Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene from Wednesday, May 4, 2016.

Fort McMurray Fires

Up to 90,000 evacuated from Fort McMurray; state of emergency declared
The terrible news from Fort McMurray, and the hope that remains
Overlapping factors set the stage for Fort McMurray wildfire. scientists say
Don't make a political argument out of one particular disaster': Trudeau refuses to link fire to climate change
Fort McMurray disaster relief could cost federal government billions of dollars
In Fort McMurray firestorm, all that matters is: Find your loved ones and get out alive
Experts warned four years ago that Alberta’s aging forests bring risk of ‘catastrophic fires’
‘It’s what we do’: Spontaneous Alberta rescue convoys head north to rescue stranded Fort McMurrayites
In a redoubt north of Fort McMurray, a city’s people await a battle
More evacuation orders issued for Fort McMurray area
'Of course' Fort McMurray fire linked to climate change, Elizabeth May says
Fort McMurray's horrifying experience shows humans can't stand in nature's way
Fort McMurray family flees city with flames at their heels
Trudeau says Canadians are united around Fort McMurray as federal response gets underway
Goodness goes viral as Canadians respond to Fort McMurray wildfire
Alberta declares state of emergency as firefighters struggle to save Fort McMurray
Fort McMurray, Canada is with you
Bad timing? May links wildfire in oilsands to climate change
Fort McMurray's Fire Teaches Us a Lesson
Used by many and loved by few, Fort McMurray deserves only our support

Liberals cut short debate on assisted-dying bill as deadline looms
Military may play role in processing Syrian refugees, McCallum says
Saudi Arabia wages public campaign to boost reputation in Canada
Time is right for Canada to re-engage with Iran, UN expert says
Trudeau says 'Three Amigos' summit with U.S., Mexico to take place June 29
PĂ©ladeau's personal politics: My children come first
Harper government funded B.C. shipyard after Coast Guard ship contract despite saying it wouldn't
Rona Ambrose insists she's not interested in being permanent Tory leader
Mike Duffy considers bid to have legal costs reimbursed by Senate fund
Still confused about the new non-partisan Senate? Here's a quick refresher
Attawapiskat chief asks for urgent meeting with Trudeau after another rash of suicide attempts
New video shows Canadian soldiers wearing Kurdish flag on uniforms: Why this risks fracturing Iraq
Iraqi leaders have to reconcile differences to avoid conflict after ISIL defeated, Sajjan says
MPs vote 235 to 75 to send Assisted Dying bill to Commons committee
Justin Trudeau deems his first 6 months 'a pretty good start'

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