Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

More Guns, less butter

Ottawa lays out $62-billion in new military spending over 20 years
A Liberal defence policy could cost you
More soldiers, ships and planes for military in Liberal defence plan
Defence review coming today will detail military's role in Liberals foreign policy vision
Liberals hike military spending to pay for more soldiers, fighters, warships
Liberals can't let down military again
Liberals' shift in defence and foreign policy reflect new reality in the U.S.
Liberal defence plan puts national interest ahead of its own partisan concerns, for now
Liberals pledge $14 billion more to expand Canadian Armed Forces, but delay most spending until 2019
Liberal defence policy calls for hundreds more commandos and $1.5 billion in special forces equipment
Liberals feel good defence plan has some notable omissions
Harjit Sajjan's $62 Billion Defence policy long shot

Trudeau, Obama visit a 'career highlight' for Montreal restaurant owner
Senators debate removing infrastructure bank from budget bill
BC Hydro denies NDP's request to delay Site C construction
Trudeau accuses Tories of crass politics over public sex-offender registry demands
Madeleine Meilleur drops bid to be Canada's languages commissioner
Trump presents a political opportunity for the NDP
Ottawa freezes anti-spam provision, seeks review of legislation
Indigenous rights in Canada: Significant work still needed
Madeleine Meilleur takes herself out of the running for languages commissioner job
Carbon tax more cost effective than electric-car subsidies, report says
Drive to hit sales goals sees bank employees put customer finances at risk committee hears
Human rights abuses against Muslim Rohingya majority hang over Suu Kyi Ottawa visit
Conservatives seek to shut the door on grumbling over leadership process
Bloc Quebecois MPs openly criticize party leader Martine Ouellet
After Trump's Paris pullout, MPs line up behind climate change accord'
What about China? Observers surprised Asia doesn't play more prominently in Freeland speech
'Riskier than doing noting': Softwood lumber package may hurt Canada's case with U.S.
Letter backing bilingualism watchdog nominee signed by key Liberals, Conservatives say
The Liverpool House Summit: What did Obama and Trudeau talk about?
Pilot fatigue rules set to move forward despite safety concerns
Ruling that prevents corporate takeover of inshore fishery faces appeal
'They can eat!' - Trudeau and Obama feast on seafood delights at Montreal restaurant
Meilleur withdraws candidacy for Official Languages Commissioner amid political firestorm
Tory, Chicago mayor vow to fight Great Lakes funding cuts
Canadian Transportation Agency plans consultations on airline passenger rights
The dangerous theatre of the London Bridge terror attacks
Tories making Trudeau's job easy
Alleged golf club attacker claimed she was 'from ISIS': Source
Make no mistake, terror is in Canada
Trudeau's casual response to terrorism
It's time somebody stood up to Greenpeace
Defiant anti-Trump message in Freeland's foreign policy is clear - and radical
Chrystia Freeland was wrong to put blame for the shattered world order strictly on Trump
We hated it and it secretly sucked millions from our pockets, but we didn't have a choice: The loonie at 30
Opposition seek actions from Liberal foreign policy as Trudeau shuns 'useless' disarmament talks
B.C. Legislature called back on June 22
Opposition wants details on 'potentially life-threatening' changes to Coast Guard
Why is Trudeau Blowing his chance to curb Dangerous Climate-Warming Methane?
Liberals' Murky Infrastructure Bank Sparks NDP, Conservative concerns
Why Trump's Paris Withdrawal Redoubles BC Resolve to Tackle Climate Change

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