Friday, February 3, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Friday, February 3, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Friday, February 3, 2017.

Why Stéphane Dion should not be our ambassador to EU and Germany
As Trump unravels Dodd-Frank, Canadian banks bullish on U.S.
Federal innovation panel's proposal for boosting startup funding draws fire
Mourners pay tribute to Quebec mosque attack victims with calls for solidarity
Regulatory disparity between U.S. and Canada threatens domestic oil
Ottawa urges U.S. to honour Nexus cards after reports of revoked passes
In wake of Quebec City shooting, Canada must break silence around gun control
Trump says NAFTA 'a catastrophe' for the U.S., but Canada has its grievances
Canadian auto makers bracing for trade 'chaos'
Trump's policies may divert migrants to Latin America
'Trump' risk' hangs over Canadian real estate market
Feds signing memo with Metis in Ontario to open 'nation-to-nation' talks
For Tory leadership hopeful Erin O'Toole, a chance to win by being No. 2
First Trump-Trudeau meeting expected 'very soon'
Canada stalled on request to lead Mali mission because of Trump: sources
U.S. revokes all Nexus cards from Canadian permanent residents with citizenship in restricted countries: CBSA
Whites risk marginalization, mosque shooting suspect told friend a day before attack
Quebec City mosque had plans to boost security before attack
Canada looking at legality of enforcing Trump travel ban on Canadian soil
Métis of Ontario sign agreement with Ottawa clearing path for new benefits
Harjit Sajjan will be in Washington Monday to meet with U.S. Secretary of Defence James Mattis
Liberal fears of proportional representation and a referendum killed Trudeau's reform promise
Federal deficit not quite as big as forecast, parliamentary budget officer says
Some Nexus cards revoked on both sides of border following U.S. executive order
Trump's tense calls with U.S. allies serve u 'full plate' for Rex Tillerson
Outsiders joining Conservative Party to save Tories from 'extremist views'
What will Trump want from Canada on NAFTA? A U.S. document may offer clues
Canadians want media companies treated equally but don't want to pay, Joly says
'Trash radio' creates culture of intolerance in Quebec
Federal government signs memo with Ontario Métis to kick-start negotiations
Canada must not become a tax haven
Justin Trudeau scraps voting reform as he prepares for Trump onslaught
Quebec victims deserve more than a memorial
From electoral reform to protecting the electoral process
As the world tiptoes around Trump many are watching Trudeau closely
One good turn deserves another
Identity crisis: Quebec confronts reality that never-ending values debate has come at a cost
The country is waiting for a bit timely push to move Canada beyond a 'middle power'
Liberal MP 'was not aware' man he posed with is being deported for role in terror group
The Privy Council needs some new computers - and they want to buy Apple, not Windows
Canada is a progressive immigration policy dream - unless you have a disability
Canadian mayors launch task force to respond to fentanyl crisis
28,000 sign petition to bring back electoral reform
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau opens up about her former struggle with bulimia

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