Friday, March 3, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Friday, March 3, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Friday, March 3, 2017.

TransCanada's Keystone pipeline to be exempted from 'Buy American' provisions
Opioid crisis devastating communities across Canada, Trudeau says
Will #M103 be the first hashtag nominated for a Hugo Award?
Dear Conservatives: Who are you?
Two-thirds of Canadians approve of Ottawa's climate regulations: poll
New Brunswick commission proposes changes to the way citizens vote
Ottawa starts compensating residential school survivors over rejected claims
Senate's secretive committee overseeing legislator's expenses to be televised for first time
Man banned from using Canada Post over controversial publication challenge minister's order
U.S. Homeland Security secretary visiting Ottawa next week, says Marc Garneau
Should Liberals let asylum seekers from U.S. enter Canada safely at border crossings?
Identifying Yazidis seeking resettlement to Canada a 'complicated process'
Liberal support slides to lowest levels since 2015 election
Keystone XL would be exempt from needing U.S. - made steel, reports say
Deputy governor of Bank of Canada warns about climate change, touts pricing carbon
Groups across Nova Scotia call for 'drunks can consent' judge to be removed
Manitoba wants Indigenous issues addressed before signing federal health accord
Military watchdog limits investigation of complaint into Afghan prisoner abuse
Government settles with Abdelrazik after 'grossly unfair' leak, RCMP still investigating
Here's why health care funds for First Nations children aren't being spent
A close shave with Kevin O'Leary
It's not just Donald Trump who shifts the truth, Canada's politicians have been using alternative faces for years
Conservatives are starting to get down to the business of replacing Stephen Harper
Trudeau welcomes possible American steel exemption for Keystone XL
Motion M103 is political correctness writ small
Trudeau rewards a terrorist with citizenship
Bank of Canada channels Al Gore
Wanting to ditch reputation as NATO's cheap date Liberals looking at ballistic missile defence: sources
Candidate breaks carbon tax logjam in Conservative leadership race
Conservative leadership candidates' tricky pitch to voters: Let me be your second choice
Trudeau says opioid crisis is devastating Canada
PM Justin Trudeau set to discuss overdose crisis with first responders in Vancouver
Ralph Goodale to visit Manitoba town where U.S. asylum seekers are illegally crossing into Canada
US funding for Great Lakes cleanup could be slashed by 97%, leaked document shows
Will Pipelines Pump Controversy into the Federal NDP Leadership Race?

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