Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Thursday, February 2, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Thursday, February 2, 2017.

Trump's call to speed up NAFTA talks puts Canada on guard
Review finds fewer than 200 residential-school settlement claims affected by 'administrative split'
Kellie Leitch's controversial campaign manager Nick Kouvalis resigns
Top general slams 'toxic narratives' in media coverage of Canadian Forces
Mourners express message of unity at Montreal funeral for mosque attack victims
Feds lobbying against Trump push for biometric screening for U.S. visitors
The world is evolving. Why can't Trump?
What the Liberals stand to lose after electoral reform deception
'Cuck': a modern swear word that's as dirty as the old ones
Liberals to analyze risks of cyberattacks to protect Canada's electoral system
Ottawa warns Parliament building contract bidders to stay out of Canada 150's way
Senate amends vehicle-recall bill to favour dealers
Ottawa urged to share information on cyberattacks with private sector
Trudeau's broken promise on electoral reform betrays the public interest
Nick Kouvalis, controversial campaign manager for Kellie Leitch, resigns
Irving Shipbuilding consults with Ottawa on frigate design delay
New Canadians to pledge honour for Indigenous treaties in revised citizenship oath
Kevin O'Leary pulls gun range video 'out of respect' for shooting victim's funeral
MPs look for ways to fight 'fake news' in wake of mosque shooting
Voting reform groups 'disappointed' by abandoned Liberal promise
Trudeau appointee for Manitoba Senate seat turns down the job
Budget watchdog warns slow infrastructure funding puts economic stimulus goals at risk
Preparing for a political cyberattack is a good idea, says former top U.S. spy
Trump says he'd like to speed up the start of NAFTA talks
RCAF facing challenge of operating old and new fighters at same time
Newfoundland NDP leader under fire for tweet about 'rookie woman minister'
Trump calls NAFTA a 'catastrophe,' suggests negotiating 'extra' F' for 'fair'
Canadian ambassador reassures Mexico on NAFTA
It's time Canada stands with Mexico
Nick Kouvalis resigns from Kellie Leitch campaign
Trudeau says Canada will 'rise from this darkness' after Quebec mosque attack
CSIS doesn't know how many Canadians were snared in unlawful data program
A real job for the democratic institutions minister
Why Kevin O'Leary still calls Boston home
Terror at our door
Public sector has become an unsustainable monster
Anti-O'Leary faction struggles to mount serious challenge in Tory leadership race
Liberals admit 'interim' Super Hornet jets may only fly for 12 years, despite costing billions
Kellie Leitch's campaign manager, mastermind behind her 'Canadian values' campaign, resigns
U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson speaks with Canadian counterpart Chrystia Freeland
Nick Kouvalis resigns as Kellie Leitch's campaign manager
Halifax shipyard says warship 'gap' could result in layoffs without federal help
Kevin O'Leary gun video called 'dumb' and 'insensitive' on day of funeral
Trump takes 1st step toward renegotiating NAFTA, vows to make quick progress
Asylum system shouldn't be impacted by Trump's immigration order: Ottawa
Budget watchdog targets slow infrastructure spending

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