Friday, April 8, 2016

Ottawa Observations: Friday, April 8, 2016

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene from April 8, 2016.

Our overall review of the NDP convention can be found here

NDP delegates divided on Mulcair ahead of leadership review
Mulcair needs to convince NDP he can inspire a movement
This is Mulcair's moment of truth
Liberals release five-year spending plan after pressure from PBO
Expanded infrastructure fund puts projects on tight deadlines
How Ottawa punished thousands of public servants for being gay
Still stuck on the health-care treadmill
Quebec Senator Jacques Demers in stable condition in hospital
Why the Liberals' budgetary best is likely still to come
NDP policy convention opens in Edmonton
Avi Lewis wants Liberal government to adopt parts of Leap Mainfesto
Mulcair and the NDP head into couples therapy at convention
Alberta NDP distances itself from Mulcair's 'oil in the ground' remark
Justice Minister says she attended Liberal fundraiser with lawyers as a regular MP
Finance Minister Bill Morneau says Canada has 'challenges' despite good jobs report
Liberals deliver data requested by budget watchdog, but gaps remain
EU visa standoff strains allies Canada needs to pass trades deal
Economy adds 41,000 jobs in March
Jacques Demers improving after stroke, in stable condition
NDP to vote on Leap Manifesto ideas
Flailing Mulcair leads the NDP to the crossroads
Ontario could get half of Ottawa's $3.4B transit infrastructure money this year
Trudeau's openness pledge falls flat
So you want to be Tory leader here are a few questions
'Everything is wrong with the PM, except his looks': Brazilian magazine hits out at 'narcissistic' Justin Trudeau
Trudeau takes protectionist tone as pressure grows for Buy Canadian program
Mulcair goes into self-preservation mode, says he would advocate for Leap Manifesto
Why won't the Liberal's tell us who paid $500 to hang out with justice minister?
Justin Trudeau could face his worst nightmare in Ted Cruz
Who Stands Where on Mulcair's Leadership?
Strategic Voting Was the Right Call in 2015: Unifor Head

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