Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ottawa Observations: February 14, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments
from the Federal scene for Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trudeau-Trump meeting may have appeased most Canadians - but not all
In rush to appease Trump, Trudeau is abandoning his values
Likelihood of U.S. border tax fades in face of mounting opposition
How much trade leverage does Canada really have with the U.S.?
Trump's plan to 'tweak' NAFTA a big question mark for Canadian trade
Canada-EU trade deal faces final vote of approval Wednesday
The truth for Trudeau: We've been ripping off Africa for decades
Europe watching for close vote on Canada's trade deal tomorrow
Top diplomat in U.K. says old allies relying on Canada in new ways in age of Brexit and Trump
Terrorism, organized crime prompt millions more for border
Conservatives wrestle over Liberal MP's anti-Islamophobia motion
Mounties trying to unionize accuse RCMP of unfair labour practices
Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier reverses support for transgender rights bill
Ex-MP Laurie Hawn resigns honorary military role after criticizing Super Hornets buy
Goodale to address border 'tensions' with U.S. homeland secretary
Justin Trudeau's visit a moment of calm in tumultuous Trump White House
Judge rules in favour of Indigenous survivors of Sixties Scoop
Trump and Trudeau meeting hits right notes for Canadians wary of trade threat
Troops prepare to leave for Ukraine amid uncertainty over mission's future
Trump's press secretary just called Trudeau 'Prime Minister Joe Trudeau of Canada'
Trump offers Trudeau his hand, readers rise to the caption challenge
Canada's role in 'snow washing' money to evade taxes
After hopeful Trump-Trudeau meeting corporate Canada now eyeing EU Trade
The real threat behind M-103 is 'mission creep'
Islamophobia motion will target moderate Muslims
Canadians have had it with the elites
Canadian troops prepare to leave for Ukraine despite uncertainty over mission
No, internet, Fidel Castro isn't Trudeau's real father. The Canadian Prime Minister just really, really looks like him
Trump Spokesman Sean Spicer talks about 'Prime Minister Joe Trudeau of Canada'
Trump's biggest threat to Canada's economy isn't NAFTA - it's that he's about to out-compete Trudeau
Forced to resign as RCAF honorary colonel for criticizing Super Hornets, former Tory MP says
Michael Chong bets on carbon-pricing plan to separate him from the Conservative leadership pack
Saskatchewan man fined $500 for threatening to shoot Justin Trudeau in Facebook rants
PM missed opportunity to 'put something on table' during Trump meetings: Tory leadership candidates
O'Leary displays modest French skills in Montreal debate, but is again the target of other candidates
Six month military operation would follow major B.C. earthquake
No definitive answers after Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump comment on trade
Trudeau's lost opportunity to build a better Democracy
Six more Broken Liberal promises
Government must do more to address First Nations' water woes
Liberals defeat motion on electoral reform promise
Sixties Scoop ruling could cost federal government over $1 billion

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