Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ottawa Observations: Saturday and Sunday, April 9-10, 2016

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene from April 9 & 10, 2016.

Our overall review of the NDP convention can be found here

NDP in need of new direction as party moves to replace Tom Mulcair
Tom Mulcair caught in crossfire between activists and Albertans
After Mulcair's defeat, here are five potential NDP leadership candidates
Tom Mulcair's bumpy ride as leader of the NDP
Europe mulls visas for Canadians visiting Romania and Bulgaria
Many Syrian refugees relying on food banks to feed families
Canadians, not MPs, should decide how we vote
Rejecting Mulcair, MP delegates vote in favour of new leadership race
NDP aftermath: An early look at potential candidates to replace Tom Mulcair
In masterful oration, Stephen Lewis reminds NDP convention what left-wing means
Mulcair's biggest weakness also his greatest strength: bring NDP to the centre
Canada Revenue Agency's case against KPMG over offshore "sham' delayed - again
John Kerry, Stephane Dion visit Hiroshima memorial site
Thomas Mulcair loses bid to to hold on to NDP leadership
Writing was on the wall for Mulcair
NDP rejects Mulcair as leader, votes in support of holding leadership race
NDP wants transformation - without Mulcair
NDP brutally ends Mulcair's leadership
Mulcair's out of gas
MPs should give thumbs down to Morneau's fantasy numbers
Straight talk on climate change
The sucker call of 'free' Liberal party membership
Tory leadership can't forget Aboriginals
Liberals revel in the Fundraiser loophole
With its Jack Layton-esque centrism in tatters, radical Leap Manifesto will doom the NDP
Wave them goodbye Rachel - Why Notley should ditch the federal NDP as soon as possible
‘It’s time to start thinking more charitably,’ Notley says in speech aimed at anti-oil NDP delegates
From socialists to good-old-boys: A taxonomy of the NDP’s Edmonton factions
Mulcair loses NDP leadership vote as his party makes a Leap to the left
Harjit Sajjan defends Canada's military budget after Donald Trump slams NATO 'free riders'
Eight possible candidates for the NDP leadership, from an ex-deputy leader to a documentary filmmaker
New Democrats Say Goodbye to Mulcair, Vote for Leadership change
Notley's case for pipelines shows an NDP divided
NDP icon Stephen Lewis skewers Justin Trudeau and the Liberals for six policy shortcomings
Why NDP Leader Tom Mulcair failed to win a mandate at his party's convention
Tom Mulcair will step down as NDP leader after his replacement is chosen
NDP MPs react to vote ousting Tom Mulcair as party leader
Tom Mulcair stepping down as NDP votes for leadership review

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