2,200 Site C workers?
Why British Columbia should hold another election - right away
Why the B. C. Liberals should suck it up and offer a Speaker
NDP to Raise Concerns with Elections BC about "mishandled ballots'
Get ready for Premier Horgan

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