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Electoral Reform process takes to the road to seek input from Canadians

While many MP's have had much of the summer off to grab some down time and tend to issues in their constituency, a small group of Parliamentarians have been working through the summer months as part of a Parliamentary committee to explore the nation's electoral system.

The introduction to the Committee's work was outlined in May as the Federal Government began to assemble the participants and set the blueprint for the electoral reform review, those guidelines can be found here.

The All Party Committee is to report on its findings and recommendations no later than December 1st of this year.

Their work in the first phase was mainly focused on receiving testimony and submissions at sessions in the National capital, with contributors offering their views on how the future of Canada's voting system might look.

Some of the previous work of the committee can be reviewed through the ParlVu Video archives, sessions for the Special Committee on Electoral Reform can be found below:

October 27  (afternoon-evening)
October 27 (morning)
October 26 (evening)October 25 (evening) October 20  (afternoon-evening)
October 20 (morning-afternoon)
October 19 (afternoon-evening)
October 18 (afternoon-evening)
October 17  (afternoon-evening)
October 7 (afternoon-evening)
October 6 (afternoon-evening)
October 5 (afternoon-evening)
October 4 (afternoon-evening)
October 3  (afternoon-evening)

September 29 (afternoon-evening)
September 28 (afternoon-evening)
September 27 (evening)
September 26 (afternoon-evening)
September 23 (afternoon-evening)
September 22 (afternoon-evening)
September 21 (afternoon-evening)
September 20 (afternoon-evening)
September 20  (afternoon)
September 19 (afternoon-evening)
September 1 (morning-afternoon)
September 1 (morning)

August 31 (evening)
August 31 (afternoon)
August 31 (morning)
August 30 (afternoon)
August 30 (morning)
August 29 (afternoon)
August 23 (afternoon)
August 23 (afternoon)
August 23 (morning)
August 22 (evening)
August 22 (afternoon)
August 22 (afternoon)

July 28 (morning-afternoon)
July 27 (afternoon)
July 27 (morning)
July 26 (evening)
July 26 (afternoon)
July 26 (morning)
July 25 (evening)
July 25 (afternoon)
July 7 (afternoon)
July 7 (afternoon)
July 7 (morning)
July 6 (afternoon)
July 6 (afternoon)

June 29 (morning-afternoon)
June 28 (morning-afternoon)
June 21 (afternoon)

With summer now quickly winding down, the committee is taking their work across the nation, with a number of community sessions being organized to hear the views from Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

The webpage dedicated towards this summers' project can be reviewed here. It provides an overview of the work so far and what is ahead for Mr. Cullen and the rest of the review committee.

Those who may wish to provide some thoughts on the topic but can't make it to a Committee session can submit their contribution by way of a form from the Electoral Reform Committee website (see here).

The deadline for submissions through that process is Friday, October 7th

You can also participate in a pair of surveys currently underway related to the topic.

Post Event Survey

E Consultation on Electoral Reform

Some background on the current work of the Parliamentary committee tasked to explore the topic can be bound below:


February 16 -- Trudeau right to scrap electoral reform

February 15 -- Dozens protest Liberal's broken electoral reform promise outside Yukon MP's office
February 15 -- Legal Challenge to Force electoral reform winning support, say organizers
February 15 -- Hasty change to Canada's electoral system never made sense
February 15 -- Liberals failed to educate voters on electoral reform, says prof
February 15 -- Sarnia voters showed little interest in electoral reform

February 14 -- Buyer's remorse sets in on the Sunny Ways
February 14 -- Shame on Trudeau and Liberals for plethora of broken election promises
February 14 -- Liberals defeat motion on electoral reform promise
February 14 -- Nathan Cullen's Terrace forum looks at electoral reform (video)
February 14 -- Trudeau's lost opportunity to build a better Democracy

February 12 -- Trudeau enters twilight zone with new electoral reform excuse

February 11 -- Fight for Electoral Reform continues

February 10 -- Trudeau defends electoral reform decision, citing fear of political discord
February 10 -- Why a failed bid for electoral reform is a win for Canada
February 10 -- Trudeau says national unity more important than electoral reform
February 10 -- Why did Trudeau really abandon electoral reform? He blames the rise of Leitch, fringe voices
February 10 -- Justin Trudeau's broken promise is a relief
February 10 -- Justin Trudeau says electoral reform is 'not in the best interest of the country'

February 9 -- The electoral reform promise was what made Trudeau different
February 9 -- The NDP's headlong rush to irrelevance

February 8 -- For Trudeau, old politics won't cut it
February 8 -- Two women 'under the bus,' and the big electoral lie
February 8 -- NDP to force House vote over whether Liberals 'misled' Canadians on electoral reform

February 7 -- Petition calls for Federal government to uphold electoral reform promise
February 7 -- Electoral reform betrayal
February 7 -- With electoral reform off the table, minister defends first-past-the-post
February 7 -- Who killed Electoral Reform - And What Now to Improve Democracy?

February 6 -- Liberal's Electoral Reform decision remains contentious issue for MP Nathan Cullen  DM 

February 5 -- Trudeau's promise of electoral reform: From 'we can do better' to accusations of betrayal
February 5 -- On electoral reform, Trudeau didn't just break a promise - he lied
February 5 -- Liberals spent at least $4.1 million consulting Canadians on the electoral reform policy that would never be
February 5 -- What's 'broad support' for electoral reform? Minister can't exactly say

February 4 -- Canadians Won't forget Trudeau's Broken Promise on Electoral Reform

February 3 -- Electoral reform usually appeals more to those not in power
February 3 -- Liberal fears of proportional representation and a referendum killed Trudeau's reform promise
February 3 -- Justin Trudeau scraps voting reform as he prepares for Trump onslaught
February 3 -- From electoral reform to protecting the electoral process
February 3 -- As the world tiptoes around Trump many are watching Trudeau closely
February 3 -- One good turn deserves another
February 3 -- 28,000 sign petition to bring back electoral reform
February 3 -- Promises and politics: the potential fallout from abandoning electoral reform

February 2 -- What the Liberals stand to lose after electoral reform deception
February 2 -- Trudeau's broken promise on electoral reform betrays the public interest
February 2 -- Voting reform groups "disappointed" by abandoned Liberal promise
February 2 -- A real job for the democratic institutions minister
February 2 -- Trudeau's broken promise (video)
February 2 -- Trudeau was right to cancel plans for electoral reform
February 2 -- Trudeau abandons promise to change voting system in time for 2019 election

February 1 -- Cullen calls Trudeau a liar, after PM abandons Electoral Reform promise
February 1 -- MP Nathan Cullen calls Trudeau's broken electoral reform promise a betrayal
February 1 -- Trudeau abandons campaign promise of electoral reform
February 1 -- On electoral reform, it's bad promise made, bad promise broken
February 1 -- The broken promise of electoral reform: The emperor has no shirt
February 1 -- Trudeau not proceeding with electoral reform
February 1 -- Trudeau ditches electoral reform - and some of his new-politics appeal
February 1 -- Opposition accuses Trudeau of 'betrayal' as Liberals abandon promise of electoral reform
February 1 -- Trudeau latest in long line of lying leaders
February 1 -- NDP, Greens vow broken promise of electoral reform will cost Liberals votes
February 1 -- Voting reform promises were little more than cheap props
February 1 -- Trudeau makes the right call on electoral reform
February 1 -- Trudeau called a 'liar,' the 'most cynical' of politicians for ditching electoral reform promise
February 1 -- Justin Trudeau bails on long-held promise to change Canada's voting system
February 1 -- Trudeau called 'Liar' for Breaking Electoral Reform Promise
February 1 -- Scuttled electoral reform betrays those who saw Trudeau as antidote to political cynicism
February 1 -- It's not the Liberals' fault for lying about electoral reform, it's yours for believing them
February 1 -- Liberals break electoral reform promise less than a day after signalling collaboration with opposition
February 1 -- Trudeau abandons electoral reform promise - no change to voting system in time for 2019 election

January 26 -- Electoral reform continues to be Trudeau's curse

January 25 -- Trudeau government ponders 'ambiguous' results of electoral reform survey

January 24 -- Federal government releases electoral reform survey findings
January 24 -- Liberal survey on voting reform delivers conflicting messages
January 24 -- Most Canadians like current voting system, Liberals' electoral reform survey finds

January 12 -- Monsef was always a token minister
January 12 -- Did Justin Trudeau just send Mayram Monsef back to the kitchen?
January 12 -- Justin Trudeau's new democratic institutions minister won't promise electoral reform

January 10 -- Trudeau's 2017 cabinet: The full list of who's in, and who's out and who keeps their job
January 10 -- Trudeau cabinet shuffle: Why an overhaul was needed
January 10 -- A new year and a new - and improved - Trudeau cabinet
January 10 -- Rookie MP Karina Gould to take over troubled democratic reform file
January 10 -- Justin Trudeau's redesigned cabinet
January 10 -- In a major shuffle, Justin Trudeau re-tools cabinet in preparation for the Donald Trump era

January 2 -- The scorecard on your parliamentary committees: 881 hours of talking at 488 meetings


December 22 -- If Trudeau is wise, he'll course correct in new year before dip in support become a slide

December 14 -- Privacy watchdog Therrien probing feds' online electoral reform survey
December 14 -- Privacy watchdog recommends better privacy protection in electoral reform survey

December 13 -- Trudeau still hasn't delivered the new breed of politics he promised
December 13 -- Health care, voting reform and fundraising lie in wait for Trudeau

December 10 -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must keep pledge on electoral reform

December 9 -- Rex Murphy on the Liberals' 'muddle, mindless' electoral reform survey

December 8 -- How Trudeau set up election reform to fail
December 8 -- Rona Ambrose calls on Trudeau to 'park' electoral reform
December 8 -- Changing our voting system a bad idea
December 8 -- Take the Post's alternative to the Liberals' MyDemocracy survey on electoral reform: Democracy Mine
December 8 -- Liberal Party can't use emails collected on for fundraising government says

December 7 -- What's next for electoral reform?
December 7 -- Whose democracy is this? Take our survey on electoral reform?
December 7 -- Don't blame electoral reform committee for 'ridiculous' survey questions, enraged MP says
December 7 -- Careful, Mr. Trudeau, Democracy is fragile and Canada isn't immune to the tailspin seen around the world
December 7 -- Liberals melt down over electoral reform
December 7 -- Your electoral reform survey won't count if you don't tell them how much you make

December 6 -- Liberal's voting questionnaire raises more questions than it answers
December 6 -- 'A dating website designed by Fidel Castro': Opposition blasts Liberal electoral reform survey

December 5 -- Liberal governments online survey on electoral reform is biased, critics charge
December 5 -- Liberals roll out survey to measure public on voting reform
December 5 -- Liberal government launches online survey meant to spur electoral reform conversation
December 5 -- Liberals' electoral reform survey silent on alternative systems
December 5 -- Lessons from Justin Trudeau's electoral reform fiasco
December 5 -- Dark skies dim Trudeau's sunny ways
December 5 -- Liberals online democracy survey is an insult
December 5 -- Liberals' baffling electoral survey needs reform
December 5 -- Liberals called it 'incomprehensible,' but professor flattered his formula was used in electoral reform debate
December 5 -- New electoral reform tool draws fire online
December 5 -- Liberals launch electoral reform survey just days after report recommended referendum

December 4 -- Mayram Monsef apology not accepted by everyone on electoral reform committee

December 3 -- Parties failed to rise above self-interest in electoral reform debate
December 3 -- Liberals failed to explain stand on holding referendum
December 3 -- Farewell, Maryam

December 2 -- Monsef apologizes to MPs for criticizing electoral reform group
December 2 -- Trudeau poised to leave electoral reform alone
December 2 -- Trudeau promised electoral reform but failed to say what kind
December 2 --On electoral reform, the Liberals are laying a beating on the Liberals
December 2 -- 'Words that I deeply regret': Maryam Monsef apologizes for accusations against MPs
December 2 -- 'More specifics' on electoral reform needed before planning for referendum: chief electoral officer
December 2 -- Trudeau insists election reform still on table
December 2 -- Liberals failed to explain stand on holding referendum
December 2 -- Maryam Monsef: Confused, bothered and bewildered
December 2 -- We've negotiated big, complicated free trade deals, why should electoral reform be difficult?
December 2 -- What Trudeau said: A look back at Liberal promises on electoral reform
December 2 -- Maryam Monsef apologizes multiple times for saying electoral reform committee didn't do their job

December 1-- Liberals urge Trudeau to break promise on electoral reform
December 1--Minister 'disappointed' as electoral reform committee recommends referendum on proportional representation
December 1-- So that's how the promise of electoral reform ends
December 1-- Maryam Monsef rejects Commons committee's report on electoral reform
December 1-- Election reform? But they love me, says Trudeau
December 1-- Electoral reform is toast, thank goodness
December 1-- Maryam Monsef vs. everyone: Watch her attack on MPs who worked on electoral reform
December 1-- Liberals call all-party electoral reform committee 'radical' and 'hasty' after it recommends referendum
December 1-- Committee suggests penalizing political parties that don't run enough women
December 1-- What you need to know about proportional representation
December 1-- Canada should hold referendum on electoral reform: Electoral committee


November 28 -- Liberals running out of time for electoral reform referendum
November 27 -- Maryam Monsef won't guarantee a new electoral system by 2019
November 24 -- MP Nathan Cullen gives electoral reform update (audio)
November 19 -- Cold, hard reality about to hit the Liberals on three fronts
November 18 -- Referendum on electoral reform clearly can't be a simple yes-no ballot
November 18 -- Time for electoral reform is now - and always was
November 17 -- Liberals accused of trying to skew results of electoral reform consults
November 17 -- 'No consensus' among Canadians on particular voting system, Maryam Monsef writes to committee
November 17 -- Take the secret poll that the federal government says is not their secret poll on electoral reform!
November 17 -- NDP Open to Referendum on Electoral Reform
November 16 -- Cullen says NDP would support a referendum on electoral reform
November 16 -- NDP now willing to back national referendum on electoral reform
November 16 -- New Democrats say they are open to referendum on electoral reform
November 16 -- NDP says it's willing to support an electoral reform referendum despite concerns
November 13 -- Let this be the last time Parliament debates electoral reform (at least for a while)
November 10 -- MP Nathan Cullen says work continues on a report about electoral reform (audio)
November 8 -- There can be no electoral reform without indigenous input
November 8 -- P.E.I. electoral reform plebiscite gives hope, angst to federal reformers
November 7 -- Nationwide electoral reform survey surprises many an disappoints some of Trudeau's political opponents
November 7 -- Nathan Cullen's electoral tour of America nears end, with voting day tomorrow
November 7 -- North Okanagan-Shuswap Liberals release electoral reform results
November 6 -- Exclusive: Trudeau government to mail every household in Canada questions on electoral reform
November 4 -- Maryam Monsef: Electoral Reform possible if committee agrees it's needed
November 2 -- Minister in charge of electoral reform admits she and Trudeau have 'preference' on new voting system
November 1 -- Electoral reform is still a priority


October 31 -- Trudeau quietly held town hall where most were in favour of proportional voting system
October 31 -- Maryam Monsef joins HuffPost Canada Town Hall on electoral reform
October 30 -- The alternative vote - not a great option for Canadians or democracy
October 21 -- Poor Maryam Monsef held town hall meetings on electoral reform all summer and for what?
October 21 -- How does Justin Trudeau really feel about electoral reform? Let's go to the tape
October 21 -- Liberals taking a gamble by reversing election promises
October 21 -- Scrap electoral reform and bench Monsef
October 21 -- Don't act surprised that the Liberals are flip-flopping on electoral reform
October 21 -- Trudeau wobbling on democratic reform
October 21 -- Nathan Cullen outlines results of Electoral Reform findings  DM 
October 20 -- Has the Liberal government given up on electoral reform?
October 20 -- Justin Trudeau says he's still 'deeply committed' to changing voting system
October 20 -- Why Trudeau must honour Electoral Reform Promise
October 20 -- Electoral reform committee asks minister to share results of cross-country consultations
October 20 -- Electoral deformed? Things getting weird on Committee studying Reforms, Says NDP
October 20 -- Trudeau reaffirms 'deep' commitment to electoral reform
October 20 -- Critics accuse Justin Trudeau of electoral reform flip-flop for 'selfish' political gain
October 20 -- Trudeau clarifies stance on electoral reform after taking heat from critics
October 20 -- Trudeau still committed to electoral reform
October 20 -- So, Do You Still Want Electoral Reform?
October 20 -- A year later, Liberals are busy consulting, but are they truly listening?
October 20 -- Trudeau's electoral reform: They love me not, they love me
October 20 -- Trudeau wobbling on democratic reform
October 20 -- Electoral Reform is One Election Promise That Can Wait
October 20 -- Monsef opposed NDP MPs private member's bill because she believes there are other ways to get women into politics
October 20 -- Electoral reform should be the beginning of change, not the end
October 19 -- A mania for consultations: From Canada Post to fish habitats, Ottawa wants to know your thoughts
October 19 -- Monsef, Trudeau now say federal electoral reform changes would need widespread support to proceed
October 19 -- Is Trudeau jockeying to avoid fulfilling promise on electoral reform?
October 19 -- PM Trudeau backs away from electoral reform pledge
October 19 -- Justin Trudeau wavers on electoral reform promises
October 19 -- What's a popular prime minister to do about electoral reform?
October 19 -- Trudeau says government's popularity has dampened public's desire for electoral reform
October 19 -- 'Broken Promise:' Critics question Trudeau's electoral reform plans as Liberals celebrate 1st year in office
October 19 -- Is Trudeau trying to pull a fast one on electoral reform?
October 18 -- Trudeaumania's biggest inconvenient truth
October 18 -- Why Trudeau Must Honour Electoral Reform Promise
October 14 -- Conservatives say their constituents want a referendum on electoral reform
October 13 -- NDP submission on electoral reform remarkably free of specifics
October 12 -- Canadians want proportional representation when it comes to electoral reform, NDP says


September 28 -- Ranked ballots seek majorities (Nathan Cullen Letter to the Editor)
September 28 -- Marc Mayrand urges modernization of Canada's outdated electoral process
September 28 -- Marc Mayrand urges 'broadest possible' consensus on changing election rules
September 28 -- Elections watchdog urges modernization of outdated electoral process
September 27 -- Electoral expert leading discussions in Kitchener and Waterloo
September 27 -- Don't change election laws without broad support of Parliament: Mayrand
September 26 -- Public invited to discuss electoral reform issues Tuesday in Victoria
September 25 -- Should we change Canada's voting system? City Hall gathering says yes
September 24 -- Electoral reform increasingly seems like a bad idea
September 23 -- Simcoe residents asked to fill out survey on electoral reform
September 23 -- Federal Minister watching P.E.I. 'very closely' on electoral reform
September 23 -- Electoral reform must reflect democracy
September 23 -- Grimsby forum to discuss electoral reform
September 23 -- Electoral reform; referendum required
September 23 -- More electoral reform sessions planned
September 21 -- Ranked ballots the way to go (Letter to the Editor)
September 17 -- Electoral reform could have impact on Canada's smallest parties
September 16 -- Liberal's electoral reform town halls are meaningless gatherings of 'democra-geeks
September 16 -- Tories accused of being lax in engaging public on electoral reform as parties struggle for consensus
September 16 -- Electoral reform town hall in Burlington attracts diverse crowd
September 16 -- This is Canda's best chance for electoral reform, Elizabeth May says
September 16 -- Electoral reform consensus elusive as cross-country consultations continue
September 16 -- Nathan Cullen to host Telephone Town Hall on Democratic Reform this Monday
September 16 -- Electoral reform consultations kick into high gerar as deadlines approach
September 15 -- Electoral Reform Committee in Penticton
September 14 -- Opposition parties join forces on electoral reform committee to push Liberal action
September 14 -- Sharing ideas on electoral reform
September 14 -- Canadians want 'legitimate' democracy: Monsef
September 14 -- Gulf Islands hosts electoral-reform tour
September 13 -- Electoral reform is coming, be sure to be heard
September 13 -- NDP MPs discuss electoral reform in Penticton town hall
September 13 -- Hey Liberals - Here are some tips on getting Canadians engaged in electoral reform
September 12 -- Nanaimo citizens consulted on electoral reform
September 12 -- Forum in Kamloops hears call for fairness in electoral system
September 12 -- Electoral Reform debate needs to be based on facts
September 12 -- Electoral reform committee needs to hear from diverse voices, not just from white men
September 9 -- When will we hear about Trudeau's other plans for democratic reform?
September 9 -- How do we know mandatory voting makes sense? Look at the 2016 census
September 9 -- Electoral Reform Town Hall in Smithers at the Old Church tonight at 7, discussing changes to the voting system
September 9 -- Northwest B.C. MP wants to 'mix' up voting
September 9 -- MP Nathan Cullen continues his electoral reform townhalls (audio)
September 9 --- Electoral reform session in Kitimat (video)
September 8 -- Electoral reform subject of forum in South Surrey
September 8 -- Cullen Townhall sessions in Northwest BC (video)
September 3 -- Monsef returning home for electoral reform meetings in Peterborough-Kawartha riding
September 2 -- Electoral reform consultations are in full swing, sort of
September 2 -- Stop implying that Canadians simply aren't smart enough to understand electoral reform
September 2 -- Ottawa to outsource electoral reform consultations to private firm for $250K
September 2 -- MP Cullen holding electoral reform open house in Smithers next Friday
September 1 -- Green Party Leader Elizabeth May on Electoral Reform
September 1 -- Big Turnout for Electoral Reform Meeting in Whitehorse
September 1 -- Liberals May Be Purposely Keeping Voting Reform Meetings Vague: NDP MP
September 1 -- Most Canadians Unaware Electoral Reform Work has started: Ipsos Poll


First-past-the-post proponents seem to think we all have amnesia
Electoral Reform Could Come at the Cost of Our National Unity
Little notice, no  translation lead to 'very disappointing' electoral reform consultation in Iqaluit
Electoral reform: Moving beyond first-past-the-post voting system
Ed Broadbent on electoral reform
It's risky to use today's trends to predict the electoral future
Electoral reform could be Bardish Chagger's biggest challenge
Moving beyond first-past-the-post voting system
Conservatives open to electoral reform, but only with referendum
Finding the democratic forest among the electoral reform trees
Electoral reform: What does a ranked ballot voting system mean?
Ranked ballots in Canada? Liberals not necessarily advantaged by switch to voting system
The R word for referendum  haunts electoral reform talks
Ottawa should avoid referendum on electoral reform over danger of a vote based on 'outright lies'
Liberal caucus meeting site Saguenay a textbook case for electoral reform
Atlantic Canada deserves better from this government
Proportional voting might have spared the West the National Energy Program: Ed Broadbent
No, proportional voting would not turn Canada into a dystopian hellhole
National vote needed to change election system
Just say no to a referendum on electoral reform
Liberals not necessarily advantaged by switch to ranked ballot system: experts
Electoral reform lessons from the provinces
How electoral reform could benefit Elizabeth May's Greens
Electoral Reform: Canada should look to New Zealand for example of proportional representation, Greens say
Federal ministers are hell-bent on consulting you
Proportional representation boosted diversity in New Zealand parliament: Greens
On electoral reform, the Supreme Court may have the last word
How electoral reform is like the Stanley Cup Playoffs
The Green, bad and ugly of winner-take-all elections


MPs devoting the summer to electoral reform; a look at what they've heard so far
It keeps out fascists! The utterly biased case for why everybody should stop hating first past the post
Do all political parties deserve a voice in the House?
Committee studying electoral reform gets lessons from abroad
Is mandatory voting coming to Canada? Let's hope not
Why strategists are threatened by electoral reform
Why Canada's top court should weigh in on electoral reform
Trudeau must hold vote on election reform
No need to fear reform
People deserve to have their 'direct say' in referendums, author says
Maryam Monsef's earnest guide to electoral reform for cynics
Government by referendums is not democracy
Why stop at just one MP per riding?
Electoral Reform Referendum would cost $300 Million: Mayrand
Referendum on electoral reform would cost $300-million, elections chief says
Chief electoral officer warns of tight timeline to implement electoral reform
Chief electoral officer warns time running out on overhauling system
Liberal plan for electoral reform won't be easy or quick, says elections chief Marc Mayrand
Mayram Monsef calls for compromise at electoral reform committee
Federal minister withholds support for referendum on electoral reform
Maryam Monsef tells Commons committee first-past the post voting system is 'antiquated'
Liberals release electoral reform 'toolkit,' Internet releases snark
Minister unveils 38 page event 'toolkit' to involve average Canadians in reforming electoral system
Is a referendum the way to go? Maryam Monsef says no


Welcome to the summer of electoral reform, no sunscreen required for dozen lucky MPs
Canadians split on Electoral Reform Referendum
Referendum on electoral reform would be fraught with complications
Consultations, consultations, consultation: The Liberal government wants to hear from you this summer
Tory MP advocates for electoral reform referendum but former top official warns it would be illegal
Trudeau's electoral-reform choice is a long shot
Electoral reform is a make work project for busybody politicians
Electoral reform referendum impossible under current rules: ex chief electoral officer
NDP wins a round on electoral reform, but Liberals still ahead in the game
Maryam Monsef willing to stick with 1st-past-the-post elections if Canadians want them
Committee on electoral reform now a working model of proportional representation
Conservatives once again call for referendum on electoral reform
Will changes to electoral reform impact how Canadians vote?
Can the Liberals call a referendum on electoral reform?
Electoral reform, lipstick and divorce: 3 ways politics mattered this week
Electoral reform committee changes
Electoral reform: Liberals climb out of self-made swamp
Liberals rewrite the electoral reform script ... with help from the opposition
Liberals back down on electoral reform committee, support NDP changes
Liberals give up majority control on electoral reform committee
Liberal's reversal on electoral reform is good for democracy
Liberals back NDP idea for electoral reform committee, giving up majority control
Conservatives to vote 'no' on changes to electoral reform committee
'We're very pleased': NDP reacts to electoral reform committee
Under fire from opposition, Liberals surrender majority on electoral reform committee
Electoral Reform (The National's At Issue panel)


Liberals  will seek public support before making changes to electoral system
Signs the Liberals may be wavering on electoral reform
The Liberals have a pretty big to-do list for the 19 days before Parliament's shutdown
Electoral Reform (The National's At Issue panel)

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