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Commission of Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Archive page

With the two year Commission of inquiry into the Murder and Disappearance of Indigenous Women and Girls about to begin its work in September of 2016, we will be tracking many of the items of note through the inquiry phase with this Archive page.

Below we will feature links from various news services, as well as any original material that we may include as the months move forward.

The anchor point for the Archive will be found on our Right hand column under Extra Editions.

The Introduction of the Commission can be viewed here from the Federal Government website.

Our review of news items can be found below, items noted with NCR come from our companion blog the North Coast Review:


December 23 -- From residential schools to Sixties Scoop to MMIWG: A search for identity
December 22 -- Extension request from MMIWG inquiry to federal government not filed yet
December 20 -- New MMIWG hearing dates set for Yellowknife and Rankin Inlet
December 19 -- Delilah Saunders holds new conference from hospital bed
December 6 -- 'A history of trauma': Families of 2 missing women from Ontario First nation address Thunder Bay MMIWG hearing
December 4 -- Emotional start to first day of MMIWG inquiry
December 1 -- A timeline of staff departures from the MMIWG inquiry
December 1 -- Politics and tears at MMIWG inquiry in Malitoenam


November 30 -- Family told no Montreal MMIWG hearings without extension - but is it true?
November 29 -- Without a focus, MMIW inquiry will slide towards irrelevancy
November 28 -- Missing mother and murder at Maliotenam hearings
November 27 -- Current MMIW inquiry a terrible mash up of two models
November 27 -- Pauktuutit confused over postponement of Rankin hearings
November 27 -- Maliotenam inquiry hears about stolen children and police rape
November 27 -- 'People are opening their eyes': Conference honouring MMIWG coming to Sudbury
November 27 -- Missing and murdered indigenous women inquiry: We must listen and act
November 24 -- MMIWG inquiry keeps Rankin Inlet hearings
November 24 -- Families of MMIWG refuse to leave Saskatoon hearings until their stories are told
November 23 -- Commissioners say families still have faith in inquiry
November 23 -- Chef who once cooked for the elder Trudeau vanished inquiry hears
November 23 -- Families say MMIWG inquiry cancels Rankin Inlet hearings
November 23 -- Students in Kenora make faceless dolls to show importance of MMIWG inquiry
November 23 -- Saskatchewan families may not have another chance to speak at Sask. MMIWG inquiry says support group
November 23 -- Indigenous people share their pain at MMIWG inquiry
November 22 -- 'It's a relief to tell these stories': Grief anger at MMIWG inquiry in Saskatoon
November 22 -- Another lawyer quite MMIWG inquiry as resignations, firings mount
November 22 -- NDP MP says Liberals blocking important inquiry witnesses at committee
November 21 -- Families hire lawyer to help them navigate national inquiry
November 21 -- Resignations, firings and testimony at the Saskatoon MMIW hearings
November 21 -- Survivors united to provide MMIWG inquiry aftercare
November 20 -- MMIWG inquiry staff's top priority is to protect commissioners from criticism: leaked email
November 18 -- MMIWG inquiry lacked family aftercare plan, HR staff, says fired health manager
November 18 -- Families testifying at MMIWG inquiry say aftercare support is lacking
November 17 -- No furniture, no after care at inquiry former employee says
November 17 -- MMIWG inquiry picks international public relations firm for communications contract
November 16 -- 'Sick internal culture' says fired staffer of MMIWG inquiry
November 15 -- Inquiry fires 3 people in wake of Edmonton complaints
November 14 -- Inquiry helps family with 36 year old murder
November 11 -- Current MMIW inquiry a terrible mash-up of two models
November 9 -- Woman gets left out of the MMIWG inquiry
November 1 -- Missing and murdered inquiry calls for creation of police force
November 1 -- National inquiry interim report calls on Trudeau to develop police task force to reopen cases
November 1 -- Membertou hearings wrap up as minister opens door to national police task force
November 1 -- Missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry hit by bureaucracy, needs more time
November 1 -- Sheila North Wilson on MMIWG inquiry interim report
November 1 -- MMIWG commissioners want a national police task force


October 31 -- MMIWG Commissioners clarify powers at Membertou hearings
October 30 -- Memertou First Nation gears up for MMIWG inquiry
October 29 -- New opera about MMIWG tells a story 'that we're all responsible to,' says co-creator
October 20 -- Police say daughter was probably out drinking, mother of missing woman tells MMIWG inquiry
October 19 -- Bags full of tears: how the MMIWG inquiry is honouring, healing trauma
October 18 -- 'Make changes' woman whose parents were murdered tells inquiry
October 16 -- Wood smoke and songs kick off MMIWG Inquiry in Winnipeg
October 15 -- Crimes against women in Manitoba to take centre stage at MMIWG National Inquiry
October 15 -- Sagkeeng statue represents healing for MMIWG families
October 11 -- Support growing for reset to national MMIWG inquiry, says groups
October 4 -- MMIW vigil held in shadow of the Peace Tower
October 4 -- Carolyn Bennett comments on MMIWG inquiry staff departures
October 4 -- MMIWG chief commissioner on the inquiry's future
October 4 -- MMIWG commissioner resigns
October 4 -- Families express mixed feelings as MMIWG inquiry team visits Sagkeeng
October 4 -- MMIWG hearings begin in Yukon
October 4 -- Families want MMIWG commission to represent them
October 3 -- MMIWG inquiry looking to hire public relations to navigate communications
October 1 -- 'I'm trying my best': Yukon woman, front-line worker on the MMIWG inquiry


September 30 -- Stories and song: What was heard at the MMIWG community hearings in B.C.?
September 29 -- After the inquiry: Support needed to help families retraumatized by MMIWG testimony, advocates say
September 29 -- Northern MP weighs in on MMIWG hearings from Smithers
September 29 -- Recap of MMIWG inquiry (video)
September 29 -- Kitsumkalum students to be heard across Canada
September 29 -- Missing Women inquiry wraps up Smithers hearings
September 29 -- MMIWG hearings in Smithers wrap up

September 28 -- Chief Commissioner of the MMIWG inquiry says more hearings are planned for BC
September 28 -- Missing women's inquiry holds final day of Smithers hearings today
September 28 -- MMIWG inquiry Wednesday session (video)
September 28 -- First Nations youth perform Highway of Tears song at MMIWG national inquiry
September 28 -- Trust between Community and the RCMP discussed at MMIWG hearings in Smithers

September 27 -- Inquiry hears testimony from families at the MMIWG hearings in Smithers
September 27 -- Alberta Williams' sister hopes for justice from missing and murdered women inquiry
September 27 -- 'You're making history with us': MMIWG commissioner praises woman's testimony for its bravery
September 27 -- 'My sister Alberta's murder changed my life completely,' MMIWG inquiry hears
September 27 -- The Story of Marlene and Doreen Jack
September 27 -- National Inquiry hosting artistic expression panel today, Kitsumkalum youth featured for 'The Highway'
September 27 -- Summary of Day 1
September 27 -- Emotional Testimony continues at Missing Women's Inquiry in Smithers

September 26 -- Missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry hears stories of loss at first B.C. hearing
September 26 -- Sister of homicide victim Alberta Williams reunited with RCMP investigator ahead of MMIWG testimony
September 26 -- Suicide, substance abuse and grief  in focus as MMIWG hearings open in B.C.

September 26 -- First B.C. hearing for problem-plagued Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Inquiry
September 26 -- NDP government stacks jobs with partisan insiders
September 26 -- Chief Commissioner says 25 families registered for MMIWG hearings in Smithers this week
September 26 -- Missing Women's Inquiry Hearings Begin Today in Smithers
September 26 -- MMIWG Inquiry today in Smithers
September 26 -- Day One of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry
September 26 -- MMIW Inquiry update (audio)
September 26 -- Skepticism and hope as national MMIWG heariungs come to B.C.'s Highway of Tears

September 25 -- Highway of Tears Walk Makes its Way to Smithers for MMIWG hearings
September 25 -- MMIW Long Walk wrapped up (video)
September 25 -- Memorial Walk reaches Smithers in time for Missing Women's inquiry
September 25 -- It's time for a fresh start for the inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women
September 25 -- MMIWG hearings begin Tuesday in Highway of Tears community
September 25 -- Tamara's Walk reaches Smithers, Inquiry starts tomorrow
September 25 -- Families walk Highway of Tears before missing and murdered Indigenous women hearings
September 25 -- Families walk Highway of Tears ahead of missing, murdered Indigenous women hearing
September 25 -- Greyhound's withdrawal will hurt Northern and Interior BC

September 24 -- 'We know our women are out there: Tamara's Walk on B.C.'s Highway of Tears demands answers
September 23 -- 'There is equitable funding': Bennett says more teachers, new model needed for First Nations education
September 22 -- Federal minister open to extension for MMIWG inquiry
September 22 -- Smithers to host MMIWG inquiry next week NCR
September 22 -- Gladys Radek walks the Highway of Tears in memory of niece for the seventh and final time (audio)
September 22 -- Federal regulations hamper MMIWG inquiry: commissioners
September 21 -- Tamara's walk begins (video)
September 21 -- Cullen increasingly frustrated with Missing Women's Inquiry
September 21 -- MMIW Commissioner Michelle Audette says no tensions exist with Chief Commissioner  (video)
September 21 -- Judge leading missing and murdered women inquiry wants more time and blames red tape for delays
September 21 -- Chief Commissioner Raises concerns over missing women's inquiry restrictions
September 21 -- MMIWG national inquiry loses family member's file
September 21 -- Missing and murdered inquiry commissioners to review police conduct and 'investigate the investigations'
September 21 -- Missing and murdered inquiry 'offloading' responsibility onto communities: NDP MP
September 21 -- Indigenous groups want Manitoban in MMIWG inquiry leadership
September 21 -- Chiefs want Manitoba representation in MMIWG inquiry
September 21 -- Cold cases reviewed by Edmonton homicide detectives ahead of MMIWG hearing
September 20 -- Missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry hampered by federal bureaucracy: chief commissioner
September 20 -- Walking the Highway of Tears for a woman who went missing 12 years ago from Prince Rupert
September 19 -- Tears for Justice walk looking for volunteers, donations
September 18 -- Tamara's walk set to launch this week (video)
September 13 -- Lost and broken
September 12 -- MMIW Chief Commissioner visits Prince George for ADM
September 12 -- Probe of Indigenous deaths should extend beyond Thunder Bay, leaders say
September 8 -- Innu mother takes advantage of MMIW inquiry tour in eastern Quebec
September 7 -- Support workers hired to find NS families to testify at MMIW inquiry
September 7 -- Workers to support families for missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry
September 7 -- Support coming for family members of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
September 5 -- Families meet with officials from national inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women
September 4 -- Missing, murdered Indigenous women inquiry to ask for more time
September 3 -- 'Time is crucial': MMIWG asks for 2 year extension
September 1 -- Nuu-chah-nulth to hold gathering for families of missing, murdered women and girls


August 31 -- Wanda Good to walk Highway of Tears from Prince Rupert to Smithers ahead of MMIW inquiry
August 30 -- 23 years later, police seek new leads in Sonya Cywink homicide
August 28 -- Solidarity Walk is complete (video)
August 28 -- Solidarity Vision Walk from Smithers Finishes in Prince Rupert
August 28 -- Trudeau shuffles ministers, overhauls Indigenous Affairs
August 24 -- After shaky start, MMIW inquiry wraps first 3 says of hearings in Winnipeg
August 24 -- MMIW comes to Yellowknife
August 24 -- MMIWG inquiry to continue despite calls for reset
August 24 -- National MMIWG inquiry moving forward despite continued calls for  reset
August 24 -- MMIWG forum wraps up
August 23 -- MMIWG draft ready after one hearing
August 22 -- Solidarity vision walk from Smithers to Port Edward (video)
August 22 -- Families still full of doubts one year after MMIW inquiry
August 14 -- MMIW inquiry may be ignoring definitive numbers
August 15 -- Details slim on MMIW Yellowknife visit
August 14 -- Inquiry into missing, murdered women makes N.S. 'visits' as it seeks fresh start
August 11 -- Judge's comments referencing MMIW were 'victim blaming' advocates say
August 11 -- MMIWG inquiry needs a reset. There's too much at stake
August 10 -- What will come of MMIW inquiry
August 9 -- Front line worker says 'immediate action' needed to save MMIWG inquiry
August 9 -- National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls faces more issues
August 8 -- Another member has left the inquiry into missing and murdered women and girls
August 8 -- Families call for  'hard reset' of MMIWG inquiry
August 8 -- Hand the MMIW inquiry over to Indigenous Canadians
August 3 -- Indigenous issues require action and programs, not studies
August 2 -- Canada MMIW inquiry struggles as staff flee
August 2 -- How you can participate in the National Inquiry into MMIWG
August 2 -- Wilf Adam: MMIW inquiry has lost its focus


July 31 -- Sister of missing N.W.T. woman applauds MMIWG inquiry's decision to review police conduct
July 28 -- A survivor's perspective: Don't give up on the MMIWG inquiry
July 27 -- AFN chiefs reject call for MMIW inquiry commissioner resignations
July 27 -- First Nations leaders divided on troubled MMIW inquiry: Bellegarde
July 26 -- Winnipeg vigil for families of missing and murdered Indigenous people needs help
July 26 -- Surprise greets National Inquiry's hearings in Manitoba
July 26 -- MMIW inquiry 'a failure'
July 26 -- AFN to vote on resignation call for MMIW inquiry commissioners after families unleash 'righteous rage'
July 25 -- Walk from Prince Rupert Smithers in honour of MMIW (audio)
July 25 -- Sagkeeng families air mixed feelings about MMIWG inquiry after community visit
July 25 -- Representatives of inquiry into missing and murdered women in Manitoba this week
July 25 -- Northern Native Women's organization offers services outside of the MMIW inquiry
July 25 -- The MMIW is stuck in a politically correct limbo
July 24 -- MMIW Walk planned for Northwest (video)
July  24 -- MMIW Inquiry team visits Northwest ahead of fall hearings
July 24 -- MMIWG inquiry visits Winnipeg, Sagkeeng to hear from families of missing and murdered
July 21 -- MMIW Northwest visit Part 2 (video)
July 20 -- MMIW Northwest visit  Part 1 (video)
July 21 -- Short notice for MMIW inquiry community meetings
July 21 -- Missing, murdered Indigenous women inquiry delays Thunder Bay hearing
July 20 -- Short Notice for MMIW inquiry community meetings
July 20 -- Thunder Bay's MMIWG community hearing delayed 3 months
July 19 -- MMIW inquiry pre-intake in Smithers, Hazelton, Terrace this week (audio)
July 19 -- Head of missing, murdered Indigenous inquiry on its frustrations, challenges
July 19 -- MMIW inquiry's chief commissioner speaks on Poitras resignation
July 18 -- Mother of murdered Labrador woman remains optimistic of national inquiry
July 14 -- Justin Trudeau's rotten two weeks
July 18 -- National Inquiry team in Northwest this week, preparing for September hearings in Smithers
July 17 -- MMIW schedules inquiry pre-intake this week in Smithers, Terrace
July 16 -- Marilyn Poitras on why she resigned as MMIWG commissioner and her hopes for change
July 15 -- Is the MMIWG inquiry doomed?
July 14 -- As Trudeau's symbolic gestures flop, Aboriginals continue to suffer
July 14 -- Yukon families asking if souther families are giving national #MMIW inquiry a chance
July 13 -- Insiders speak out on 'dysfunctional' missing, murdered Indigenous women inquiry
July 13 -- The MMIW inquiry needs a clear an unified vision
July 13 -- PM sidesteps calls to reboot inquiry into missing, murdered Indigenous women and girls
July 13 -- Leader of missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry rebuffs calls to start over
July 13 -- National Family Advisory Circle asks for patience as #MMIWG inquiry pushes ahead
July 12 -- Provinces won't have to shoulder costs of MMIW inquiry, federal minister says
July 12 -- Manitoba families want more resignations from Indigenous inquiry
July 12 -- Commissioner of #MMIW inquiry says there is 'no possibility' that she will resign
July 11 -- Indigenous women's group pulls support from missing and murdered inquiry as commissioner resigns
July 11 -- Alberta retains hope for troubled MMIW inquiry
July 11 -- The MMIW inquiry is not doomed to failure
July 11 -- Missing and murdered inquiry to forge ahead despite resignation of key commissioner
July 11 -- Indigenous affairs minister says to not lose hope in murdered and missing women inquiry after Poitras quits
July 11 -- Indigenous leaders call for restructuring of missing, murdered women inquiry in wake of resignations
July 11 -- It's time to hit the reset button on Canada's MMIWG inquiry
July 10 -- MMIW announcement
July 10 -- Aboriginal affairs: Is it all just a 'bloody farce'?
July 10 -- MMIW inquiry should hurry up, not wait
July 7 -- Native Women's Association responds to MMIW announcement
July 7 -- MMIWG hearings scheduled for Smithers in September
July 7 -- Carolyn Bennett promises Canada will note let down families of Indigenous women
July 7 -- Ex-TRC official urges patience amid criticism of missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry
July 7 -- Inquiry Commissioner talks about state of National MMIWG inquiry
July 6 -- MMIWG inquiry finally releases dates for hearings
July 6 -- Indigenous women's inquiry head denies process is drifting
July 6 -- National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls announces fall hearings
July 6 -- MMIW announcement
July 6 -- Feminists should work to secure justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women
July 6 -- Chief Commissioner says missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry is moving at 'lightning speed'


June 30 -- Michele Moreau resigns from inquiry into missing, murdered Indigenous women
June 30 -- Executive Director of murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls inquiry resigns
June 30 -- Michele Moreau resigns as executive director of MMIWG inquiry
June 14 -- Missing and Murdered inquiry loses another staff member
June 5 -- Activist says MMIW inquiry has been confusing and unclear

May 2017

May 31 -- Who's in charge at the Inquiry? It sure isn't the families says Joan Jack
May 31 -- MMIWG Commissioner thanks Families for participating
May 29 -- MMIWG inquiry to start tomorrow in Whitehorse
May 25 -- Families of missing, murdered women urge critics to get behind national inquiry
May 24 -- Justice Minister's father calls missing, murdered inquiry, a 'bloody farce'
May 24 -- Father of Justice Minister calls on MMIWG Commissioners to Resign
May 24 -- Jody Wilson-Raybould's father calls missing and murdered inquiry a 'bloody farce'
May 23 -- #MMIW Chair talks about direction of National Inquiry prior to hearings beginning in Whitehorse
May 23 -- Frustrated families vow to 'blockade' missing and murdered inquiry hearings
May 19 -- MMIWG Commissioner Marion Buller responds to criticism
May 19 -- Head of MMIW inquiry says she understands frustrations over hearing delays
May 19 -- MMIWG Commissioner Marion Buller responds to criticism
May 19 -- Commissioner defends missing, murdered inquiry, as criticism mounts
May 19 -- MMIWG chief commissioner still has 'hope' despite rocky start
May 19 -- MMIWG Chief Commissioner asks for patience
May 19 -- Indigenous families, without answers for so many years, frustrated by slow start at federal inquiry
May 19 -- Missing, murdered indigenous women inquiry will seek extension, admits to 'poor communication'
May 15 -- Preliminary work for the MMIW Inquiry starting in Yukon
May 15 -- Missing and murdered inquiry needs extension and new approach, families and activists say
May 13 -- Families unsure whether to take part in missing Indigenous women inquiry
May 13 -- No excuse for delays in MMIW inquiry work
May 11 -- Politicians unite to support day for MMIW
May 10 -- MMIW inquiry won't hear from most families until the fall
May 9 -- Documentary filming hits Prince Rupert for "Highway of Lost Years"
May 8 -- Canada's MMIW inquiry is falling apart before it even begins
May 5 -- FSIN urges Sask. to wear red for missing and murdered
May 2 -- Family hearings into MMIW start this month in Whitehorse

April 2017

April 27 -- MP Nathan Cullen talks MMIWG inquiry and Marijuana legislation  (audio)
April 24 -- Whitehorse murder victim was an MMIWG advocate
April 24 -- Manitoba MMIW families say hearings must go ahead
April 20 -- Ontario only province to hire a MMIW special advisor
April 20 -- Whitefish River First Nation woman to work for families during MMIW inquiry
April 18 -- Ontario offers new services for families of missing, murdered Indigenous women
April 18 -- Family members 'don't believe in inquiry' after MMIW meetings
April 17 -- Application deadline for standing within MMIW inquiry extended to May 1
April 4 -- Highway of Tears investigator passes away
April 3 -- MMIW inquiry extends deadline for those with vested interest in participating
April 3 -- Missing, murdered women inquiry not reaching out to families, advocates say
April 3 -- Concerns raised with inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (audio)

March 2017

March 28 -- National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls to hold first hearing in May 
March 21 -- Let families of murdered and missing indigenous women speak
March 21 -- Inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women has just 122 names registered
March 20 -- Indigenous women's inquiry, Ottawa locked in data dispute
March 7 -- MMIW coalition says national inquiry keeping families in the dark
March 2 -- The Liberals' First Nations agenda encounters reality

February 2017

February 14 -- Vigil taking place for murdered and missing Indigenous people in Prince Rupert (audio)
February 7 -- MMIWG inquiry will be held on Indigenous terms 
February 7 -- Women and girls to remain primary focus of MMIW inquiry commission says
February 7 -- Government Operations Centre monitored missing and murdered Indigenous women rallies

February 4 -- MMIW commission off to a bumpy start as communications director let go

January 2017

January 6 -- Authorities take another look at how well indigenous women knew their killers
January 6 -- NWAC Seeks Greater Efforts for MMIWG National Inquiry
January 6 -- Canada's inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast
January 6 -- Group says MMIWG inquiry should do better to keep families informed  (audio)
January 5 -- MMIW inquiry gets low grades in 1st report card
January 3 -- Inquiry into Missing, Murdered Indigenous women will strain health resources: authors

December 2016

December 30 -- Northern Manitoba grand chief looks back at 2016 and the fight for MMIW
December 30 -- Who gets to speak on behalf of the Indigenous community?
December 27 -- Martha Troian reflects on launch of MMIW inquiry
December 23 -- Missing and Murdered Women Commission launch new website for families  NCR
December 21 -- Fay Blaney says closer examination of violence against indigenous women needed in inquiry
December 21 -- Quebec premier announces 2-year inquiry into treatment of Indigenous people
December 21 -- Quebec to hold public inquiry into province's relationship with Indigenous people
December 21 -- Quebec calls inquiry into systemic racism after Val-d'Or allegations
December 21 -- Alberta Williams case considered 'very active' after CBC Podcast exposure  NCR
December 20 -- Missing and murdered indigenous women inquiry launches new website
December 20 -- Voice among thousands of missing and murdered: Jamie Koebel shares her traumatic story
December 20 -- New website launched for MMIW commission to help connect families
December 19 -- The MMIW inquiry begins in 2017. Victims' families want answers
December 17 -- Drive to include men in MMIW inquiry undermined by association with controversial men's rights group
December 14 -- Advocate for missing women inquiry backs away from process so he can heal
December 10 -- Why are Indigenous leaders partnering with MRA groups
December 9 -- A truly feminist government would consider plight of Indigenous Men
December 8 -- B.C. to resume issuing reports on inquiry into missing women
December 8 -- B.C. keeps families of missing women in the dark audit says
December 7 -- 'She was Aboriginal. She had an addiction': Sister of MMIW says family had to push police
December 7 -- BC Aboriginals urge all genders be included in murdered women's inquiry
December 6 -- AFN BC regional chief issues apology, resigns #MMIW portfolio over Instagram photo
December 5 -- Manitoba government questions value of Special Advisor on Indigenous Women's Issues position
December 4 -- MMIW commission won't hear testimony from families until Spring 2017
December 2 -- Indigenous feminists strategize before MMIW inquiry
December 2 -- Pallister and NDP spar over role of Indigenous women adviser

November 2016

November 30 -- 'Gender inclusive' inquiry for indigenous men not for everyone
November 30 -- Saskatchewan woman wants inquiry into missing, murdered Indigenous men
November 30 -- Saskatchewan group raising awareness for missing and murdered indigenous men
November 29 -- The Indigenous women of Val-d'Or deserve equal justice
November 22 -- Cass McCombs shares video inspired by Canada's Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
November 21 -- Sexual abuse in Indigenous communities likely to dominate inquiry into murdered, missing women
November 20 -- Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: Child Abuse to be a Key Theme in Inquiry
November 18 -- Aboriginal women 'feel anger' no charges laid against Val-d'Or officers
November 15 -- B.C. limits on probe into missing, murdered indigenous women vex advocates
November 6 -- Rona Ambrose will support inquiry into missing, murdered Indigenous women
November 4 -- Missing, Murdered Indigenous women cases face systemic review in Thunder Bay
November 3 -- Northern resource development tied to violence against Indigenous women: report

October 2016

October 31 -- CBC News Investigative Unit's Alberta Williams Podcast retraces case file; seeks new clues  NCR
October 30 -- Inquiry to remain focused on missing women despite Chilliwack call for expansion
October 28 -- Katherena Vermette gets her big break: A debut novel starring Winnipeg's North End
October 27 -- Justice Minister Anton visits Williams Lake
October 26 -- Missing, murdered inquiry expectations need to be adjusted, WRFN community circle hears
October 25 -- NGO's issue statement to coincide with Committee on the elimination of Discrimination Against Women meeting
October 25 -- Brett Merchant walk reaches Prince Rupert
October 24 -- Man walks from Alberta to Haida Gwaii along Highway 16
October 24 -- Who killed Alberta Williams (podcast)
October 24 -- Keep the focus on missing and murdered women
October 20 -- Meet the reporter behind a New, Must-Listen Canadian Crime Podcast
October 20 -- Support for families of MMIW to increase
October 20 -- 'Pig Girl' - a play about #MMIW portrayed by Akwesasne Mohawk women
October 19 -- Call from Chilliwack for expanded MMIW inquiry to add men and boys
October 19 -- Inuit women's group frustrated by lack of communication on MMIW inquiry
October 18 -- MMIW families still waiting for promised help, Bernadette says
October 17 -- Explore B.C.'s notorious Highway of Tears in new virtual reality documentary
October 17 -- RCMP say Highway of Tears killers may never be caught
October 17 -- MMIW public forum: 'Cold cases should have been solved,' says mother of Ramona Wilson
October 16 -- MMIW case ends with difficult answers for family decades after death
October 16 -- Amnesty International teaches teenagers to become ativists
October 14 -- Man and Dog walking the Highway of Tears to raise awareness of Murdered and Missing Young women
October 13 -- In Focus: "It opens wounds, every time someone goes missing" - Bernadette Smith
October 13 -- Renewed calls for MMIW inquiry to include missing men, 7 months after B.C. boy vanishes
October 8 -- World is watching: commissioner of missing, murdered indigenous women inquiry
October 5 -- Canada Slammed for 'Lack of Progress' on Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
October 5 -- MMIW gathering in Vancouver focuses on  children abused in care
October 5 -- New photo shoot shows #MMIWG families in a different light
October 5 -- Prime Minister met skepticism from MMIW families
October 5 -- Inquiry delay frustrates MMIW families
October 5 -- Native women's group frustrated by 'no visible progress' in national inquiry
October 5 -- Annual MMIW march in Montreal demands action  now
October 4 -- Highway of Tears Walker Brett Merchant receives Wet'Suwet'en Blessing
October 4 -- Trudeau urged to Act faster on Missing, Murdered Women at Rally
October 4 -- Inuk artist Annie Pootoogook remembered at MMIW vigil on Parilament Hill
October 4 -- Annie Pootoogook remembered during MMIW vigil attended by PM Trudeau
October 4 -- Take back the Highway Community Feast and Vigil tonight  NCR
October 4 -- Sudbury Walk raises awareness of missing and murdered indigenous women
October 4 -- 'We're back again. We want justice'" Activists hold MMIW vigil on Parliament Hill
October 4 -- Sisters in Spirit vigils planned across Saskatchewan
October 4 -- Assembly of First Nations stands with Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls at 10th annual Sisters in Spirit vigils
October 3 -- Canada's void: A talk on our indigenous peoples
October 3 -- Vancouver candlelight vigil for missing women one of hundreds nationwide
October 4 -- 'Not just numbers': Sisters in Spirit vigil remembers
October 1 -- Aboriginal youth seek shoes for Calgary MMIW art project

September 2016

September 30 -- Dear police: keep posting racist remarks to highlight systemic issues
September 30 -- 'Indeed racist': Inuit want Ottawa police to suspend Sergeant over online comments
September 29 -- Ottawa man who discovered police officer's comments talks about Chief's response
September 29 -- 'I guess there was so much racism ... it didn't get investigated' Decades later a community mourns
September 29 -- Woman brings complaint against Thunder Bay police after disparaging comments about Indigenous people
September 27 -- Inuit women's group ask for apology after senator accuses them of racism
September 26 -- Calgary sisters launch shoe project to represent missing and murdered indigenous women
September 26 -- RCMP pitched parallel process for national MMIW inquiry
September 25 -- Canadian police must acknowledge racial bias to fix it, Indigenous activists say
September 24 -- Short film about MMIW shot in Saskatchewan
September 14 -- Thunder Bay police respond to allegations trainer was verbally assaulted in race-relations course
September 13 -- Police accused of verbal assault during taining session on missing, murdered Indigenous women
September 12 -- Caribou legs runs for the Missing
September 8 -- Is Justin Trudeau a fake feminist?
September 8 -- Why clicking on this story about Indigenous people matters
September 2 -- Goal of MMIW inquiry is achieving societal change: Michele Audette
September 2 -- Chief of MMIW inqury says Inuit will not be sidelined as work begins
September 1 -- Justice for families requires MMIW inquiry investigate role of police
Septmeber 1 -- National Inquiry begins (video)
September 1 -- As the long-awaited MMIW inquiry begins, another young woman goes missing
September 1 -- For Val-d'Or Indigenous community, hope and frustration as MMIW inquiry begins
September 1 -- The challenges facing inquiry into missing, murdered indigenous women
September 1 -- Canada is Finally Launching an Inquiry into its Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis
September 1 -- What you should know about the MMIW inquiry
September 1 -- Marion Buller, Head of MMIW Inquiry has been touched personally by Tragedy
September 1 -- Canada's National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Begins
September 1 -- "It Could Have been Me"

August 2016

August 31 -- #MMIWG chief commissioner talks about putting together the national inquiry
August 31 -- MMIW chief commissioner says 'concrete' recommendations needed
August 31 -- Nine things to know about the national inquiry into missing and murdered women
August 31 -- Marion Buller, head of MMIW inwuiry says 'don't expect to hear from us right away'
August 30 -- 'Vast country' makes MMIW inquiry timeline a challenge, says former head of Pickton inqury
August 30 -- Lessons from the Oppal hearings going into the MMIW inquiry
August 30 -- Manitoba all in for inquiry into murdered, missing indigenous women and girls
August 30 -- Manitoba gives access to provincial research for MMIW inquiry
August 30 -- Manitoba ready for missing, murdered women inquiry
August 30 -- 5 questions for MMIW inquiry about disputed 'no foul play' cases
August 30 -- MMIW inquiry can examine Manitoba if it wants
August 29 -- Can the #MMIWG inquiry eventually help keep Indigenous women out of prison?
August 25 -- Saskatchewan planning for involvement in national inquiry on missing and murdered aboriginal women
August 24 -- Complaints about police go back a long way for families of #MMIWG
August 18 -- Head of Quebec chiefs says province must hold its own independent inqury
August 17 -- Province of Quebec won't call independent #mmiw inquiry after all
August 17 -- Missing women inquiry can't overlook colonialism, observers say
August 27 -- Indigenous Affairs Minister talks about upcoming #mmiw national inquiry
August 16 -- Justice for Canada's indigenous women
August 10 -- Inuit family shares personal story of tragedy ahead of #mmiw inquiry
August 10 -- Head of missing, murdered indigenous women inquiry 'able to walk in both worlds'
August 10 -- Missing women inquiry pre-determined
August 9 -- Former Commissioner Oppal gives some insight on what to expect at #MMIW national inquiry
August 8 -- Coalition raises concerns over MMIW National inquiry
August 7 -- Cross Country Check Up: MMIW inquiry: what are your hopes and fears (Audio)
August 5 -- Prince Ruper Transition Society on Missing and Murdered Women and Girls Inquiry (video)
August 5 -- Two year mandate for Commission of Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls  NCR
August 5 -- MMIW inquiry needs to give solutions, says B.C. child and youth representative
August 5 -- Inquiry must result in action
August 5 -- Indigenous women inquiry ‘completely ignored’ issue of helping families navigate legal system: advocates
August 4 -- Indigenous reconciliation proposals need to be enormous
August 4 -- Why the inquiry into missing, murdered indigenous women must engage all Canadians
August 4 -- Missing, murdered women inquiry must look beyond systemic causes
August 4 -- 5 things: Judge Marion Buller takes on Missing, Murdered Women Inquiry
August 4 -- Global rights grouip to keep eye on Canada's missing, murdered inquiry
August 4 -- Former NWAC president talks SIS and #MMIW national inquiry
August 4 -- Police failures must be addressed in Missing Women's Inquiry, say families
August 4 -- Mother talks about second tragedy following #MMIW inquiry launch
August 4 -- A proper inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women cannot shy away from uncomfortable truths
August 3 -- Long-awaited details of $53.8M inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women announced
August 3 -- Reactions mixed to indigenous women's inquiry announcement
August 3 -- B.C. families of murdered, missing indigenous women worried inquiry won't target police
August 3 -- Canadian tragedy of missing, murdered indigenous women dates back decades
August 3 -- 'No room for mistakes' in missing, murdered women inquiry: B.C. families
August 3 -- Concerns linger as Ottawa launches missing, murdered indigenous women inquiry
August 3 -- B.C. families of missing, murdered women urge national inquiry to get it right
August 3 -- Families, advocates concerned about missing, murdered indigenous women inquiry
August 3 -- Annie Mae Pictou Aquash's daugther says families want loved ones acknowledged
August 3 -- Voices from the launch of the inquiry into missing, murdered indigenous women
August 3 -- Families of missing, murdered indigenous women get help with justice system
August 3 -- Mixed emotions, cautious optimism greet #MMIW inquiry announcement
August 3 -- Statement on the #MMIWG Inquiry by Senator Murray Sinclair
August 3 -- NWAC reacts to #MMIW terms of reference - do they go far enough?
August 3 -- Commissioners of national inquiry will start their work September 1
August 3 -- Commissioners named for National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
August 3 -- British Columbia reacts to #MMIW announcement
August 3 -- National inquiry budget, terms of reference announced during opening ceremony
August 3 -- Family members of missing and murdered women and girls react to inquiry
August 3 -- Another inquiry won't help indigenous women
August 3 -- Marion Buller, B.C. First Nations judge, to leave MMIW inquiry
August 3 -- MMIW issue needs action, not studies
August 3 -- MMIW inquiry: Meet the 5 commissioners
August 3 -- Missing women probe more about healing than justice
August 3 -- Head of missing women inquiry accused of perplexing soft sentencing in past decisions
August 3 -- BC Judge to lead inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls
August 3 -- Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous women to begin next month
August 2 -- Journalist Angela Sterritt tells us what details to expect from the inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women (audio)
August 2 -- #MMIW inquiry details to be announced Wednesday in Gatineau
August 2 -- Judge, lawyers among commissioners expected to be named to missing, murdered inquiry
August 2 -- Missing, murdered indigenous women inquiry could target Indian Act
August 2 -- Liberals set to unveil details of $40M inquiry on missing and murdered indigenous women
August 1 -- #MMIWG: What a National Inquiry can and cannot do

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