Friday, July 14, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Friday, July 14, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Friday, July 14, 2017

BC Wildfires

Our archive of notes from the weekend can be found here

NAFTA talks expected to begin as early as August
Canada ranks third-last in study of health care in 11 rich countries
Turning Point
Justin Trudeau's rotten two weeks
Kelly Knight Craft, Trump pick for Canadian ambassador, to face confirmation hearing
Andrew Scheer says not all Canadians back Omar Khadr settlement
CSIS faces $35-million harassment discrimination lawsuit
Trudeau urges governors to stand with Canada on trade, while agreeing to 'modernize' NAFTA
Trudeau says he did not reach out to soldier's widow in wake of Khadr payout
CSIS management indifference gave employees no choice but to sue, lawyer says
A new hunt for Avro Arrow models in the depths of Lake Ontario: this time the search will be different
Indigenous leaders to boycott Monday's meeting with premiers
Candidates from the North invited to apply for Supreme Court seat
Transport Canada's Arctic drone project delayed 2 years by arms-control rules
$35M lawsuit alleges racist, sexist and homophobic discrimination at CSIS
Republican governor says NAFTA brings benefits on 'both sides of the border
NDP  calls for investigation into 'shocking' allegations of racist, anti-gay and anti-Muslin harassment at Canada's spy agency
Anger at Omar Khadr deal inspires $134,000 in donations to killed U.S. soldier's family
Trump's pick for Canadian ambassador to face congressional hearing next week
Disabled war vets fight for disability benefits while Omar Khadr counts his millions
Trudeau's Khadr deal defies common sense
Canadians PO"d at PM's $10.5M Khadr deal
Avro Arrow recovery project takes flight
Trudeau's Khadr remarks don't stand up to scrutiny
Bombardier, TTC: You had one job
Canadian warships shadowed by Chinese Navy in South China Sea
Trudeau must explain how Khadr payout was an honourable act
Raise the Avro Arrow: Group looks to recover prototypes from Lake Ontario: 60 years later
Canadian military leaders aware for years of problems facing unit for injured soldiers: documents
Trump's VP reassures Trudeau: New NAFTA will be 'win-win for all'
Canadians angry over Omar Khadr deal donate monty to family of slain U.S. soldier
As Trudeau's symbolic gestures flop. Aboriginals continue to suffer
Trudeau's naked economic self-interest dishonours a hero of Chinese democracy
Ottawa's despicable display in China
'This is the future': Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship revealed in Halifax
Trudeau warns U.S. against 'politically tempting shortcuts' ahead of NAFTA renegotiations
3 major indigenous groups to skip meeting with Premiers in Edmonton next week: M├ętis National Council
Andrew Scheer says he'll assure U.S. soldier's widow that Canadians don't back Khadr payout
Justin Trudeau gets reassurances from U.S. state governors on NAFTA

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