Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

NAFTA talks will be wide open, says Trump's commerce nominee Wilbur Ross
Canada given advance notice of Trump's NAFTA demands
Kevin O'Leary enters Conservative race, won't yet seek Parliament seat
Kevin O'Leary's entry could push some contenders out of Conservative race
With French debate over, O'Leary is ready to jump in
Trudeau rejects call to appoint a Quebec lieutenant
On oil sands, ignore Jane Fonda's foolery, listen to Trudeau's truth
For the old Tories, a final call to arms
Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says no to side health deal with Ottawa
Kevin O'Leary makes late entry into Conservative leadership race
Criminal cases, public and police safety put at risk by IT failures, RCMP documents say
Justin Trudeau speaks only French at Sherbrooke town hall despite English questions
Justin Trudeau faces formal language complaint after French-only town hall
Ex-army commander Andrew Leslie to play key role in dealing with Trump administration
U.S. challenges program that puts B.C.-only wines in grocery stores
The linguistic winners and losers of the French language Conservative leadership debate
Kinder Morgan revenue sharing deal could cause provincial feuds, expert says
Trump administration will press Canada, Mexico to reopen NAFTA
MMIW Inquiry names additions to its legal team
Bank of Canada to keep an eye on Trump's trade policy
Trudeau grilled in Quebec after answering English town hall questions in French
Conservative leadership debate a head-shaking, tedious evening
Kevin O'Leary points toward the wrong path
Trudeau should have rented a rowboat
Defections boost Ottawa in federal-provincial health care fight
Foreign pilots working in Canada are not being vetted
PM Trudeau should protect Kathy Kautla from trolls: Tory MP
Kevin O'Leary: Next election will be an 'exorcism'
O'Leary must work on Conservative chops
O'Leary the wild card in Conservative leadership race
Liberals' giddy Obama-fawning
Phasing out oil sands? Trudeau needs a reality check
Justin Trudeau mocked for baffling immigration remark
O'Leary is 'in' and the Conservative leadership is now his to lose
The Senate has no business meddling with the federal budget
Kevin O'Leary's business history back in spotlight after entering race for Conservative Party leader
Question (in English) about finding service in English in Quebec - Justin Trudeau replies in French
Staccato French, personal attacks and ghosts past: Three trends in the Tory leadership debate
The Political Pearls of Kevin O'Leary
B.C. liquor regulations 'discriminate' against U.S. wines: trade representative
Dalhousie Students surprise Trudeau during selfie with question on indigenous rights
Enter the Dragon - O'Leary set to shake up Conservative leadership race 

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