Friday, April 8, 2016

The Tribulations of Thomas Mulcair: The NDP at Convention

The NDP has called its family summit together in Edmonton for its April convention, offering up fairly aggressive three day Agenda that will provide for much in the way of speeches, policy sessions and the underlying drama of how a vote on the status of their leader, Thomas Mulcair will play out.

Those that have been following our Ottawa observations have had a bit of a preview to the week, with items related to the weekend starting to climb into the entries through the last four days.

There are a number of themes that will be prominent through the weekend, with energy policy perhaps one of the most controversial of elements to be considered. A topic that should be one that is followed with a fair bit of interest considering the host city is one of the key elements of Alberta's energy sector.

A review of what went wrong in October of 2015, when the NDP dropped from official opposition to third party status in the House of Commons and for many a month where the dream of forming a government was quickly dashed.

From that review as well will come some discussion on the leadership of the party, with the topic
already making much for the way of headlines in the lead up to the Edmonton gathering.

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair will make his address to the convention on Sunday morning, shortly following that, the membership will hold their vote declaring where they can be found on the issue of Mr. Mulcair's leadership.

The announcement from that vote is expected at Noon Edmonton time on Sunday.

With the first day almost complete, we'll be updating the Convention notes below, check back regularly to see what has popped up and may be providing for discussion.

CPAC the Parliamentary Access Channel has been the Go To Destination for political policy fans, covering all aspects of Day One with plans to carry through with much the same through Saturday and on to the Sunday morning voting and results announcements.

You can find the CPAC home and Live Feed from Edmonton page here.

To review the Agenda for Edmonton 2016 see the NDP Convention home page here.

The Archive of Notes can be found below:

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April 9 -- It’s time to start thinking more charitably,’ Notley says in speech aimed at anti-oil NDP delegates
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April 6 -- NDP youth wing expected to seek new leadership
April 6 -- Tom Mulcair will 'do everything' to keep oil in the ground if party tells him to
April 6 -- Mulcair not worried about MPs rebelling against his leadership
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April 6 -- Mulcair Didn't Fail NDP, Flaky Strategic Voters Did

April 5 -- Mulcair makes a pitch to labour ahead of NDP vote
April 5 -- Mulcair dismisses criticism from Canadian Labour Congress president

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