Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene from Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

Fort McMurray Fires

Fort McMurray residents can being return June 1 if conditions met: Notley
As Alberta wildfires burn, oil companies weigh profit and safety
Telecom companies struggle with Fort McMurray fallout
Companies airlift For McMurray oilsands workers under new fire threat
Fort McMurray fire grows to 423,000 hectares, continues to threaten oilsands sites
Fort McMurray re-entry for wildfire evacuees to begin June 1 (as long as conditions are safe)

Trudeau apologizes after being accused of manhandling, elbowing MPs
Dion to raise human rights concerns during visit to Saudi Arabia
Stop the outrage - and the hypocrisy - over Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau
Opposition decries Liberals' 'undemocratic' tactics in House of Commons
Trudeau apologizes for 'great injustice' of Komagata Maru incident
Remark on why Syrian refugees use food banks insensitive: McCallum
Alberta court ruling at odds with federal assisted-dying bill
Justin Trudeau's elbowing incident leaves House in an uproar
Crimean leader visiting Canada urges strong sanctions against Russia
Cops, spies and journalists: Top Mountie Bob Paulson speaks out
Hauling veterans back to court over benefits a 'disgrace,' opposition says
Justin Trudeau apologizes in House for 1914 Komagata Maru incident
Mounties probing CSIS leak conducted unauthorized surveillance of 2 journalists
Tom Mulcair calls for public inquiry after revelation RCMP spied on journalists
Religious freedom office replaced with new 'office of human rights'
Syrian refugees using foodbanks because of 'cultural element' says immigration minister
Justin Trudeau 'manhandles' MP in Commons uproar, opposition says
Justin Trudeau apologizes for 'great injustice' of Komagata Maru
Bold anti-nuke campaign will benefit Canada at UN
Commons gets Old Testament when Liberals move to take control of House procedure
Chaos in the House: Trudeau accused of ‘manhandling’ MP as tempers flare
CPP board can’t escape blame for fund’s bloated state
CPP investment chief Mark Wiseman to make surprise exit after nearly four years at helm
Independent Canadian senators push for single seat on stalled ethics committee 
Are the Liberals prepping a procedural hammer to smack down opposition dissent?
'Get the f- out of the way'; Trudeau sorry after elbowing NDP MP in Commons
Sophie could learn from the Greatest Generation
Hey Conservatives, stop apologizing!
Chaos erupts on Hill: Trudeau apologizes for physical contact with Opposition MPs
#elbowgate: Trudeau's 'elbow' trends on Twitter, creates debate

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