Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You can call me Al ...

A man walks down the street
He says, why am I short of attention
Got a short little span of attention
And woe my nights are so long 
From You can call me Al
Paul Simon

Fame, when it comes to the attention span of the United States political class and its observers, fame is a fleeting thing, one day you're memorable, next your seemingly a lost memory.

Such was the fate of Prime Minister or President, Justin or was that Joe Trudeau ...

One short day after his first trip to Washington to meet with President Donald Trump, the Trudeau name wasn't quite on the lips of many, nor seemingly stored very well in their memory.

The day started out with the President's Press Spokesman, Sean Spicer, a man already rattled and embattled with but three weeks on the job, giving mention to the recent visitor of the Prime Minister, noting that Joe Trudeau and the President had a good day of discussions ...

Things didn't get much better for Joe on late night TV.

There Late, Late Show host, James Corden, he a fellow citizen of the Commonwealth offered up some evidence that Canadian studies isn't a big part of the British education system at the Holmer Green Upper School ...

Calling attention to President Justin Trudeau's handshaking duties with President Trump.

An oversight that more than a few Canadians took to twitter to offer up a Canadian civics lesson for the host of the late night program.

Considering that of all 35 million or so of us Canadians, the Prime Minister probably has had the most exposure of most of us from the pages of People and such, it's somewhat humorous to watch the Americans stumble at the basic concept of just a wee bit of proof reading or research.

Then again, if things go sideways for the Trump administration, it might be helpful to have a low profile in Washington ... offering up hope to avoid any 3 AM phone calls from new friends.

We're sorry Mr. President, there's no listing for a Joe Trudeau on Sussex Drive in Ottawa, Canada.

For now, perhaps Justin, er Joe, can turn to Paul Simon for some solace in the name shame of America ...

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