Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene.

An urgent call on Overdose Crisis: Prescribe Drugs, End Prohibition
BC MLA's Public Disclosures Aren't Accessible Online - So, We've Posted Them
Court won't Overturn Conflict Commissioner's Ruling on Premier's Fundraising
Does it take the New York Times to Spook a Premier?
B.C. pension fund to sell Canadian hotel portfolio for more than $1-billion
B.C. government under pressure to give businesses hydro tax break
Democracy Watch loses conflict argument involving Christy Clark in B.C. court
Coquitlam mayor wants B.C. to reopen mental-health facilities at shuttered hospital
Vancouver, Toronto take different approaches to policing pot shops
Vancouver approves plan to put tax increase into fentanyl response
Coroner's inquest jury makes 21 recommendations to reduce fatal drug overdoses
Former First Nations chief stakes claim on B.C. mining minister's property
Should cities sue fossil fuel companies for climate change costs?
Site C ruling shows Canadian courts don't take reconciliation seriously, says law professor
B.C. Supreme Court dismisses challenge of conflict of interest rulings clearing premier
'No Nimby here': Coquitlam mayor wants Riverview reopened
'One family has controlled every part of their people's lives:" Tiny Vancouver island First Nation want court to end 'dictatorship'
B.C. government says Ottawa's cuts left fish habitat unprotected
Court lacks jurisdiction to review Christy Clark's pay conflict decisions
Enbridge removes already-dead Northern Gateway from B.C. environmental assessment
Moody's dampens mood of Hydro's court celebration
B.C. Mines Minister to claim-staker - there's no gold on my land
Put restrictions on political gifts
Jobs plan update goes far beyond jobs
B.C. considers business sales tax relief

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