Monday, September 11, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Monday, September 11, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

Budget Update Day in B.C.

B.C. NDP budget pledges major spending in health care, education, housing
The B.C. NDP's first budget: What you need to know
With its first budget, the B.C. NDP has it easy - for now
B.C. NDP's promised renters' rebate absent from first budget
Reaction to NDP budget update mainly positive
B.C. government raising taxes for high earners and corporations to help pay for $51.9B balanced budget
11 things to know about B.C.'s 2017 budget update
B.C. budget: Health spending to rise despite cut to MSP premiums
B.C. budget: Vow to boost housing affordability, but no renter rebate
B.C. budget: NDP earmarks new money to improve affordability
B.C. budget: NDP to spend big on schooling, but not on schools
Budget update aims to make life more affordable
Prepare for more tax hikes from NDP government
Budget update treads carefully
Interest rates the sleeper in the NDP budget
NDP's signature child care promise put off
Budget highlights: MSP applications dropped
B.C. Budget update omits key NDP promises
B.C. Budget: NDP releases first budget update
B.C. Budget: Expect tax changes for $150K earners, carbon footprint and small businesses
B.C. Budget: Is B.C.'s credit rating at risk?
B.C. Budget: If you didn't see some NDP promises, this is why they weren't there
B.C. Budget: NDP releases first budget update
B.C. budget: 7 things that gave business advocates some pause
NDP's First Budget makes start on Campaign Promises while appealing for patience
No major funding for relief on child care costs
Housing for homeless among social commitments from NDP
Province to raise taxes on corporations and high-income earners

Incoming Vancouver school board trustees to get lessons on how to do their job
B.C.'s overdose crisis is taking its toll on paramedics
B.C. Premier to attend fundraising event, promises legislation is coming
Former B.C. MLA's son gets new trial on fentanyl importation charges
B.C. may not follow Ontario's pot distribution system: Premier Horgan
Officials wan against complacency as progress made on B.C. wildfires
B.C. Premier John Horgan says apology, other defences mitigate defamation suit
Grand Forks mayor apologizes for calling Syrian refugees potential 'terrorists'
Victoria schools consider eliminating dress codes
Local governments say proposed quarry next to regional park could hurt environment, recreation
Richmond City council passes policy encouraging 50% English on Commercial signs
Teachers work to overcome 'summer slide'

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