Friday, February 17, 2017

Ottawa Observations: Friday, February 17, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Friday, February 17, 2017

The Prime Minister in Europe

Trudeau blames corporate elites for rise in global public anger
Trudeau says Canada one of NATO's 'strongest actors' without committing more money
Among 'last defenders' of liberal world order, Merkel does the heavy lifting
Trudeau, Merkel differ on NATO spending

Canada, Mexico must stand firm on trilateral NAFTA: Mexican Economy Minister
British Columbia reaches 10 year health-care funding deal
Kouvalis still on campaign team for Conservative leadership, Leitch says
A motion to quell anti-Muslim hate shouldn't be up for debate, but here we are
Open the doors
Alberta Premier Notley to discuss cross-border trade in Washington
Ottawa to compensate, apologize to Canadians who were tortured in Syria
Police offer extra protection to MP Iqra Khalid following threatening messages
Kevin O'Leary sells wine on U.S. home shopping channel amid leadership campaign
Big bonuses for RCMP top brass as front-line Mounties go without pay hikes
Canada's top general is asked about getting equipment fitted especially for women
Canadians prepare to face cyberwarriors and fake news in Latvia mission
5 things to know about the Commons motion on Islamophobia
B.C. signs health care deal with federal government, also gets money for opioid crisis
Expect to pay more tolls, higher property taxes to fund infrastructure, warns David Dodge
Trump's battle with U.S. Intelligence community could slow the flow of key security info to Canada
Rename Langevin block, but prepare for history's other ghosts, Bob Rae warns
Canadian troops brace for Russian propaganda campaign
Ottawa should not delay on action to fight poverty
Don't be fooled by the politics of smart
Anti-Islamophobia motion puts Tories on the horns of a dilemma
The Islamophobia motion is a political game for the Liberals
Canada's Islamophobia debacle is a prime example of liberal media bias
Trudeau had a good week ... sort of
M103 motion on Islamophobia needs to change its wording
We already know how to silence the cranks, do we really need M-103?
Free speech needs to be guided by judgment and conscience, not rules
As Donald Trump's refugees stream into Canada, will our immigration policies hold up?
Liberal MP says Quebec mosque shooting was 'direct result' of Tory, PQ policies
Thomas Mulcair demands Liberals 'come clean' about Canada's alleged spying on French election
Still just one leadership candidate, but NDP schedule more debates across the country before fall vote
Langevin was a man of his time, note a monster, so don't take his name off an Ottawa building
Federal government to compensate and apologize to Canadians who were tortured in Syria
Denying full range of reproductive services - including abortion - a form of violence, Monsef says
Former top aide to Stephen Harper convicted of influence-peddling on behalf of ex-girlfriend
Cab rides to the border: Refugee claimants 'gouged' to escape U.S. into Canada
With open arms, Mounties help refugees who walked across the Canadian border
Warning to Canada's governing elite - fix your relationships with voters or face political upheaval
Guns and butter: Why Donald Trump poses a threat to the Canadian economy

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